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  1. I didn't realize this was basic arithmetic. I know you probably live in your nice little subdivisions where race and poverty are not an issue. Hate to say, but it does exist, check it out sometime, visit a school outside of your white norm.
  2. That is a good point. The one thing that is different with my situation is that I will not be a classroom teacher at any point. I am pursuing the masters for work in a business field and to strengthen my credentials for a head soccer coaching position at a university. I like your idea on how youth are treated in terms of crimes and punishments. I do think that needs to be a way to clear a record after X amount of years. I'll definitely take that into consideration. Thanks.
  3. i never said castration, i said sterilization. The topics can literally be done on any topic under the sun. I live in Milwaukee, it's a topic that I believe has merit and I have heard of this in other cultures.
  4. Valid point. the 30% is a very general number, clearly. I do know there were studies done on when abortion was illegal and the lag time to more crime about 20 years later. Without having done research, i'm only grasping at straws. I was hoping to use abortion as a study to follow. I remember hearing it was outlawed in the 70's? Not sure if that is accurate. The crimes i am interested in are the violent ones only; armed robbery, domestic violence, assault and battery...things like that. From what I hear, these projects need to be broken down to the smallest detail, which i'm looking forward to. I know in this country people love their civil rights at all costs, looking at past countries, the harsher the penalties the less the crime. Not in all cases but in many.
  5. Crime is directly coorilated to poverty. As poverty increases, so does crime. It also tends to work out that the people in poverty tend to have the most kids. It's really not a race thing, it's a poverty thing. Sure it is harsh, but so is crime. --the class is EDU604, education masters. It's the final class but i haven't started it quite yet.
  6. I have to come up with a thesis over the next 6 months or so and am pretty sure I narrowed it down. If it wasn't for the goddamn Nuremberg Trials, I would be all set. I don't want this to be predicated on race but I have a feeling the majority of who it would affect would be of one racial group. Oh well, I can't really help who commits the crimes in this country. Thesis: By sterilizing three time felons, crime will decrease by 30% over the next 20 years. My real question is, because i have not started research, is: do 3 time felons get life in prison? If that's the case, than it is a moot point. So i could switch the crimes to 4 time misdemeanors. Or some kind of combination of the two. I'm tired of turning on the news everyday and hearing of the prions being over crowded or having some kids rob a bank, shoot and kill a cop, only to have his mom come on the tv explaining how much of a good kid he was and that he was just misunderstood. There's my thought, bash away if you will.
  7. funny how things change over one little paragraph of information.
  8. well that changes things. Holy crap...
  9. I don't know what he did either but he is one of my favorite humans on the site.
  10. drago

    mock draft

    I like your draft. Two things that surprised me but then again...not really. 1 - Jets going WR. You make a good point about Edwards not being the long term fix but Tanny has been a guy that neglects that position pretty consistently. With Rex in his ear I expect a defender to be our first round selection, particularly someone in the secondary. 2 - The Chiefs. I agree that they need a big NT but with Haley in charge, I see them going offensive line or WR. Right now they only have Bowe at WR and nobody to protect their overpriced garbage behind center. They got ran all over last year but with only so many picks...i see them going offense. Good draft though, i like the insights since i don't know most of the player yet.
  11. I didn't say they should change it. I said it makes the game boring, they play over 150 games and every year you know the Yankees, Dodgers and Red Sox will be there to the end. No parity makes it boring. I'm only surprised yankee fans still find enjoyment watching them play 100 meaningless games all year.
  12. Nice to see a Yankee fan seeing what everyone else does. I know they are playing by the rules...it just makes the game boring.
  13. Just respectable? I thought that was hall of fame worthy around these parts? Curtis Martin - Career YPC - 4.0 Sorry...had to.
  14. Man...it's just wonderful that you are able to make all the proper picks. Where would this site be without your keen intellect?
  15. I really liked 1 and 2...haven't seen the one you mentioned but i cant wait to get the time. Great show...****ing awesome.
  16. i liked franny and zooey too. He had a couple really good short stories, my favorite was "banana fish". I'm a big Catcher in the Rye fan. My friends and i always debated if it was awesome or terrible. I obviously went with awesome, something about the character had always struck a chord with me.
  17. The thing is, i believe Welker's numbers would decline with Moss'. I'm not saying Welker isn't that good or that he isn't the best slot player in the NFL...just that 125 catches is rarely attributed solely to a player being very quick. It's a tough break for the guy...if he wasn't a Patriot i would really like him and his style.
  18. Hey Pats' fans... I think Welker is a good player, not great but a good to very good. You all think you can get the production from Eddleman or what? With moss clearly slowing down, i think Welker's numbers would take a significant hit anyway but with him having major surgery, it might be game over for Welker's elite numbers. Just curious what you guys think of this situation.
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