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  1. Wow, they get defensive quick. Every year you have a few small market teams make a push. Their 'push' tends for one or two seasons (save the Twins, they clearly have one of the best front offices in US sports to keep winning without money) and then they fade away for 5 to 10 seasons. Makes for long seasons if your team isn't in the middle of their 'push'. Oh well, it's a 5 team race most years and this year is no different. Carry on...
  2. How do the Brewers and Pirates get in this league???? I'm game for breaking up the MLB!
  3. Small market clubs get there shot every 10 to 20 years. Brewers had theirs when they had sabathia. Now it's just back to the dark ages for another 20 years. No way we can keep fielder, we were lucky to keep Braun. Now the count down is for when Gallardo's contract is up. We had our shot...Time to get back to being destroyed year in and year out.
  4. Makes me sick that teams can't hold on to their talent. Crawford's such a great player, i'd hate to see him switch teams...what a joke.
  5. I don't mind their insight. A lot of what those people have to say is stuff i don't know...I mean, they don't generally spout off about the Beatles...which most people know about...it usually new stuff to me....Maybe i'm just ignorant...
  6. Always been a fan of Going to California and That's the Way.
  7. I was thinking the same. It's hard to say i'm a fan of 'neutral milk hotel' ...just cause of the name...same with 'spoon' and the 'melvins'...IMO
  8. I hear ya. When i first heard them i couldn't tell if i was going to really like them or get tired of his voice. So far, i really like him. It's sort of the Bob Dylan complex, if you can accept his voice and listen to the words...an obessions begins. That's what the guy told me when i was trying to buy a CD of theirs. From what I heard, it is an interesting back story. Maybe he'll come to summerfest some time. I won't hold my breath though...
  9. Anyone else a fan? As always, I am slow to jump on the train but I just love this band, can't get enough of them. Anyone catch them in concert?
  10. I was expecting a vacum cleaner and a dishwasher. This thread sucks.
  11. was that a mistake swing or on purpose??? Doesn't Barkley play a ton of golf??
  12. I liked that article. Well done mr. manhole.
  13. You can have some solace that this allows another player that wants to be on an NFL roster more than anything has a better chance with this arrest. Russell doesn't deserve to play in the NFL, good riddence.
  14. drago


    Sure do! This is downtown madison during Halloween.
  15. drago


    You're confusing your stories. I said thank you when you held the door but not when you gave me that weak reach around. Give me some white knuckle next time, your ****'s getting old Thor.
  16. drago


    I see people holding doors quite often. Although I do live in the midwest...perhaps there is a correlation?
  17. i like charjason and ******* (pronouned- Ash-hol-a)...I've seen them both in milwaukee. Sweet names.
  18. I was thinking the same thing when it came on. When i heard of it first hand it wasn't a big deal, then you hear what the team had to go through and Escobar in particular...terrible situation for the players and coaches.
  19. I saw the Escobar one...i didn'tknow there was so much to it. To get enough threats to actually bench a starter is crazy...
  20. Leon is a Jet. This does not sit well with me.
  21. Agreed. As a soccer ref/coach/player the goal taken away from Dempsey for offside was a ref's nightmare. It was a quick rebound and quick shot/pass while dempsey leaned into an offside position. It's easy to look at the tape and say he was onside...but holy crap...that was a bang bang play for a ref that was 40 yards away. I don't fault him for it, that stuff happens a lot in soccer.
  22. whoops, thinking about baseball. IMO, it's ruined that sport, seems that football is next to go.
  23. Good for AJ Smith. The players union is way too strong and will be the undoing of this whole league.
  24. i thought this was a joke...especially when he said he was in the 1% of the guys there that were not d-bags....then as i read on...i became more confident that he was actually serious. And for this...i vote this the worst thread of all time.
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