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  1. I was waiting for a thread about this...he is pretty garbage, nice to see a change in scenery did nothing but add to his log of excuses.
  2. If the Jets did turn into the Yankees in terms of spending, I'd be done with them entirely. Probably just stop watching pro football altogether to be honest.
  3. Hey, i'm not saying he was the right pick, just the guy i wanted if we didn't get one of the big six. I don't think he's been too bad for them, haven't really followed...although that fumble of his was a terrible turn for the Saints. They could have buried them by now.
  4. Hey man, that was Sedrick Ellis and I remember wanting him if we didn't take Gholston... Sucks being a jets fan.
  5. That's what i was thinking. I saw Pace and Fergesun on the list as if we have beaten somebody this year.
  6. I have noticed the Pats do most of their talking after they win games, which is the safe way. Part of me thinks the Jets are just desperate to change their culture but clearly that has backfired. It's been a while since the Pats were bad so I doubt they throw each other under the bus, I think it is a sign of poor teams...speaking to reporters with anonymity that is.
  7. No kidding. I think most of the back lash is because our hopes were so high that we finally had an elite player on defense (more specifically, the secondary) and now the house of cards came crashing down. All is not lost, I still think Rex can turn this around on defense so this is really the least of my concerns. Sanchez on the other hand....
  8. What was the line on this? Couldn't be much... Broncos are so random this year, i have no idea if they are total garbage or just above average.
  9. That sucks, he was the only guy that made the team watchable/listenable.
  10. I heard the roster before half and didn't recognize the names...I liked it when they had Paul McCartney in the super bowl but that's about all i've enjoyed over the last few years.
  11. It is an amazing ass...i studied it before this post and can honestly say, it has a wonderful shape and should get consideration to enter the Musee du louvre. As for the to ten comment on Johnson, it is funny how being loud does gain you national acceptance and notoraity. Chad Johnson is a perfect case, their yards per catch are alomst identical (AJ 13.3, CJ 14.6) and TD's are similar throughout their careers. Yet everyone knows Chad and have to be reminded who Andre is every season.
  12. I hear your sarcasm...it's funny that people look at his win loss record, there are major lag periods here! Anyone remember how Hermie had a good win/loss record (for a while at least), he had all of Parceslls' guys! He had talent on the roster before he got here, it took years to ruin and to me, that is proven by our lack of depth this season (09).
  13. That did help, thank you. It's going to be hard to watch johnson now, he is an amazing player.
  14. I don't remember that. I wish you would not have brought this up on a holiday. You ruined my appetite. You anger me.
  15. Interesting you are on the side of benching Rhodes now but threw it in my face last year. I suppose it is easy to be on the side of the majority...carry on.
  16. I like Tanny and don't blame him in the least for the Gholston pick. Throughout that draft, most everyone was saying it had six top players and Gholston was one of those six. Low and behold, we had the sixth pick. Had Dorsey or McFadden been there, we would probably have one of them at this point. He moved up to get Revis, Harris and Sanchez, he brought in Faneca (who is just so-so), Scott and Jenkins. I really like the hiring of Ryan so far, I think he has a great attitude for this team and he will turn this thing around. Tannenbaum is the worst of our worries, he's a top 10 GM...IMO.
  17. I never thought of that before. I bet there could be some animosity between them; Revis is a player that just flat out plays...and Rhodes sucks...that would be a tough working relationship for someone like Revis.
  18. Saw it last night. It was a great vid, I was glad to see the Lions catch a good break like this and maybe even have a good/great QB on their hands. They has suffered worse than us, they deserve something positive.
  19. I was thinking it was Scott but then again, he wouldn't have asked for anonymity. I wish it was Revis though, that would make my day.
  20. drago


    Feels strange reading pre game reviews on a season that is already lost.
  21. If the FO is reading this and interested in what the fans say, we would probably have Reggie Bush right now instead of Brick and Mangold. Yuck. I love that Rhodes is benched, I hope I never have to see him on the field again in an NYJ uniform for as long as I live. I can't stand that sissy; so glad this happened.
  22. It's about time a defensive guy takes the reigns of the offense. He understands how to play with a big offensive line, two decent running backs and a great possession receiver. This system should be PERFECT for Sanchez to learn in and be productive in but Schotty takes it away! Anyone that wants Callahan as OC is dead on as well. He also knows how to reward his all-pro linemen. Run the damn ball! Play simple for christ's sake!
  23. drago

    Kerry Rhodes

    haha, i have another one but it's not that good. It's his face on Willie Mays Hayes from Major League. It's disappointing to all of us that he is not as good as we had hoped. Such is life as a Jets fan I guess.
  24. drago

    Kerry Rhodes

    Ghost, you are the most spineless bandwagon fan on this site. It is almost unbearable to read anything you write. I bumped a thread where I called out Rhodes for being a bum, you posted this in response: You never revisit the thread to defend your idiocy but you are more than willing to start a new thread calling out Rhodes for the bum that he is. Clearly bashing Rhodes has become trendy allowing you to jump all over him as though you thought this the whole time. In the same thread I asked you to grow a pair when you laughed at another poster for saying "Kerry Rhodes > Bob Sanders." That was merely 8 months ago. You are pathetic.
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