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  1. He will be the worst number 1 overall pick in the past 20 years. I fully expect this kid to be worse than terrible. I have seen nothing from him that would even mildly suggest he will be a worthwhile QB in the NFL. So glad I'm not a Panther fan.
  2. One of the guys i was with said the same thing. After their 3 or 4 B-sides, Debaser lead it off. Needless to say, they did a great job. I can't stop listening to live from the BBC...haha
  3. i remember him coming out of the draft. They said the same thing back then as now...great talent, total gangster.
  4. Being that it was a doolittle concert, they obviously played all of doolittle, every song was amazing but some of my favorites (off the album) were crackity jones, mr. grieves, gouge away and hey. they played quite a few b-sides, into the white was awesome then they did bone machine, where is my mind (of course), gigantic and break my body. they did two renditions of wave of mutilation. Show stopping song of the night had to be Tame. freakin awesome stuff. I feel like they have officially ruined my ability to ever watch another concert. Maybe radiohead and surely another crack at the Pixies but holy crap was it amazing.
  5. i know i do. cobain was on record as saying that teen spirit was a direct pixie rip off. obviously they liked other bands but nirvana had some mod-style creepy, "i want to do the pixies in the butt" thing goin on.
  6. good to hear. i hope they do some from surfer rosa but i'm sure it won't dissapoint. and bengal guy...i hear their name dropped as much as any from all kinds of bands. had they played in the 60's they would be regarded as another velvet underground. Not winning in the charts but influencing whoever comes after...jmo
  7. i'm still stunned...of all cities in this country....milwaukee? really???? There was this boy who had two Children with his sisters They were his daughters They were his favourite lovers I got no lips, I got no tongue Where there were eyes there's only space I got no lips, I got no tongue
  8. I was ready to travel the country if the Pixies were playing close enough...now all i have to do is stumble ten minutes from my door step to see one of the most influential bands in rock history. oh man...46 hours remain. anyone else see them live? needless to say, my expectations are high.
  9. I'm surprised to see UW madison football on there. That stadium is way louder and intense than Ohio State's, imo. I was at the last OSU/Michigan game, maybe it was the weather, but it was rather dead the whole time. Take Badger fans off...thank you.
  10. Are you saying the Packers went undefeated last year? They were never down by more than seven if that's what you're getting at.
  11. steven czaban does a 45 minute bit on a local show out here. I'm not sure what he is like in Redskin territory but he is by far my favorite guy to listen to.
  12. it's funny to me because i spend about as much money as a day old corpse. still not sure how i get a free ipod and weed wacker out of this. ok...thread closed...go to work.
  13. 5% back on gas, groceries and perscriptions. After two years, i got a free ipod nano and a weed wacker with points to spair. I feel like i won the lottery. I actually own something. big day!
  14. I'm not sure anyone has the balls to say losing out on that pick didn't hurt us but by no means is he even a top 20 bust of all time. The assumption that teams wanted to move up to our pick for Gholston are just that...assumptions. As soon as the 6th pick came and the top five were gone, most people already knew what was going to happen. Had we traded down, I got the feeling we would have landed Harvey. The whole draft was a bad set up for the Jets because it was Tackle and RB heavy, neither of which the jets seemed to interested in. Had we moved back and gotten a mid 1st round defender, chances are it wouldn't have been Mayo (he was slated as a late 1st and the jets had already had their fill of a 'smallish' ILB in Vilma)...it could have been: Harvey, Mckelvin, or Rivers. Obviously Rivers would have been nice but the other two would have sucked just as bad but costed less. Again, this is assuming someone else really wanted to move up to the sixth spot, surrendering a 1st and 2nd in the process. I don't see it. I really don't think any other team would have moved up for him. In that logic, the only pick i could have seen the Jets doing was Ellis and that would have been considered a major reach on what turned out to be a pretty average to above average player. In short, Gholston sucks but i didn't see much else the Jets could have done. JMO...
  15. It's like you're implying the jets would not have had a pick had they not taken gholston. I remember specifically thinking that DE was a bigger need but Gholston was at the end of the alleged 'big five'. Sedrick Ellis was really the only DE available at our spot and even he wouldn't have helped us win either championship game. Had we traded up, we'd be stuck with McFadden, Dorsey or Chris Long...none of which help us win an AFC title. Had we pulled the trigger to move up high enough to get Ryan, this team's make up is completely changed and there is no assurance of anything. Gholston sucks...no doubt. But he did not set us back years like Kleck mention; Leaf, Akili or Kajauna did. Had we not picked him, we would have overpaid for Ellis...Who else was there to be picked given the information on draft day?
  16. Nice quote from Woody. He was a great pick by Tanny. I still remember all the threads about him being washed up or not. Turns out he had a few good years in him and he did a great job as a part of our best unit. Mr. Woody will be missed but I'm sure Callahan will have Turner, Vlad or someone else ready.
  17. see i went the other way on reading that. i thought maybe callahan was gone. That would be some impact right there, he's such a great o-line coach.
  18. i'm in the same contest. i'm in a close 10th...vote for me.
  19. I wasn't thinking this exactly but i am losing my drive to watch pro-sports anymore. Football is the last one I pay attention to in any degree and even this...idk. Talking with friends about who i would have cheared for had the Jets met the Packers in the super bowl, i clearly said Jets but would have wanted to watch in solitary...as i think about it more, i actually like the packers roster more than the jets but it's something about the laundry. Is it just me or is it really hard to chear for Cromartie, Taylor, Holmes (with all his first down antics and everything else)...idk, i just don't like the players that much anymore.
  20. We were getting blown up in the first half. What was really impressive to me was how the Jets blew that off in the second half and actually became more physical than the steelers. I was so impressed with Sanchez and the defense's resolve to not quit. So many other teams would have quit in that situation.
  21. gotta go with the DVR. It's the only way to watch with all these damn commercials anymore.
  22. Smith has played pretty well but having watched the divisional round again, i can't help but notice to serious blow we were dealt when smith missed a tackle on Branch. It was third and long and smith missed pretty badly, branch turned and got the first. As well as smith has played on most snaps, that was a seriously big mistake...i just hope he doesn't waver this week. Gotta cheer for the big ten guys!
  23. it's a forum...the older posts are pretty easy to read.
  24. I love it when you attack the poster, who makes more than a few valid posts, and not actually attack what he was saying. If i were you, i'd throw up a white flag, admitt defeat and try not to be made a fool of by dom next time...jmo
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