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  1. your PM's are full...

  2. duder...i was kidding. :)

  3. Nice vid man. That was some sweet solo action. Which guy are you in the band? Let me know when you get more stuff up.

  4. You got that on Youtube or anything? Send me a link, i'd like to hear it. Do you cover "i'll be your mirror"?

  5. Yeah, small school in waukesha WI. 20 seconds from the sweet sixteen this year. You coach?

  6. we are wisconsin amigos. Yes!

  7. Not the same tear as Jimi does...but in a similar fashion. :)

  8. i still need to get time to use my laptop...part of the problem is i don't have internet at home so i go use the comps in the lab. i'll keep ya posted. :)

  9. No i follow what you mean. You might find this interesting. I have recently picked up guitar lessons and have gotten down some of the music theory (more like, understanding how songs are put togther). Song of the day was We don't need no education...simple as hell, it was neat seeing it all put together.

  10. nice. I wish they had chose a different song, not a huge fan of White Light. Although it was still bad ass. I really like the Red Walls.

  11. trading CD's? I'm still on the VU kick...no room for any other good music. :)

  12. i think i dids its.

  13. drago

    I'm with NJ...what's goin on around here?

  14. yeah dog. how does this work?

  15. what is this? did they change the site? is this a PM or an instant message?

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