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  1. i didn't watch the whole thing, i was wondering when they got to the part of him getting blown up by running backs or running slower than a 12 year old obese kid...
  2. I was thinking as a safety, he has to hit harder than the puss in my avatar. rhodes----> <----rhodes
  3. i was thinking our number one need was an outside linebacker to specialize in pass rushing. Pace and Thomas are both pretty good at it but it nevere seemed we could create pressure without calling on the blitz. It would be nice to drop seven in coverage and still get after the QB. Although, it would be much easier finding a solid CB than a excellent pass rushing OLBer.
  4. Passion is the right word. It's not just a job or just a game to Rex; it's far more than that. I just love the way he handles his business.
  5. Good post. Thanks for not rubbing it in...i think a lof of us felt we were over matched in this one and all i wanted was a shot to win in the last quarter. As the game went on, i really thought we would get our chance late in the game but Manning is from another planet. Good luck in the super bowl, should be fun to watch.
  6. i hope not. Sanchez looks like he is on his way to being really solid...Rodgers looks like he's on his way to being really really ****ing amazing.
  7. your point about him ending the NFC title games with picks, the jets seasons with picks...how many divisional games with insane amounts of picks...is well taken. The guy is not clutch. Without Desmond Howard he would not have a single Super Bowl ring to call his own.
  8. THat is true. I think i read the whole thing, the beginning was all hate on Greene, then a couple people were saying that LT's celebration is not the classiest move nor was Greene out of line. If you read 90% of the posts, you'll be laughing and damn near signing up to tell them that you are laughing.
  9. They can't spell his name but holy crap! They think this guy is the anit christ for doing LT's stupid dance thing. They say that Green should have class, like an actual pro, and just give the ref the ball. I'm sorry but LT obviously has to lack class because he always does his stupid ball flip. Not only that, some of them think the Greene run was all about blocking. Apparently they didn't see Greene pick Weddle off the bottom of his cleat in the endzone. http://forums.chargers.com/showthread.php?t=77139&page=7
  10. i was thinking of the same game. That was the one where Porter sacked Manning twice to end it right? I don't know how the Steelers average to below average secondary could hold the Colts down like that but I hope the Jets can mimic them. One thing that scares me is our lack of sacks. We get pressures but rarely get the QB to the ground. IMO, the key is getting manning in 2nd and 3rd and long. As obvious as that sounds, this defense needs them to be one dimensional.
  11. I must be drunk. I just got off the phone with my dad saying how much of a game Feely is and that i love his attitude towards accepting punt duties. Great player, can't believe he keeps getting cut.
  12. There are more than a few of them but rewatching the game tonight, my hat is off to a few guys: David Harris - Every time he has a tackle, it's like the other player buckles to the turf. Harris doesn't just tackle the player, he brings them down as hard as he can and rarely, if ever, misses a tackle. I love the way this guy plays but he doesn't tend to get the sexy stat lines so he doesn't get talked about. He may be a team MVP if the team wasn't full of them already. Mike Devito - As Jets fans, how many times have we seen an injury to one of our linemen and it cripples the whole season? Devito has stepped in for injuries to both Jenkins and Ellis and played remarkably. He is intense at the point of contact and always seems in control of the player blocking him. He is great at getting off blocks and is as sure a tackler as any Jet defender. Brandon Moore - We hear it all the time, "Four first rounders on the offensive line!" Lets not pretend that this line is made up of only those four players, this Jet team loves running right. They love putting a back right behind number 65 and watching him move the other team's muscle off the line of scrimmage. Not only is he powerful but he is quick and athletic. He did a great job all season of getting past the first level (if necessary) and onto the linebackers. You have to love what Moore brings to this team. Braylon Edwards - Yeah, i said it. I know he dropped a big touchdown against the Bengals but he has accepted his role as a WR on a run-first team. When Sanchez needed a big first down on a third down, Edwards is where he looks. If the ball gets to him on any underneath route, he is as sure handed as they come (aside from maybe Mr. Cotchery who is not human). Beyond the catching, Edwards has been great as a run blocker, this conincides with accepting his role on this team. His interviews also imply that he is a team first player. I can't wait for his break out game, it's coming. Other notables - James Idhegabo, Wallace Wright, Nick Mangold, Tony Richardson, Jericho Cotchery and Brian Schottenheimer.
  13. Sort of helps the old numbers when you get to play Detroit, Denver, Cleveland (twice), Cinci (twice) and Oakland. I hate to be the one to tell you this but the playoffs are a little bit harder on QB's and usually the rest of the team. The competition is a bit higher.
  14. The guy is 3 and 2 on his career beating some solid teams. You could say a similar thing about Sanchez' postseason. Low passing yards, low attempts. He did what the team needed to win. Hell, Peyton Manning just got to .500 for his career in the playoffs last night. I suppose he sucks too? Lame thread.
  15. You clearly are forgetting your favre history. He sucks in the playoffs and he sucks even worse against the cowboys.
  16. We really don't know what their schedule is when they get out there. If they were prepping all day, then they would likely have the evening to themselves. Or they could have had the morning off and are now studying but i find it hard to believe they studied all day today.
  17. You guys are nuts. How could you not want to see Favre get decapitated by Ware? I'm pumped for the Cowboys as a distant second. The other two looked pretty boring and ended up being pretty boring.
  18. Glad you injected your professional input. How do you know exactly what they are doing at 7pm on a Saturday night?
  19. I think we have a great shot. I'm just impressed as hell that the Jets are doing this without a serious edge rusher or run stuffer. I keep wondering how the hell the defense does so damn well. That is true. He has probably costed us more than just two games too. There were a few games that he just bent over and took it.
  20. You have to like the direction of this franchise. Having maybe the two most important statistics in football; #1 Rushing and Defense. Seemingly what is more important, we don't have one player responsible for either. I'm not a big Thomas Jones fan but everyone can agree that he is not Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. If we lost Jones, we would still be fine running the ball. The defense is largely the same. We lost one of our top two players in Jenkins and actually improved in many ways. Once this front office has another crack at the draft with our QB situation solidified, we will be in a prime position to find a real difference maker on the defense. Right now it's the Darrelle Revis show, imagine if we got a legitimate edge rusher or another run stuffer like Richard Seymore used to be with the Patriots? I love the direction we're going. Things are really looking up and I give most of my thanks to Rex and Tannebaum. Good luck tomorrow Jets.
  21. “I mean, you look at him, and you’re like, no way he’s an offensive line coach,” Slauson said. “He must have been hit a ton and vowed to protect quarterbacks forever.” Laughed pretty hard at this and the Mangold comment about dumbing it down for "us normal people." I loved the hiring of this guy as soon as we got him, glad he is making such an impact.
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