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  1. i'd be pissed if he were ever a jet. no thanks.
  2. i'm torn on it still. Although I do like a good rex quote.
  3. i'm torn on it still. Although I do like a good rex quote.
  4. drago

    Shotty - 2010

    Mangini > Kotite Doesn't mean i want either coaching the Jets.
  5. drago

    Shotty - 2010

    Its not just about points. Minus the start of Charger's game, the Jets were able to sustain longer drives, even if they didn't net any points. A seven play drive that ends in a punt is far superior to a three and out, yet they yield the same amount of points on the score board. This is why i don't think Schotty was calling all the plays at the end. Unless Ryan finally convinced him to acknowledge the defense was tops in the league, Schotty never wanted to lean on the D, he called bizarre plays that put the QB in some rough spots. I really don't think a light just 'went on' with schott, I think he lost some play calling duties as the year progressed.
  6. i hope never visits new york city, let alone talks to anyone involved with the Jets organization for the rest of his life.
  7. i'd take rackers of folk any day of the week. what's with the birds going after our kicking gamers?? Worked out with Graham too, what a bum.
  8. drago

    Shotty - 2010

    Evil Schott = Schott calling plays Good Schott = Callahan calling plays just a theory. I follow your logic but i can't imagine a guy (schotty) got un-retarded just when the Jets needed him most. He has never shown signs of calling a good games until this latest run. I just can't believe Schotty all of a sudden had a revelation in how to call plays.
  9. drago

    Shotty - 2010

    the offense sort of turned a corner all at once, makes me think this guy had a little bit more to do with it than Schotty. I really do think rex took some of Schotty's play calling abilities away from him. --probably the most underrated coach on the staff.
  10. found a picture for your avatar....might refute your statement.
  11. nothing like a good math joke gg. -What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter? -Pumpkin Pi!
  12. If you're really drunk and want to stay awake, then you mix gin with what you thought was regular coffee but it turns out to be decafe. Is it ok for someone to point out that it is decafe or should they allow you to be in your own eutopia?
  13. if you are talking about shoving it under her folds of skin or for any sexual purpose, then i'm all over it. You still have me concerned with feeding her.
  14. Thanks dude, i was leaning that way but for other reasons. Good call on food prices.
  15. Which is for better dating purposes beauty or brains?
  16. this is why i prefer the salary cap. If the Jets or any other big market team end up hording all the star talent then it becomse boring to watch. Sure they'll win more but it takes the meaning out of a lot of the games. Think of the Yankees playing the Royals...how exciting. I love the parity of the NFL, keeps things much more exciting, for me anyway.
  17. It's probably in the best interest in all kids involved (of both brady and our retarded CB) to not have their fathers around. JMO
  18. It has to be border line insantiy. Did no one in the Redskin organization notice how little known Jamal Charles preformed after getting the starting job? It was so obviously clear that Johnson is done. Now they have two ancient running backs. I feel for their fans.
  19. horrible signing. How does such an idiot come into so much money (snyder)?
  20. i'm a homosexual that would **** her. Where do i fall?
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