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  1. Well, since you put it like that... excuse me while I go off myself. What the hell is wrong with these guys? Rex needs to quit sniffing toes. It's causing brain damage.
  2. I agree with everything you have said here... BUT Even if Holmes is a better receiver overall, is he better paired with Sanchez or would Edwards have been. In hindsight, not signing Edwards at the time seems as though it definitely was the right move. This is due to his injuries which is next to impossible to have speculated at the time. My point is this, I think Edwards is a better receiver when paired with Sanchez than Holmes. This is due to the way in which they play the position. Edwards is fast, tall, can jump, etc... He would be much more useful reeling in errant throws than Holm
  3. I'd love the signing, if it were to happen. I thought Braylon had a good rapport with Sanchez, and he seemed to compensate for some of Mark's off target throws. I preferred Edwards over Holmes, and I still do... at least with Mark Sanchez as the QB. Saying that... No way they do it. It would make too much sense. The Jets FO doesn't like making sense. They like to be tricky... so tricky, that they trick themselves right out of the playoffs.
  4. I, unfortunately wasted my Sunday afternoon. I'm not very happy with my decision. Sure, they won. However, this team plays some of the most uninspired football that I have ever witnessed. You made the right choice.
  5. Sanchez -3, Jags 0, The rest of the Jets 0.... Let's see who wins this game.
  6. ugh! I used to be a positive, green kool-aid drinking fan. This regime has ruined me. What buffoons!
  7. I thought that a prerequisite for being a Jet fan was having no memory... It keeps the history of ineptitude at bay
  8. I wish. I'm stuck up in MN, supposed to get our first snow. I haven't been to a game since the last time we all hooked up, six years ago.
  9. At this point you have to try anything... Whether or not Sparano is capable/willing is a whole other story..
  10. I clicked on this thread thinking that I could find advertisements for discreet escorts... You mean that you all actually have sex with your spouse? Crazy!
  11. That 41-0 drubbing was a bitch... at least we had fun with you and Klecko
  12. Cool! We're the Ron Jeremy's of the NFL. Lots of swagger, and still no accomplishments that the mainstream can appreciate...
  13. BUT BUT BUT, He's a master with the Cap!!!
  14. My point is this, from a purely entertainment perspective... Let's say Sanchez goes out there and beats JAX, like he should... where do we stand after that? Now let's say McElroy goes out there and beats JAX, where do we stand after that? For purely entertainment purposes, which is all that I feel we have left for this year, McElroy starting would be much more enjoyable than Sanchez starting. We're not winning a free sandwich this year, let alone a playoff game... At least give us some damn entertainment.
  15. Good points. I'm not so sure that the people involved know much about anything at this point, but then again they get paid to work in the NFL and I don't. Something needs to change. This much, we all know. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what we have with McElroy. We tried it the other way. Those results aren't too impressive. And those results were in direct relation to the decisions of "everyone involved"...
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the article about the actions and not words of this regime? Does Sanchez give us the best chance to win? Did he against Arizona? Are we a ground and pound offense? If so, doesn't accuracy and minimizing turnovers play a bigger role in that sort of offense? Either I'm missing the point that you're trying to make, or you're missing the point of the article, IMO...
  17. I still don't know why they traded for Tebow. That move makes zero sense to me. However, once they pulled the trigger on it, I had no choice but to wait and see. In hindsight, they should have stood pat after they signed Stanton. They also never should have made a push for Manning, Nnamdi, etc. They should have addressed the needs of WR, OL, LB, etc.... It just seems like the Jets are not motivated by winning, they are motivated by selling headlines... Quite honestly, I'm just sick of it all. Tannenbaum has gotten us into this mess, he needs to go. WTF would you fire Schotty to pick Spara
  18. I didn't necessarily take his comments as meaning that Tebow could save the team. I thought it was just another indictment of poor planning on the Jets decision to trade for him... I don't think that Tebow would save them either. I just think that there is an apparent case of myopic decision making involved with the Jets decisions...
  19. I think this article hits the nail right on the head... http://www.nfl.com/n...ack-of-planning Mark Sanchez, New York Jets doomed by lack of planning By Jeff Darlington Reporter, NFL.com and NFL Network Published: Dec. 5, 2012 at 11:19 a.m. In his attempt to explain the unexplainable -- a three-way quarterback competition during Week 14 of a 17-week season -- New York Jets coach Rex Ryan dug deep into his near-empty bag Monday to pull out the only line left in a season of failed rhetoric. This decision, he said, would be based on "what gives us the best opport
  20. This Jets team and staff are so hard to root for.
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