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  1. T'was the night before gameday, and all on the net Millions were asking, is Mark Sanchez gone yet. The Jets fans were humbled, by the seasons before. While slowly realizing that Woody's a whore. He had used them and lied, like most often owners will. While handing the Jets fans a reason to feel rather ill. The season was lost, much sooner than it began. Yet Idzik was saddled with a not so sure Rex Ryan. Mark would soon sulk on the sidelines with no care. While many Jet fans discussed the band upon his hair. No Hotdogs, no buttfumbles, no Flight boys, no Bart Scott.
  2. I predict that the Jets will give us false hope at some point in the season, and the board will erupt. I predict that the following week they will fail miserably and no less than 20 posters will claim that they are finished with the Jets (myself included). The week after that, everyone who claimed they were done with the Jets will be back.
  3. Tommy Bohannon. I want to see how he is utilized in MM's offense.
  4. Rexrection, Woody Johnson.... ghey, every last one of you. Not that there is anything wrong with that....
  5. I really can't see myself watching this for the whole season.
  6. Thor convinced me to switch over, then he convinced me to join this site instead of spending my time on JI. Somebody was a winner in that scenario.
  7. Whatever they choose to do with Geno is fine by me. There are all sorts of examples of QB's who got it right away, and QB's who sucked right away. I have faith that Geno will be a very good QB for the Jets. I don't care when that happens.
  8. I think Rex will be fine, and get signed to an extension.
  9. My son was born a little over 6 years ago. I made him a Jets fan, and now he has diabetes. When my daughter was born, I first tried to make her a Jets fan, but she opted for dolls instead. I let her play with the dolls instead of watch the Jets. She doesn't have diabetes. Just sayin'
  10. I am highly disappointed in this thread. I surely thought there would be a phallic symbol, JiF, and homophobic diatribe in this thread. Oh well.
  11. Max and Coutney podcast >>> Menudo, but not by much...
  12. They said that big things were coming to JN. This was days ago. I've been laying awake, waiting, waiting, waiting for days. This kind of reminds me of that time that I got the front row tickets for Menudo. Spill the beans... The anticipation is killing me!
  13. What's this big news that Jetnation posted on Facebook? and yes, I started a separate thread for this...
  14. Give me your address and I'll send you a Brady jersey... lol
  15. Happy Birthday Crusher. As my brother once pointed out to me, a few years back.... you do realize that your birthday is the only one that people count down the last 10 seconds and cheer when it's over.... glad to share a birthday with you, big guy.
  16. I think we have a chicken and egg scenario here... Fact is that the offense was never really a concern with this regime (be it continuity on the OL, WR's or the play calling and schemes) Schotty is a piss poor OC, Sparano is worse. Our Oline was dominant in run-blocking, never in pass protection, but even that deteriorated over the last few seasons. The WR's were the best when you had Edwards, Holmes, and Cotchery... not really world beaters, but the best we have had here. Add in the fact that the entire time Sanchez has been here, he was asked to manage games, and you have a lot of
  17. Oh, the LNC! Time to get it going again...
  18. Yes? No? There's gotta be something to get us through the season, and impending off-season from hell...
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