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  1. After watching him in college I never got the feeling he was overly 'shifty'. I think he's a good straightline runner and may turn into a solid player but I really don't think this will be our guy any time soon. Hopefully i'm wrong but I just don't see it with McKnight.
  2. YES! I didn't watch the series yet because i was afraid it would be all ethnocentric fluff...I love that book and any other American history book that attacks from angles other than "whites kick ****ing ass."
  3. Nothing like a good Rex quote; “You got to get over the fact that he has no neck,” Ryan quipped. “He does look kind of funny.” I don't remember anyone bringing it up but throughout the playoffs the reporters were going after Rex because of off color remarks he was making...It just looked like it took all the pressure off of Sanchez. I give him (Rex) all kinds of respect for how he handled that. I can't wait to see what he does with the players he and Tanny are bringing in. I really think he's going to do great things.
  4. Time will tell and i am no NFL scout but it looks like he runs too upright to break many tackles. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. the guy is no where near as elusive as Leon WAS. I realize that might be all past tense now but we had a special player in Leon, sucks that he's gone.
  6. Everyone realizes we were 9 and 7 and may not even see the colts again right? we have to play a full season before the colts are even on the radar. Think about the games the Jets had to win/luck through to even get to the colts. I love our roster and all but despite his nice quotes, Sanchez is not a proven QB in the NFL just yet. Taylor, Cromartie and Wilson do not necessarily help us against the run. Plenty of teams will try to get in slugfests with the jets and I fear that they can and will win their share. Our D was rated number one last year but i never felt we were THAT terribly strong against the run. I like our chances but this 'colts' talk is really over blown, there are so many games between the two teams it's almost impossible to compare at this point.
  7. drago

    JN Mod Lounge

    i remember begging for access for weeks. Then the mods figured I was straight...i still say it was a front.
  8. Nice. Conan was the only watchable one of the bunch.
  9. it is great acting. I'm impressed on how jesse's character has sort of tranaformed, same with walt actually. Not sure which i like better, this or Dexter.
  10. I fully expect Talyor to rub off on more players than just Gholston. The man is clearly gay and will want to show off his 2 ball compound to his new teammates.
  11. don't speak for everyone. it's not very diplomatic of you.
  12. oh god i forgot about that. so ****ing funny. I just loved that kid.
  13. Parker is just terrible anymore. If regular companies are run as poorly as some NFL franchises, it's not wonder we're in a recession. Portis, Johnson and Parker...good lineup if if it was 2005... Lets not forget them trying out Alexander for a few games too. Love it!
  14. I don't think they are terrible. Maybe right around the middle. They did a nice job in trading away Eli for Rivers plus Roid-boy and Kaeding. Say what you want about them now but at the time they were tops at their positions, once upon a time. I think they did aweful in dropping Turner for nothing. Their asking price was ridiculous, no reason to ask for so much and then get zero in return. They drafted McNeil who had outpreformed brick for a number of years...drafted Sproles with good value... IDK, they are ok, not terrible...just ok...IMO.
  15. wasn't that when DWC wanted to be mod? everytime i'd hit F5, there were three new posts. Easily my favorite thread.
  16. I often wonder what Tanny would have done had the Jets been in a position to take Russell. Judging by past drafts, he goes with the team leader more than the raw physical talent. I'd like to think he would have passed on him. That's all i remember from when they scouted Sanchez, was his command of the practice and the guys around him.
  17. When we took him I was really interested to know if it was Alan Branch's defense or David Harris'. I haven't heard Branch's name at all since he's been in the league and Harris has been a mad man. He has to be one of our most underrated players. I love this guy.
  18. i haven't seen it yet but i get the feeling if you go in wanting some good laughs, you'll get it. if you got in expecting hollywood gold, you may be off base. Im looking forward to it.
  19. didn't we debate this for almost a month at one point?
  20. Leon is my favorite athlete in any sport. Kills me to say it but i think the second rounder would be of better value than my favorite player.
  21. Michael Vick is not a moron. He's a great man and probably the best quarterback in the NFL.
  22. that's probably true but i was talking more about the guitar side of the music, not really the words. LIke i said, i've never seen the man play, just what i have heard.
  23. i love how crashing's sig is one of my favorite plays by the jets in the past 10 years. Even before we signed the serial father, i didn't think he could have stopped that play.
  24. depends on the band. I have never had a chance to see Bob Dylan in concert but i heard he does that all the time. I guess i kind of like the variety, as long as they don't butcher the song that is.
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