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  1. no kidding. black people are not promiscuous at all.
  2. 7 of 12 if anyone got the last one wrong...yikes...haha
  3. Are you trying to compare a 2,000 yard season to Kerry Rhodes? When did Rhodes put any kind of production forward that said he was even top five at his position in a year...let alone having a all-time great season.
  4. but you said....oh man, now i'm confused.
  5. wow...sucks that another quake hit such a wealthy country.
  6. if i dont know what the initials stand for, you get lumped into a crowd that i can't decipher. Only recently have i realized that GOB is guns of bavaria and PFLIKH is something about a pats fan living in kansas... If your name had something to do with a tennessee serial killer, i'd be much more likely to take notice. but then again...who gives a **** about what people on a particular site think of you. Why did you start this thread? why did i read it? why did anybody respond? Life's little questions. i'm going to go play with my ga-dinkus now.
  7. God i wish that guy would go away. He's a solid player, doesn't seem to bitch, works hard...it's very difficult to hate this guy with the passion that is required of all Patriot players.
  8. Just my feeling here but i think this is the year we stay put or even move back. All reports are saying how deep the draft is, i'd be surprised if Tanny had a major hard on for a particular player so late in round 1. We'll see though, like i said...just a feeling.
  9. Agreed. I didn't notice Smith doing anything that Rhodes couldn't do or vica-versa. Smith is not a great player, probably a bit below average by all counts but he's good enough to be a backup. Tanny is making a habit of lying to the media...sort of funny.
  10. I'd say so. I'm surprised everyone is still freaking out about this injury. it's a broken leg...nothing was torn. Players have a much easier ttime coming back from broken bones.
  11. I was taking lessons a couple years back and he showed me about 5 different structures that have chords that just fall in together. It was neat because you could see how songs are put together...for me...the beatles. Anyway, i ahven't found anything on it online so i'm not sure what to think. I try to experiment a lot but then find myself always gonig from B to E and D to G...i just get so damned repetitive. It's pretty annoying...it's like a habit i can't break.
  12. Questions for you Jimmy. this is hard to explain but there are specific chords that go together so to speak. Like I know A, Bm, F#m, C#m go together from guitar gently wheeps...i know A, B, E from any blues lick...but aren't there full lists of notes that sound good amongst each other? I know i'm dumbing it down but that's what i need right now...chords that blend well pretty much interchangeably. If you are going to respond, keep it simple, I'm no expert.
  13. I'm still catching up on this thread...SNTD is one of mynew favorite posters in that we share the same feelings about players and posters alike.
  14. I'm sure Sanchez will have a few rough games next year, I woud not say otherwise. But don't you think if he had any kind of glaring tendencies at this point they woud have been discovered in the Charger or at least the Indy game? Sanchez was asked to do quite a bit during the AFC title game, he threw the one pick late that was more bad luck than anything. In the mean time he made a ton of great throws. Both TD's were awesome passes, the bomb to Edwards is probably 'easy' by NFL standards but how many times have we seen those kinds of passes over or under thrown?
  15. One of the great movies all time. If Burton were to do it, I'm sure he'd do an awesome job. Still haven't seen the new wonderland...i'm looking forward to it.
  16. You guys are living in a dream world. The dude got benched this year, has had virtually no production for two years, asks for votes to the pro bowl on his twitter page, misses team activities in the offseason to pursue modeling...The guy is just not a football player. If you don't think Rex wants to bring the pain all over the field, you are sorely mistaken. Rex wants a punishing defense and you just can't have that when the last man back hits like a half a loaf of bread. It's addition by subtraction, I wouldn't have been surprised if they cut him after next year (or whenever his contract is up). I'm pumped whoever we bring in will have an attribute, whether that is hitting, intercepting or blitzing...i could care less...at least he'll have an attribute. Good riddance Fairy Rhodes, we are that much closer to a Super Bowl with him leaving the green and white to men that actually want to play.
  17. strange...they all love this trade. Crazy. I just read a post that said "Rhodes teamed with Wilson gives us the hardest hitting Safety combo in the NFL." Ok, Wilson is a horse, i love the guy. They need to watch some rhodes footage...
  18. time to offer up my avatars to the cardinal boards...
  19. I love it. Love it! Addition by subtraction...safety aint that hard to fill, we need a hitter or a good cover guy...so happy.
  20. Agreed. You gotta like the old fashioned, nicely made jeans.
  21. ouch...horrible signing for the lions.
  22. There probably is a mixture of problems with Rhodes. Ryan maybe believed that he really was walking into another Ed Reed and all of us here could tell you that was not the case years ago. Maybe Rhodes' attitude soured to the point of disrepair? All i know is that you can't sustain a dominant defense when the hitter position is filled by a whiny piece of ****, underachieving, dog ****er in Fairy Rhodes. I would much prefer to send Lowery back there knowing he is worth his weight in interceptions, if nothing else.
  23. The thing is, is that I really don't know what the safeties job is on a particular team. I keep hearing how Polamalu is in a 'perfect' situation and so is Reed and Sanders. To be honest, i am not sure who is not in a perfect situation in terms of safeties in this league. I keep thinking about this in terms of soccer...our college team plays high pressure all over the field...except for the last man back, he is supposed to be patient as hell and that could be misunderstood as being lazy or unathletic. I'm not trying to stick up for Rhodes...i think he's a douche bag but I'm not sure if jumping routes is the safeties job in this defense. If we get another safety in here next year, maybe we will know for sure. As of now, i don't know that I fault Fairy Rhodes for this one.
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