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  1. I don't buy it. You don't know what their film sessions are like or what Rex tells his defenders before every series and neither do I. When watching Rex's defense it is all geared to stopping them in their tracks. Give up as few yards as possible at all costs. That seems to be the message to all players; except maybe the safeties. Rex doesn't want to give up the long TD, so if an underneath route is caught or setting up to be caught, I would have to doubt that Rhodes' job (as last man back most of the time), is to sell out and jump the route. What if he misses?
  2. Judging from history...New York City is not the greatest place to turn around a checkered past. I just hope he doesn't shoot himself in the leg before the playoffs.
  3. Interesting point about the differences in coaches. In terms of Rhodes, I could see him getting traded for less than great value but the Jets turning around and making Lowery a safety. His range would probably be his major downfall but he studies his ass off in the film room (at least that's what reports said out of SJS, when we drafted him). Everyone knows he has great hands. I would be just fine going into 2010 with Lowery, Smith and Leonhard as safeties. Not to mention Idhegibo, who is supposed to be turning it around a bit. Good pick up, i just hope the front seven can stop the RB's before they get to Cromartie's side.
  4. In the eyes of the beholder? He's a good CB, gambles a lot which is ok on the opposite side of Revis, either a pick six or going for six...I think he'll be a really nice fit in this particular defense. If Jenkins stays healthy, this defense will be a ****ing monster.
  5. A friend just got an ESPN update saying what your thread title says. Says it's done but i can't find a link yet.
  6. i didn't know williams was that old. He'll land somewhere, i bet he's still got some snaps left in him.
  7. so sick when that old man says that. I freakin love that damn movie.
  8. I'm not mad at all about the Jones thing. I actually wanted him released last year, which would have clearly been a mistake. I always agreed with the Steelers philosophy of 'rather release them a year too soon than a year too late." Jones cannot have much left. The only thing I really like about the guy is what his teammates say about him. Then again, teammates said the exact same thing about Pennington and everyone knows he cannot win the big one. Jones is like Pennington's mirror, IMO. I have faith in Leon coming back full strength. That's not to say i think he'll be an elite RB but I do think he will be full strength. Broken legs don't tend to slow guys down if they are afforded a full recovery. It's the tears that will slow you down.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3OK0KgXjmk i guess they blocked it...Ellen Burstyn's monologue in Requiem for a Dream.
  10. yeah, wisconsin does really poorly in terms of schooling. i'd lean on grammar too if i was arguing semantics for countless posts.
  11. exactly. They are not poor, they are just below average in terms of income. I wish people would categorize them correctly. poor...jeesh...no way.
  12. You have a lot of nice points but come on...no way we have the most exciting backfield in football. You need to watch some Titan or even Rams' games. Those two backs can flat out run the ball. I love the Leon and Greene duo but neither of them are even top ten running backs at this point.
  13. now i see why you threw such a hissy fit. You are Chilean and thought I was bashing your country. Just come out and say that so i don't have to read your responses. All i said was chile was a poor country. It's a relative term; deal with it.
  14. Country 1975 1980 1985 1990 1998 Chile 1,842 2,425 2,345 2,987 4,784 USA 19,364 21,529 23,200 25,363 29,683 Chile Poverty and wealth, Information about Poverty and wealth in Chile http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/economies/Americas/Chile-POVERTY-AND-WEALTH.html#ixzz0h2tPNNlF Sure the country is on the rise but that is not to say it is not a poor country. Their per capita income is still under 5k US. Ever been in Santiago on the first of a month? Lines are down the street with people looking to cash their checks. That's not to say they are not improving but you are calling me out for using an adjective of "poor". What would you prefer me say? "Chile is a country of just below average income?" I never called them out as being stupid, i never said they were as poor as Haiti, i merely mentioned that the quake did not hit as populated an area as Haiti and that this was a good thing. I'm glad you are sticking up for South American countries but don't put words in my mouth. I loved every minute i was in chile, they have some of the nicest and most compationate people I have ever met...but i'm sure you'll want stats to back that up as well.
  15. wow, i haven't been on the top posters list for over a year. I feel abused.
  16. when did i say they were dumb? I have some great friends from chile, i just feel you are looking at numbers and not the nation. Going to downtown santiago is nothing like chicago or new york...its very run down, countless stray dogs roaming free. One of the dogs died at a bus stop with everyone watching. I know milwaukee is poor but milwaukee is not the nation's capital as Santiago is Chile's. All i said was they have a huge disparity in income and that they have some major poverty. I don't know about Argentina, I've only seen its mountain range first hand.
  17. Strange you guys both think that. Maybe if you look at the GDP or some other statistic but I think you need to travel to the outskirts of major cities. I saw a line of 'houses' that were merely shacks of poorly applied pieces of wood that acted as houses. That was only an hour outside of Maipu. If you go north to San Pedro you'll see some major poverty. It's not like San Pedro is some unknown town either...it's a major hub for most major country's telescopes. (allegedly its the driest desert at the highest altitude in the world) I saw some little girls playing in a broken down chimney stoop playing with broken pieces of colored glass. Another little girls, a neighbor of the first two, came out carrying an infant with another little child right behind her. Look at the stats all you like, and i'm sure you have been to Chile but it's hard for me to think of this country as 'well off'.
  18. I agree. If that is what the other poster meant by 'staged', then I would agree that the show is a bit staged. On the other hand, i think the CEO's prefer to look at it only in terms of numbers so that they don't feel any kind of obligation to the workers that make the company run. Kind of pathetic really.
  19. i never got the staged feeling. Just the feeling that the bosses are playing overly dumb. The things they get surprised by are pretty routine. Like the CEO of hooters finding out that a manager has two kids she takes care of and has virtually no time for them. Give me a break...that happens in every restaurant in the country.
  20. my dad was like that. He just can't believe they could be effective so he basically refuses to admit they exist.
  21. Since max started a TV show thread... I have watched all of these but the first on (waste management). The show is pretty good, i like that the CEO's are taking the time to get to know what makes their company tick but why do they act so surprised when they see an employee doing a great job? Every episode shows the CEO saying things like "wow, we just couldn't do it with him/her." During the 711 episdoe, one of the employees, working the late shift, satated that he doesn't consider this a career and that he didn't feel there was room to grow. The fact that the CEO was surprised was ridiculous. Of course there's not room to grow! You'd have to know someone in the front office to get away from the branch level! Then after each show they throw money at the employees they met on their little trip. What about the rest of the employees? Are they this ignorant to assume that only the employees they met were worth anything? It's a frustrating show but it is good entertainment.
  22. the west side of Santiago is very poor. When i was down there, it was explained to me that they were ranked third in the world for disparity of income. Kuwait was number 1. That was probably 4 years ago. You're right though, there is a ton of wealth on the east side of Santiago and in places like La Cerena.
  23. I have heard that too. One of the articles I read stated how the NEWER buildings were breaking worse than the older ones. People are already forumlating law suits. Similar stuff goes on in the US with the new houses being nice to look at but they don't have the same structural integrity as some of the older ones. Last i heard, the death toll was at 700, I hope it stays below a 1,000 but that might be wishful thinking.
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