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  1. I was thinking about it. Depends on the cost of the tickets.
  2. I agree. I think he was just thinking out loud when he said it. He was probably a bit sarcastic too, seeing as this is the second straight week they have had the jets and an inside runner like Benson is bound to know the inside guys.
  3. i like your comment but i like your sig much, much more.
  4. I didn't know that abou thim. I hear the same thing about Donald Driver up in Green Bay. I really don't know why that kind of stuff isn't made more public, those stories go a longer way than hearing about Matt Jones' coke addiction.
  5. that's what i was thinking. Anyone could have called "run right" 20 times. Although the option right with a lead blocker and greene deep was a sweet play.
  6. I think this is a major issue with him. Ever since the Miami game i hold my breath when he touches the ball. Part of it has to be that he has really bad hands. His inability to catch has to a direct correlation to him fumbling so often. Maybe i'm wrong here but i haven't heard of a RB with soft hands in terms of catching having serious fumbling problems. If it does happen, it's not that frequent.
  7. is 'bruh burh' some kind of English that i am missing?
  8. Where are the stats on Revis for the year? SFJ posted them a few days back and i wanted to take a look at them again. i.e. the receptions/TD's given up.
  9. I love it. I usually don't like Chad Johnson, but i like the reference to Revis Island.
  10. gotta love boomboom. You need to let him have his old name back though...
  11. there was a link? i'm just hoping at this point, i don't care who says it, just get the guy out of town.
  12. I was talking to my friend's new girlfriend the other day. She said after her first date with Tom, he gave her a simple hug at the end and said good night. She said she liked that because it wasn't intrusive and a genuine thing to do. Your whole date sounded pretty genuine. Most girls like that and can see that you didn't have bad intentions. JMO
  13. You are very wise SFJ. Very wise indeed.
  14. WHy not? There hasn't been one picture of him going down on a horse or anything like that. It's pretty G rated so far...give it time to really draw some offense for that soft pile of ****.
  15. DMC can't break tackles. In the same fashion of his college days; if there is a huge hole, he will gain big yards. I said it when he was coming out and will say it again...he could be a good receiver but he'll always be a below average RB.
  16. gimmie a grape drank! grape-drank'easha...best one...maybe cause i hear it every day. gimmie a grape swisha...
  17. drago

    Brett Favre

    Regardless of what happens, they will not just lose, they will lose in epic fashion. I really want the Packers to be the team to do it to them but I think it will actually be the Eagles. I would be the world's biggest McNabb fan for a day.
  18. I enjoyed it, and I hate hip/hop.
  19. seriously??? Now that is a good character. I love that show.
  20. You thought she was talented? I wasn't sure. I liked her in 8 mile but hadn't seen anything else that was overly commendable. Still sad that she died, it's a scary trend.
  21. if darkretardjet says it is not drugs, then it's not drugs. Meanwhile...logic says??? Drugs.
  22. There is a great game on tonight though. Saints and Cowboys should be a shoot out and what is better than a Cowboy loss? (aside from a patriot loss...) Every Decemeber it's like getting four holidays with all the cowboy losses. It's wonderful!!
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