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    Vel d'Hiv

    Your last sentance seems to tie together what i read about. It's so hard to understand that whole countries would be so hands off, and just allow things to happen. Pleeding ignorance can only go so far. I guess that's the side that really bothers me. Maybe the worst part is that the police, who are supposed to protect and serve, not only followed Gestapo orders but went above and beyond, rounding up almost twice what was required.
  2. drago

    Vel d'Hiv

    I have heard something about that boat but nothing specific. Pretty crazy three countries would deny them. The whole time period was backwards.
  3. Has anyone heard of this? It came to my attention from a book called Sara's Key. The date was July 16, 1942 when the French police, acting on the orders of the Gestapo, rounded up 13,000 (over 5,000 kids) Jews in the early morning, shipping them to the Veldrome d'Hiver to await shipment to Drancy and then on to Aushwitz. 850 of the 40,000 rounded up by the French police came back alive after 1945. I can't get over the fact that it was the French police. This was one of the worst things i'd ever read. To top it all off, the Gestapo asked for all French or alien Jews over the age of 55. The Police one'upped them and rounded up kids as well (most between the ages of 3 and 13), breaking up the families in the Vel d'Hiv with the butts of their rifles and buckets of cold water. Here's a bit of info from wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafle_du_V%C3%A9lodrome_d%27Hiver#Police_complicity I am curious to know if i am the only uniformed human on this topic.
  4. DarkJetlady and jetsrule/boomboom
  5. Great post Integrity. I look forward to hunting your future posts down.
  6. No to break up the stroke fest but I heard he can't guard the slant route.
  7. I really don't think that should happen. Had someone else been at the sixth spot, he likely would have been taken by them. He was a guy that was not going to last the first ten picks.
  8. Panthers have a good to great secondary and a great ground game. Not even giving them a chance is pretty near sited.
  9. Just curious here... I keep hearing the Bengals out 'physical' everyone they play and are good in both trenches. Who are these guys? Early draft picks or just some average joe's playing out of their skulls? I can't stand chad johnson or Coles but as a whole, i like the bengals. Who the crap are these guys??>??
  10. He doesn't like rotating...too bad because that is the most he is worth to an NFL team.
  11. I just love Rodgers. Why didn't the Pack just cough him up and keep old man favre? Rodgers in green, starting a year ago would have been amazing.
  12. I know they will make the playoffs but i'm talking about the second round of the playoffs or the third. If they draw the Packers in round two, it will be a battle. I honestly believe that is where Favre will melt down...unless he does the week prior. He is a ticking time bomb, he is just not a clutch player come playoff time.
  13. I'm a little shocked that so many think Favre will be 'keeping it together' this season. You guys remember his results with past teams he's taken into the playoffs? Only once did he actually win the Super Bowl and that was thanks largely to Desmond Howard's two TD returns. Since then he's lost to a good Denver team (which is one of the only times he didn't blow it for the Packers), then he threw six picks to the Rams, threw and overtime pick to the Eagles (despite over 200 yards on the ground), OT pick to the Giants and somewhere in there he lost to the Falcons. Favre is all about blowing it for his team's late in the season. Just sit back and enjoy the show.
  14. That Carolina game will be very tough for them. They have a terrific secondary and run the ball really well. If Deangelo is healthy, I bet the Panthers will be right there at the end.
  15. I wish i wasn't so cheap...that is a great channel. I have seen it only once but i thought it was great.
  16. I had to check out the GG thread but this is just silliness.
  17. Are you implying that there is a time to NOT pull for the Packers? What are you? Communist??
  18. We lose in almost every tie breaker but stranger things have happened. Remember Herm's first year in KC? He got in with a 9-7 record where the most ridiculous losses happened on the same day. I do think we would need to be 10 and 6 but why not us? Colts have nearly locked up homefield and the Bengals may have locked up the second spot by week 17. It would take some luck but stranger things have happened.
  19. Raiders just gave the Jets a glimmer of hope this year. They just can't win. I love it!
  20. That would be hilarious. Not only that, we need a good punter.
  21. pffft...dude has more excuses than anyone in the league. He's such a pile. Two weeks ago he dropped a TD because someone almost broke his ribs...dropped a 3rd down pass because it may have been deflected...now the lights are too bright. As the saying goes...excuses are like *******s...we all got 'em and they both stink.
  22. I really liked the two calls to Richardson. It obviously worked the first time they called it but to actually go back to it in the same game is something a lot of coaches shy away from (See the GB Packers). It was an effective play and I love that they went back to it. I was disappointed in the late game calls, maybe it was just Clemens holding the ball and trying not to mess up but not picking up first downs late in the 4th could have killed us.
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