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  1. Merriman is washed up roid-garbage. I wonder if the Jets even game plan for that guy? Phillips and the rest are the actual players on that defense.
  2. Sullivan? When was i going to be informed that you have a last name?
  3. i agree. Wells has the look of a great back. You (not you personally) can call him injury prone but that is all - wait and see. I really liked Wells coming out and like him even more now that he's in the league.
  4. i didn't know who you were before this thread but now i know never to take what you have to say seriously. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. i can't believe anyone would want this guy on the Jets. 75% of his playbook has to be deep routes. He has no clue how to actually game plan, he just wants to air it out every play. With a defensive minded coach in New york, no ****ing way Martz even comes in for a visit.
  6. No offense to you Gainzo, but after Belly tried to humiliate everyone in 07, nobody has any remorse for anyone that rubs anything in the face of the Pats*.
  7. This happened to Green Bay yesterday. If adjustments were made, it never once stopped the intermediate pass down the middle. It cost Rodgers his first playoff win and a game where he maybe played the best of his career. I love what Rex brings to this team, i just love it.
  8. Yeah i kind of bailed early. You're right about the homerism but i just can't read through a forum with Laker and USC avatars...
  9. It wasn't that bad but i like how they want to 'go after revis on the first play' and all that. Show they aren't scared. Sorry but teams try that and get punished harshly, even if it is only once. Most of them know what the game will look like. Gates having a good day along with dump offs and what not. This game will be a battle, i just hope we can wear them down with the run and hold some kind of a lead.
  10. Vincent Jackson - 6'5", 230 pounds Andre Johnson - 6'3" 225 They are pretty similar players but Andre is better across the middle among many other things. I don't think the extra 2 inches will hinder Revis too much at all, in fact, i bet he has one of his best games. Jackson is largely just a deep threat, between Revis and Rhodes, they won't be beating us long. As someone else stated, i'm very concerned about Gates.
  11. drago


    Wasn't he out of bounds on the TD? i was laughing because Cinci didn't have any challenges left but i could never get a good angle to tell if he did step out...
  12. good read, although he may have been overly complimentitive of Revis and harsh on the Bengals.
  13. You know as well as i do that guys with no stats at the end of the game do not win such accolades. Although it would be true to give him MVP for any given day, if this were a game that gave out this type of award, it would go to a guy that had stats. I'm simply saying that Revis won't have stats by games end...aside from Chad Johnson's stats of 2 catches for 20 yards or something.
  14. i forgot about the old Smith love affair from last week. It could be him but i really don't see him being THAT involved this week. Maybe i'm wrong... I bet Revis doesn't get too involved, Cinci will probably pretend his side of the field doesn't exist.
  15. I have a feeling it's going to be Braylon Edwards for some reason. My mind tells me to say Thomas Jones or the whole offensive line but my gut says Braylon will have a huge day. What say you?
  16. Exactly. The Jets are terrible to bet on. I did it this time taking the points but it was a mere 20 bucks. If the jets lose, i'll only be pissed about them losing, not me losing 20 bucks. Bet light my friends, this is the New York Jets you're dealing with.
  17. 1. Mel Gibson 2. Lindsay Lohan 3. Magic Johnson 4. Barack Obama 5. Michael Irvin 6. Mick Jagger 7. Rex Ryan 8. Charlie Sheen 9. 50 cent 10. Mark David Chapman
  18. exactly. The guy was awful with the Falcons and would have been just as awful with the seahawks. I was shocked anyone wanted that bum.
  19. Jets @ Bengals = Jets Ravens @ Pats = Ravens Packers @ Cardinals = Packers Eagles @ Cowboys = Eagles
  20. so you are saying it's okay if they are in different leagues? Who makes the rules then? I don't really care, i've only ever liked the jets since i started watching but the whole thing is sort of funny to think about. It's not like they are paying you for your allegiance, you are paying them for your allegiance.
  21. i don't understand the whole 'fan' thing. Who cares if people like multiple teams? Especially when you are in new york and have so many to choose from. Sports are just a form of entertainment anyway, if the teams ever did anything for me i would be all about them. I say cheer for whoever the hell you want.
  22. i'm only six hours away, bus tickets are easy from milwaukee/chicago. Still not sure though, watching at home is so warm.
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