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  1. I know most of you bums live out east and the houses are pretty overblown in terms of prices but that usually means your wages will be higher than say...wisconsin. So i think the question is valid. Why don't more couples or just people in general make more of a point in paying off their mortgage? I know the tax benefit of writing off the interest you you spend in a given year, as you can do with the taxes, but if you really need to write-off to get in a lower tax bracket, why not write a check to the boys and girls club or the humane society? To my knowledge it is the same write-off (correct me if i'm wrong here). Anyway, i'm spending every extra dollar i make to pay the mortgage off because it just seems to make too much sense...living for free or pulling straight profit (minus expenses of course) on my duplex seems like a pretty safe bet. I'm interested to know someone else's thought process as to WHY NOT pay the thing off?
  2. after he got busted he came back and go hurt. Roids causes serious problems with your joints so any time one of these guys (the a-roids of the world included) get off roids and go clean...you can count the days to the next injury. The dude is done. He was drafted on the pretense he was on roids, had he been off it through his college days and of course his combine, he would have been drafted in the second half of the draft if at all. It's no wonder he was in the tops in bench press and 40 yard dash time...nobody that size reports those combine numbers unless there is something amiss. He's a product of roids, nothing more.
  3. this guy is such a joke. As soon as he was off the juice he gets off the juice he is garbage. I have no idea why people still think he is good. He would never have been good in the first place had it not been for his drugs. Total garbage, he deserves to be cut. I hope this hack is forced to find a real job.
  4. i can't believe people actually want this roid freak. The guy was a product of roids, when he was off them, he has been absolutely worthless.
  5. When he was on roids you mean. The guy was only good when he was on the juice...average to below average off the stuff. i still think the Chargers should go after some of that money they gave him when he was drafted...they drafted Roid-merriman but ended up getting a roidless-bum once he was caught. I don't think there is a player in the league i dislike more than merriman.
  6. there were a couple new ones, that's for sure. I'm sure they'll fade back into obscurity after this season or the next. Can't wait for next year...yawn...
  7. Season is too long...everyone knows who will be in playoff contention before the season starts anyway...
  8. This is a rough matchup for the Vikings. Favre doesn't have the receivers to even try to attack our secondary with but as always, we will probably struggle to defend their tightend. I like the idea of us just stuffing the box and daring Favre to attack our secondary. As always, if you make the opposition one dimensional, you'll have a much better chance to win. The one thing that scares me is how good their front seven is...it will be very tough to move the ball if Sanchez doesn't have another good game.
  9. That mean you are not a Dylan fan? Come on! they can't all have great voices!
  10. for the sake of humanity i hope this is true...how much longer can hip hop seriously last???
  11. I'm not goning to look it up, but it felt like half of the third down conversions were penalties. Usually penalties can get laid on the coaches for not being prepared but in this instance, you had a rookie and a new player getting picked on that were called. I have to give them a pass on that one...JMO...Wilson and Cromartie will play better.
  12. No doubt. Can you imagine what the defense had to have been saying in the lockeroom afterwards?
  13. That was one of the best defensive preformances I have ever seen in green and white. The whole second half, I kept saying, they're going to break, they've been out there too long, they're going to break. It never happened. I have no idea how a unit can play for 3 quarters of a game and still give up basically nothing on the ground or through the air (despite constant penalties). The Jets' front seven is as good as any team in the NFL. They're corners are the same, despite having a bad day. Everyone new Wilson was going to get picked on, it's his first game, he'll come around. Amazing defense, I have certainly not lost hope. ...Now...if we can just get Harris to throw Schotty in a locker everygame, we'll be fine.
  14. It's a reference to blackout being gay and how he thinks rap sucks. Stupid Thor...get with the times.
  15. drago

    Revis PC

    revis can blow me. I'm done chearing for that bum.
  16. Never thought I'd see the day where a player would sit out rather than make a playoff run. He make John Abraham look like the best teammate in NFL history.
  17. Throwing Richardson out wide is trying to see if they are in a zone or not. If they are in zone, then the D wastes a cover corner on a useless full back. If it's man, then you open up lanes for a run play. in either event, you are right...he's not getting the ball unless they don't cover him at all...
  18. Ohhhh i sat through it alright. I really like all the creepy "drugged out" beatle tunes. Got any beatle trivia on Flying Van Doug?? (i don't, merely asking)
  19. I love the number 7 pick. Great list...i'll go with... 1. Sexy Sadie 2. Helter Skelter 3. A Day in the Life 4. I Want You/She's so Heavy 5. You Never Give me Your Money 6. Flying 7. Come Together 8. I'm Only Sleeping 9. For You Blue 10. Don't Let me Down i could go on forever. Love the Beatles!
  20. Diablo II Expansion owes me two years of college. I just need to find out how to bill them properly.
  21. Except your stats don't prove anything. Funny how you ignore Sperm Edwards' facts about Jones averaging less than 3 ypc against top defenses. Funnier still that you think the RB is the sole reason for any and all yards gained.
  22. I love your arguing style. Attack the poster, not the things he is saying. Anyone that has watched Jones runs can tell he is an average player. Anyone that has watched a half of football can further tell that the run blocking is generally more important than the running back. Jones is good at staying healthy, he is good at not fumbling. What he is not good at is what makes RB's good and great...breaking tackles and being elusive. I didn't mind the guy when he was here, I just always wanted an explosive player at that position.
  23. lol, i was thinking the same thing. I had never actually heard of USC until we drafted Sanchez...thank god for the Jets or I wouldn't even have known there were other divisions in the NFL.
  24. I like his comments. He's basically complimenting Revis. He's saying Revis is the best and he is trying to 'be' the best. What's wrong with that? You have to give it to him though, it would be a fun matchup to watch.
  25. That is the best description I have heard of them yet. Their fans are probably worse. Reading their forums last year was insane. One girl said (and the rest of the forum agreed) that "Revis can't be that good because the receiver knows where he is going and the CB doesn't. There's no way Revis can cover Jackson." I wasn't shocked that i read it but utterly stunned that multiple people agreed.
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