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  1. Progress. That's all that I expect and hope to see. What final form that progress takes is up in the air, and is the fun part of watching the games over the course of the season. Who knows what might happen? Heck, if the Knicks can experience such a great turnaround (currently in 4th place in the east, and a lock for the playoffs) in such a short time... why can't the Jets? My expectations after the draft are progress, and dare I say... hope.
  2. Ahh... sorry. Too early in the morning to spell correctly, apparently. Haha. No fireman here. Just some lowly IT guy.
  3. I used to live, breathe, and sleep Jets football. Over the last 10 years, excluding a brief flash in the pan in 2015, I've become numb to it. They suck. I hope that one year they will start to develop some young and exciting players, but I'm not holding my breath. I watch the games. Heck, I'm payed to watch the home games. But, I think that if Gase continues past this year, I'll stop.
  4. I thought 8 - 8. I honestly thought that Gase was horrible, but Darnold would see some success behind better o-line play, and Bell would return to form. Obviously, I'm an idiot.
  5. Funny, I heard that exact thing muttered on the Denver sideline tonight.
  6. Gase has a much more complete body of work to reference than Darnold. Every game spent with Gase is wasted opportunity to see what we have in Darnold. I'm not sold on Sam either way, but I think the most prudent course of action is to give him an effective offensive coach. He hasn't had that here. Gase makes Bates look competent at this point. That says something.
  7. Funny that you mention his arm. I am on the sidelines of all Jets home games. Anyhow, Sam threw a ball away after getting flushed from the pocket, and it hit Jamal right in the hip flexor. From the look on Jamal's face, that throw was pretty darn hard, and had plenty of arm strength behind it. Haha! Sam is one heck of a special talent, IMHO.
  8. This is the worst it has ever been in my entire life of watching the Jets. I sincerely hope that the Johnsons get tired of football and sell this team. What a bad time to be a fan.
  9. I cant believe I'm going to say this, but I miss Schottenheimer. That's how sh*tty our offense has been for close to a decade. It's just one game, but it all looks so familiar.
  10. I've noticed a few questionable posts, but as always, it all gets figured out. I think the Mods do an excellent job here. I still can't believe that I've been lurking on this board for 12 years now. Haha! Anyhow, hope that all of you are doing well! This year was tough. Hopefully next year is a turnaround year for us. It was no fun, after a while, having to drive to MetLife every Sunday to watch the Jets lose again and again. Again, thanks for all that you guys do over here! -Dan
  11. It's been a long time since I posted. Hope everyone is doing awesome! This season looks to be a bit better than the last two, I hope! Anyhow, I have a few friends and family (including my children) coming to the game, and was hoping to have them hook up with some fellow Jets fans for the tailgate, or at least find some cool things to do in the parking lot. I'll be at the game, too, but I'm working it. So, I'll be stuck inside. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.
  12. I've been lurking... Back in NY now... And it's great! How are you?
  13. My name is Dan. I'm really small. I grew up on LI, lived in FL and MN. Now, I've been living in Brooklyn for almost 2 years. I've been on JN since 06, I believe. I haven't posted much in years. I'm still waiting for the Jets to have decent QB play. Fitz was a decent surprise last year.... Anyhow, how's it going fellas? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. You're a good guy TX... I can't believe that was almost 6 years ago.
  15. Well... I made it. Phil, if you're around, I'd love to finally meet you... I'm the extremely tall white dude... Go Jets!
  16. What's the tailgate situation? I haven't been on here in a very long time, but now that I'm living back in Brooklyn... I'm also going to my first game at MetLife. I'd love to meet some of the people that I've gotten to know on here over the years..,
  17. allegedely I see nothing has changed around here....
  18. Regardless of what happens with Cro, you gotta appreciate his growth in maturity during his time with the Jets.
  19. This sucks. It really does. Sanchez, through all of his flaws, was a "take the high road" kind of guy. This does not help the situation. I was a big Sanchez apologist, as I am with all Jets QB's, but this doesn't help him too much with his next team. Having said that... He regressed. He was managed poorly, by the front office with their lack of attention to talent on O, and by the coaches. Coulda Woulda, Shoulda... It's time to move on. I hope for him the best, but this most certainly will not help his stock as a company guy. Which is part of the reason he would be appealing to ano
  20. I'm not even sure where I could find this information, but I would be curious to see what MM's record (as a coordinator/coach) is against BB's record. That might give us a little better insight into the game tonight.
  21. I can say without hesitation... Today will be a very unproductive day at work. Let's Go Jets! Beat the snot out of the Patsies!
  22. I am, somewhat. I saw a few things from Milliner that led me to believe that his mistakes are fixable. Revis wasn't all that his first year. While I don't expect Milliner to be Revis, I expect him to be better than Wilson, and Wislon isn't really all that bad.
  23. Good point. I think (and I realize that this is mostly speculation, due to a small sample size) that our LBers are better. our safeties are not as good, but I think that the net effect is a positive if you incorporate the D-line improvements. A better d-line will have the effect of hiding some of our deficiencies in the safety position. That being said, I think that our defense is actually better than it was last year.
  24. Like most games, this week will come down to turnovers. I believe that our D can force some turnovers against the Pats O, I'm just not so sure that our rookie QB will be able to prevent turnovers from our offense. If Geno holds on to the ball, and does not commit a turnover... we win. I really think it's that simple. I like the way our D matches up against this injury riddled version of NE offense. It's all about protecting the ball. On defense, you have to remember that it has historically been NE's tight ends that have given us fits during the Rex era. Also, we are better against
  25. 2013 NY Jets... Fat girls They need lovig too! Ha ha
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