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  1. 2 hours ago, Tony The Wiz said:

    No, I guarantee you I am no way I am this person you are talking about. But I wished I had that clout that this person has. Maybe the Jets would of never drafted Mark Sanchez, Dee Milner, Vernon Ghoulston, Dexter Mcdougle, Geno Smith and Christian Hackenberg. 

    I for one believed CBNY,AKA Tony the Wiz,was one of the better posters on Jet Insider. I think his posts here are very good. 

  2. Sorry Jetcane but this is such a terrible argument its like I'm reading something DWC would type....

    Chad Pennington is 31 and has no room for improvement. KC and Leon are both going into their second year and we have no idea what their ceiling is. Thats the difference.

    Jetcane's argument makes sense.Leon couldn't run against the Giant's first defense beacuse our Ol stunk it up. Pennington couldn't get anything going because the OL was doing nothing to protect him.

    Ware and Clemens played well against the Giant's second team defense.

    Not comparing apples to apples.

  3. Absolutely.

    And although TJ is an upgrade at rb, the biggest reason why the Jets had trouble running the ball last season was the OL.

    Last night Leon had what, 6 yds on 7 carries against the first string D?

    Doesnt matter who the skill position players are. If the guys in the trenches cant get it done, it's an uphill battle.

    Jetcane, I am in total agreement with your reasoning. If the OL doesn't do it's job, it doesn't matter who the RB or QB are.

  4. 124, although we're in the minority,I'm with you on going for the field goal at that point but I see Mangini's thinking. You need to score as many points as you can to beat the Colts. I like Mangini's aggressive go for the jugular approach.

    I am however disappointed with the defense. Will they ever be able to stop the run? How about stopping Manning on his last drive when we really needed to?

  5. Or maybe you should read the article... or watch the game:

    Not exactly "after the ball is long gone."

    It's the NFL making QBs a bunch of pussies. Might as well wear skirts. Pennington and all other QBs should just man up and take the hits.

    I saw the play. The rules are there to protect the QB. I guess some believe that Palmer and Culpepper are real men.

    I know PFTX likes to bust chops , but if Bradyback was the one who got hit, we would be hearing a different tune.

  6. For the love of mercy, now we have GOB on the delusional PennyBoy bandwagon.

    Since when are NFL seasons just 2 games long?:eek:

    You couldn't wait to see if he can play in 16 games, consistently perform like he did the first two weeks, and more importantly, lead the Jets to some clutch wins in the playoffs (WC game doesn't count) before annointing him some savior?.

    Pat, you are the last guy I thought would ever be snookered after just two games.

    Doesn't matter. Many thought he could never play a series again. Get the running game going and he'll be fine.

  7. What should be really addressed is , why does Mangini insist on using the 3-4 defense , when he has the personnel for the 4-3? Why not mix both?

    Mangini keeps saying that he will be playing to the strenghs of his players, but it's just talk. Robertson and Vilma are suited for the 4-3 and it is my belief that the defense would be a lot better against the run, if the 4-3 was used.

  8. cane did you see anything out of 82 (rasby) today anything to impress..considering he was the other new guy maybe you were looking for him

    some notes from today

    eric coleman made a great int on a tipped pass from ramsey

    bollinger threw a int to dave ball

    mario hill working with the 1st teamers

    ramsey ran a really good 2 minute drill

    wallace wright unable to catch clemens pass with no one covering (after the session those 2 were doing extra work)

    some autograph notes

    got terry butler and james dearth,mike westoff

    ******* of the day d-brik he signed like 10 autographs by the fence PROMISED he would be right back...was talking to some guy for like 20 min and then he left

    cane and green and white considering tomorrow is the last day if you want to meet up somewhere by hofstra i will pm you my phone number

    What's with Ferguson and signing autographs? This is not the first time he's done that.

    Anyway JR128, my garage door is broken and I have someone coming down tomorrow between 1 and 5. If I'm lucky ,I'll be their first call. If thats the case I'll be looking for you and Cane.

  9. Hey Jetcane. Iwas looking for you today,but you're right , too many little Jet fans all over the place. I saw a few MILF's (lol).The Hendrix

    tune ( it was Fox Lady right?) had me dancing too.

    Anyway, I thought Leon did very well today.Do you think it makes Houston expendable ? Nuge was kicking them into the end zone. It looks like he's gotten used to the balls they use in the NFl for kickoffs, much heavier than the ones used in college.

    I didn't see anything that stood out in todays practice. Tomorrow is the last day for the public I think. I'll try to make it.

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