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  1. Yet another example of why I think it is never a good idea to bring children to an NFL game. NBA, MLB, even NHL are ok... never an NFL game. I get it, those people paid good money for those seats, voluntarily... I personally think that if you want to hit em wear it hurts, you stay home, don't buy merchandise, don't bother at all. Yelling stuff at players accomplishes nothing, and really makes the person that is yelling look like an ass, in my opinion. Oh well.
  2. This is the worst that I can remember. I hate this freakin team. Does anyone know anything about synchronized "freaking" swimming.? Watching that can't be as bad as this...
  3. Jets 48 Pats 17 Might as well make a bold prediction. That, and I'm already drunk... ha ha
  4. Mangold and Cromartie Those two have been consistently good, and at times dominant!
  5. Being in MN at least gives me the Vikings to be happy for... They have been much more enjoyable to watch than the crap we put up with every week from Sanchez and crew.... Will always be a Jets fan, but these guys suck this year.
  6. Hang in there, all! My heart goes out to all of you back home. Our little hospital donated $5k to the relief efforts, and my wife and I have organized a clothing drive for children who are without clothes due to the great losses suffered. I just want all of you in the northeast to know that the rest of the country is pulling for you. I wish I could do more. Things will get better, and unlike the Jets, you guys actual will rebuild and get back to being on top of the world again... Keep the faith!
  7. So, I suppose those high passes that easily could have been INT's are just forgotten... I know that every NFL QB makes those throws, it's just that Sanchez makes A LOT of them....
  8. I'm sorry... who's hands did the ball slip out of? Yeah, that's crazy. Me blaming him and all.
  9. Complete screw up on an easy TD Safety, because the ball slipped out of his hands Fumble in OT Yeah, the defense and special teams, and Rex lost this
  10. and no one takes the Jets seriously... even you. We might as well give it a shot, unless insanity is your thing
  11. Watching Sanchez regress has been horrible. The kid is not nearly as good as he was in 09 and 10. He plays scared. Tebow is not scared of anyone. I don't think Tebow is the answer, but he is this year. Let's give Tebow a shot. Sanchez lost this game, on his own, with his decisions, Sanchez lost to a Pat's team that begged to be beat. Time for Tebow. I am officially on the Tebow bandwagon. Let Sanchez sit, see what Tebow can do, reassess Tanny and Rex, but move forward. Sanchez is lost. I feel sorry for the kid, but it's a rough business. BRING ON TEBOW!
  12. How many good coaches would you say are in the NFL today? And who are they?
  13. Rex is a bad head coach? Ok, sure... New York Jets' Coaches Records From Wikipedia: # Name Term Regular season Playoffs Awards Reference GC W L T Win%[a] GC W L New York Titans 1 Sammy Baugh ‡ 1960–1961 28 14 14 0 .500 — — — [5] 2 Bulldog Turner ‡* 1962* 14 5 9 0 .357 — — — [6] New York Jets 3 Weeb Ewbank † 1963–1973 154 71 77 6 .481 3 2 1 [7] 4 Charley Winner 1974–1975 23 9 14 0 .391 — — — [8] 5 Ken Shipp* 1975* 5 1 4 0 .200 — — — [9] 6 Lou Holtz* 1976*[c] 13 3 10 0 .214 — — — [10] 7
  14. Tom, c'mon... you're not fooling anyone. We know you raped it anyway. My question is how does a man rape a chihuahua? Actually, nevermind. Some things are better left unknown.
  15. Heck of a game by the defense, the O-Line was great. Shonn looked to have another gear, Sanchez was smart, good play calling... I say it was a great day. We got a W, and that's all that matters. Still, there is life in these Jets. We complain all the time about this team. Today, let's be happy and celebrate! MVP's Greene on O Cromartie on D
  16. Chad Penington was no world beater, but damn... Mark really just doesn't have the backbone to play in this league. I have never seen a poorer performance, more consistently, than what Sanchez puts out there. This season is lost. I just hope that things get better in the near future. When does hoops season start again?
  17. At this point, I am hesitantly optimistic. You make good points. I think that Revis' injury will provide Wilson with just the push that he is going to need in his young career. Hopefully, he turns into what was expected when he was drafted. It's amazing how much Wilson and Sanchez's careers are going to be affected by this one season. We'll see on Sunday.
  18. Oh Padawan... Some of us don't make it a point to post 15 million posts in a day, yet we have been around here for a long, long time... Anybody who is anybody at JN knows that JiF is a closet metrosexual... we still love him anyway, but not in a ghey way.
  19. LOL! This thread needs to keep going. The Monkey vs. The Metro... I predict it all eventually ends with both of them fighting over a banana...
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