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  1. Hi KS. It was the best throw I've seen thrown by Chad during TC. It had zip and accuracy, and it went 40 yards!!!
  2. Hey JetCane. I was at TC also. I loved the 40 yd CP pass to McCareins. I thought Mc looked good today for a change, no drops. Loved your MILF comment.
  3. I don't believe you were wrong Troll. He is very physical and one of our better tacklers. If Romeo uses him as a safety, I think he got himself a good player. As a CB though, he just doesn't have the speed needed in this league. I believe I read somewhere that Mangini would have used him at the safety position and not as a corner. We have talent at safety which made him expendable.
  4. Derrick is a great physical tacler but does not have great speed. I don't know if his foot injury had anything to do with his lack of speed. Suggs needs to stay healthy. If he does I think it's a good deal for us.
  5. JetCane, love your post. It was a pleasure meeting you today at TC. I'm acclimating myself at Jet Nation, and like you said I would, I like it here. See you around.
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