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  1. Screw the media! How often are they right? ESPN has to be the worst. Ever since Disney took over, that sports network has gone to crap.
  2. I've decided to go into this season fully aware that I am an idiot and have no idea what the heck the Jets are going to do... That being said, I think we can run with anyone. Revis or no Revis... Hopefully confident Mark shows up today. We shall see what Sparano is all about this week. I expect either a close game, or a Jets blow out of the Steelers. I simply don't see us allowing Pitt to score too much.
  3. Y'all are slacking, when I have to start the gameday thread! Just sayin'
  4. The NY Jets (1-0) take on the Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1) at Heinz Field. Kick Off: 4:25 PM ET TV: CBS Line: Pittsburgh -6 Injuries: Steelers NAME POSITION INJURY WED. THU. FRI. GAME STATUS Dwyer, Jonathan RB Foot DNP FP FP Probable Harrison, James OLB Knee DNP DNP DNP Questionable Hood, Ziggy DE Back LP FP FP Probable Mendenhall, Rashard RB Knee FP
  5. From what I gathered, as an uninformed onlooker, Sanchez looked confident. I hope it continues. If this is Sparano's influence, then that guy deserves a lot of credit. We'll see. Big test for Sanchez on Sunday. Regardless of stats, if he maintains that swagger, then I think we might be on to something... This is the first game that I thought Sanchez played a complete game, in his career.... Just my 2 cents
  6. It's an incredibly small sample size, but it's nice to be on the right side of it. Every year we never really get a good feel for the season until we're about 6 games into it. The prevailing opinion being that the Jets were going to suck this year is what makes this "Statement" Win, all that more enjoyable. I'll remain cautiously optimistic, but at least a day or two more, I am going to revel in the fact that everything is just fine in Jetnation.... if only, just for now.
  7. The 2012 New York Jets would currently lead the league in scoring and touchdowns Rookie Stephen Hill is tied for the league lead in receiving touchdowns. Shonn Greene is #8 in rushing yards. and little Nacho is ranked 6th amongst QB's, ahead of Brady, and leads the league in TD passes. I know it's only one game, but it feels awfully good to be a Jets fan today. So, what gives? Did Mark turn the corner? Is Sparano the answer? What is Tebow's affect, if any? I hope that the positive keeps on coming. Yes, indeed. It is a good day to bleed green!
  8. I give a game ball to Brian Schottenheimer.
  9. Say Kleck and JiF, are you guys still hanging out at the Blue Oyster Club in Jax beach? That was really cool that you suggested that place for us to go after the Jax game in 2006, but I can't say I was digging the show-tunes Karaoke as much as you two. Also, the Village People look-a-likes weren't as exciting for me to see, but at least now I get why you both loved that place so much... Fight the system, guys.
  10. Probably the bright spot of this game....
  11. Ocho, TO, and Plax.... ESPN would explode! Sign these beasts!
  12. this is bad, but it's only preseason bad. I can't wait until we get to see real regular season bad.
  13. I have to say fellas... This is not feeling like a good year. However, that could be why it will be. Let me explain... I am officially off the Sanchez bandwagon. Although I reserve my right to get back on. Also, at this point, I have to apologize to Gato. I thought Schotty was the main issue. He may still be, but I am not confident. I fear that Rex is Buddy Ryan 1.5/ He neglects the offense. This is not good. Tannenbaum has earned my trust, then lost it. Kind of like a night with T0mShane, He liquors you up, then takes adavantage of your fickle trust. I hope this ye
  14. I think the negativity can be a bit much at times, but even still it does add to the conversation. How else would we have such treasure troves of snarky humor. I'm usually pretty positive before the games. Then I start to slowly sour as the game goes on. By the time the games are over, I'm running around like chicken little, and everything sucks... Then I sober up on Monday, and begin the cycle again... Gato nailed it. It's a soap opera... oh well.
  15. Ha ha.. Good point... I didn't mean it as a complaint. Nor do i want anyone to be offended by it. I'm proud of where I grew up. I agree, I think it is much more difficult to just survive in NY.
  16. It's a NY thing, I think. As my time away from NY increases with every day, I realize more and more that there seems to be a disproportionate amount of complaining coming from NYers when compared to elsewhere in the country. Actually, I think that's true for the entire northeast, on second thought.
  17. He tried dunking in, but the rufies wore off... never ran so hard in my life.
  18. Too funny! I remember that idiotic thread... ha ha I don't brag about my "sports" career, because it wasn't anything special at all. However, when somebody brings it up out of nowhere to demean a simple opinion, I feel the need to set the record straight. I was not anything special, but I obviously had "some" sense of playing at a level beyond the typical wannabe at the local high school. People are all different in their make up. I choose to give Coples the benefit of the doubt, because he has done nothing yet to not deserve it. Just my opinion, that is all....
  19. While I didn't make millions in the pro's... Too busy chasing skirt in college. I did manage to break 3 College records for basketball... just sayin' Why? What did you do that gives you so much insight into playing anything at a level past high school? yeah, thought so.... Your opinion is your opinion. Stick with that, before you go calling anyone else out. Thanks.
  20. Some guys just don't get it going in practice like they do on game day. Lord knows, I was one in basketball. What made me a decent baller was that I would get myself pissed off for game days. Then I would take out my anger on the opposing team. Obviously I couldn't do that in practice. Maybe Coples is the same way, who knows?
  21. Very nice. I hope this doesn't mean we need to tone down our posts due to your selling out to the corporate interests. Because if the ghey jokes go away, that's like 65% of the posts... A JN where you can't make fun of JiF, seems like such a desolate place. Please tell me that you retained all creative rights. ha ha
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