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  1. I'm not a hockey follower so I'm trying to catch up...The pens had the first pick duringa normal season, then they went on strike the next season and got another first pick? If that's right, that's ****ed up. It was a great game to watch, i don't know why but i was cheering more for the candadians...having them at home and being such a big hockey country, it was nice to see them win. Great game though, i almost wish i did watch hockey because it is so intense.
  2. My friend's wife was down there visiting her family. She's fine and so is her house but the city she lives in (maipu, outside of satiago) has had some major damages to brand new apartment complexes. Newspaper articles say there are over 2 million people that are currently displaced. I guess there is also a ton of looting that is nearly impossible to stop. It's so unfortunate for such a poor country to get hit like this. At least it wasn't hit in as populated of an area as Haiti.
  3. That was exactly who I was thinking of. Funny how much value a great CB has now that the league is all about the pass and nothing else.
  4. I wish i could explain how off that comment was. I don't think i've seen ESPN in over two months. The brady comment only comes from watching the guy play. His body language tells the story. I agree with your point in an OC losing creativity due to the ultimate 'cheat-code' that was Randy Moss but I can't see the Patriots transforming into their old ways. Along with replacing Moss/Welker, they have to replace a couple pieces on their O-line, get at least one decent corner among others. Patten is an ok signing, i just don't see this thing getting fixed over night.
  5. back in the days of brady caring and giving at least half an effort. He's going through the motions. Without the drive he used to have, there is no way brady is 'fine' with the scrubs he once had...multiply that out a bit with an injured Welker and a converted QB at WR...2010 may be a rough one for all the fair-weather fans in New England.
  6. i'm really surprised she turned out to be black
  7. Spicy Chili with a MEAN MEAN MEAN bread bowl. It's just awesome.
  8. yikes. i bet your newspapers are littered with this story. Anything new coming out yet?
  9. is there a balck garb? Also, pretty sure you can pull the race card regardless of your actual race...
  10. I don't understand why people actually want merriman? Sure he still has the name sake but he is a terrible player without steroids. When he tore his ACL it's a direct corrilation to getting off the juice. That's one of the major dowfalls of steroids, it weakesn your joints and ligaments. He'll be forever injury prone. Not only that but when he was drafted so high, he had a 40 time comparable to Jerry Rice and a bench press that was better than all the linemen in that draft. Without roids, he can do neither. He's a direct product of stroids, nothing more. He isn't 'saving' himself for some new team, he's a below average linebacker who is past his prime (meaning; past his steroids).
  11. that's what i was thinking about cromartie too. Merriman just sucks, i'd prefer to not have him on the roster at all. Without steroids, that guys an absolute nobody.
  12. almost as bad...malcom floyd. If he were so good, he'd have shreded us with Revis guarding Vackson.
  13. watching video of yourself devouring your first corpse is better than watching the nba. That league sucks.
  14. drago


    i'm not superstitious so i give nothing up. Other than sex...which may not have been my decision in the first place.
  15. k...thanks dude. I'm going to be sad to not see Panzer's master-piece every time i login...
  16. some are a little risque for the work place. Anyone? help?
  17. I would have thought they'd go for a blocking receiver. They need to build their team around the run, not the long pass.
  18. I never said anything about Wright, but guys like Brandon Marshall, or Colston were not regarded too highly either. Look at what the Colts do with their receivers? Gonzalez was drafted to be their number 2, gets hurt and they don't even skip a beat. I know there is a difference in QB's from NYJ to Indy but the idea is supposed to be that Sanchez will develop into a very good QB. At this point, he has two nice recievers, one is great in terms of posession, the other is good at seperation over the top. It's daft to think Sanchez won't get better, we already took a receiving TE in the first a couple years back, we traded a second (i think) for Edwards, how many more picks do we need to dump into a position that doesn't have the highest need? Sure it's the sexy pick but when it comes down to it, i don't want to see the colts going up and down the field like the Jets weren't even out there. We need a defender, we have very obvious holes opposite Revis and Ellis.
  19. I disagree. You're assuming that Sanchez can't find a chemistry with a lesser known receiver on his own. It happens all the time with good QB's. I'm not calling Sanchez the next HOFer just that he will develop rapport with some random draft pick or maybe a guy already on the roster. IMO, no need to draft a player high when we need to shore up the strength of the team (defense). If our strength is so good, we should never have been shredded like what the Colts did to us, i really feel us going DE, CB or safety in the first round.
  20. Agreed. That's why i was hoping we'd trade down when we took Gholston for Sedric Ellis. At the time I was ok with the Gholston pick but Ellis was a solid prospect, no real knocks against him. Hind-site 20/20 but it would be nice to already have that DT/DE position on the roster.
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