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  1. Saw that on Tosh.0...what a waste of human life.
  2. the curtis martin of baseball....errr...similar at least.
  3. Nothing about Rhodes, Clemens or Pennington....No more SOJ.
  4. haha, sort of what I was thinking. Had i responded I really wanted to ask him why Deion Sanders and Chris McAllister were paid at all if nobody stands a chance against a receiver that knows where they are going. The whole experience was just wild. I had no idea people had that little ability to think about such a simple game as football.
  5. I was trolling too. I read a post that said a corner does not have a chance against a wide receiver because the wide receiver knows where he is going and the corner does not. I don't know that I was so perturbed by the statement or by the fact that the rest of the fans thought it was a viable point.
  6. amazing show. I still i don't think the final frame of the last episode was what it seemed to be...We will be seeing Gail again...
  7. good to see a fresh team on top of the AL East.
  8. You make a good point that he's not an early first but I still just don't feel it with him. I don't have exact stats to back this but it seems to me that the players that are from big time programs that fall in the draft tend to fall from the NFL. When teams take gambles on lesser known guys from smaller programs, in the later rounds, you have a much better chance at a diamond in the rough. Leon goes a bit against this grain but FSU was not a power house and Leon was not the starter for his senior season (if memory serves). Hense the gamble and decent pay off with him as a player. I think about it this way...McKnight had all the chances in the world to wow the scouts and prove that he was the reason USC was so good...but he didn't. With all that notarity and all those chances to prove his worth, he was still a fourth rounder or maybe later had the Jets not picked him. What happens if he had played for Chadron State? or some other small program? The kid would probably have been a 7th rounder or a walk on at best. Just my two cents...
  9. I really don't get the feeling that this guy can hack it in the NFL. Something about his running style tells me he does not have what it takes. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. I said Mangold. Give the line some credit, it's our best unit and flesh and blood of this team.
  11. maybe you'll have prince fielder by the end of the year. Problem solved.
  12. Yup. No one thinks of them when giving credit to influences (aside from the bands themselves)...The Pixies were just outstanding...one of the few truly progressive bands (IMO) in the 80s.
  13. wow...nice, thanks for the heads up SFJ. I will more than find time for one of these shows!
  14. drago


    Exactly. Everyone wants to say that there was some stud we missed out on but there wasn't anyone slated in the top 6 outside of the guys that were taken. I personally wanted Sedrick Ellis but taking him at 6 would have been a major reach, despite him actually being taken the following pick. Clearly it would have been nice to take Mayo but the Patriots reached on him at 10. Harvey was another guy that would have been possible but did not fit the 34 defense in terms of size. Had we done the draft over, the only thing we could hope to go different would be the Raiders or Chiefs taking Gholston, leaving us Darren McTackled or Dorsey. Either way we were screwed.
  15. "just say it, you don't have to mean it"... ****ing awesome.
  16. I have DLJ and someone else...i was sort of told to and it has been a lot more peaceful for me ever since.
  17. I understand completely, I really don't understand what makes a male attractive...good thing chicks like the penis or we'd be in deep ****. I love the he/she stories...lol, i think it would freak out to the point of not being able to talk if i were hit on by a he/she....
  18. I would have to say it was the finger in the back door...holy ****. Took me a couple of weeks to recover. Fortunately, I have never come acrossed a tranny or just a flat out drag queen. Anyone care to share an expereience with a tranny? You know, someond you didn't outright know was gay and you boned them anyway... Now I have read a stat more than a few times that something like 40% of males have had a gay experience...so come clean...I know the mods of the world are out in the open air...but the rest of you; 124, Green Beans, GG, Thai Jet, Southern Jet, joebaby...come clean homos. Come clean.
  19. when will mcdonalds deliver? Bastards.
  20. Never understoodt he addictive side of it...my friends and i use it to organize soccer games, small gatherings...things like that. i think it's useful, no complaints.
  21. When Bryan Thomas forced that fumble against Addai in the title game, I really thought the Jets had the game. That was a major point in their season but it never came full circle because the Jets punted, then manning took them down 80 yards in 45 seconds for a TD...had the Jets scored on that possession they'd be wearing SB rings right now.
  22. Exactly. If you wanted a roll model, you would be hard pressed to not want to follow Martin. He was an above average running back, did some good things for the Jets, I would have rather had a more explosive runner but we may have that in Greene.
  23. I'm cheering for Slauson. No problems with the rookie but it would be great to prove we got a steal for our second year player, allowing Vlad to sit and watch a year. A team can never have enough solid o-linemen.
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