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  1. Funny that you mention his arm. I am on the sidelines of all Jets home games. Anyhow, Sam threw a ball away after getting flushed from the pocket, and it hit Jamal right in the hip flexor. From the look on Jamal's face, that throw was pretty darn hard, and had plenty of arm strength behind it. Haha! Sam is one heck of a special talent, IMHO.
  2. This is the worst it has ever been in my entire life of watching the Jets. I sincerely hope that the Johnsons get tired of football and sell this team. What a bad time to be a fan.
  3. I cant believe I'm going to say this, but I miss Schottenheimer. That's how sh*tty our offense has been for close to a decade. It's just one game, but it all looks so familiar.

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