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  1. This thread should be renamed "The best of JN" You've got a newbie riling up the natives. You've got Gato standing up for Schotty in his roundabout way. You've got CTM piling on Sanchez. You've got Optimus Primate setting it strait on a troll... You've got JiF professing a man crush on Tebow, and a bunch more... All we need now is for T0MShane to blast Tanney, Max to gay it up a little bit more, and somebody to sexually harass the female posters, and we're set. Great Thread. I love this place!
  2. I really don't put too much on the preseason. However, that was a pretty poor performance. One positive: Coples. As much of a Sanchez supporter as I have been, this kid really needs to show me something. Who knows what will happen, but if last night is ANY indication of the play that we should expect to see, it will be a very long year. Just 1 preseason game. I don't care about the win/loss aspect of the preseason. I care about the performance of the units on the field. Guess we'll just wait and see...
  3. joking. I actually think our offense is putrid. They really sucked. Our starting defense showed signs, but this has the makings of a long year. I wouldn't have it any other way.... Freaking Jets! Oh well, at least we have Jen Sterger to trade pics with... wait? what! Yeah, we're screwed.
  4. Damn! Been around here for over 6 years, and still no respect! All because of post count... I feel like T0mShane, no respect. I tell ya, no respect!
  5. That's hilarious! You almost made me choke on my Chick-fil-a sandwich... joking...
  6. I love Bleeding Green. Great Poster! But in my heart, beer is still my captain... Where was BG when my wife threatened divorce a few years back? I know where beer was. Where was BG when I ran into the school bus of handicapped children? Beer was right by my side then too. And where was BG when I mistakened JiF for a woman and made sweet honey badger love to our resident Metrosexual? Beer was right there too. Of course so was Beer's friend rufies, but whatever. While I am happy to endorse BG as Captain.... I await the day for Beer to get his due. Love live the Captain!
  7. I will ride all the women and make love to all of the horses in the village.
  8. I nominate beer. Why not? Beer is always there to encourage us. Beer is always around during a Jets game. Yep, I nominate Beer.
  9. Congrats slats and Joe.... Great choices! Looks like the mods just added 50 points to the average mod IQ with the addition of slats, and also got a heck of a lot better in the kitchen by adding Joe...
  10. Oh Tannenbaum! I heart Mike T. He is a slightly better than mediocre GM, which makes him a god in Jets' terms...
  11. I now see how JiF was first on the scene with the ESPN pic's of Gronk... it all makes sense now.
  12. Ah ha! You musn't be a long time Jets fan, I see....
  13. About what time on Thursday??? If I'm not going nuts with work, I would be interested... Do I have to use my NY accent, Florida cracker voice or MN accent???
  14. Holy crap! This offseason sucks! No offense to anyone... I just got done reading all 13 pages of this and I'm not quite sure if the right hemisphere of my cranium is still intact or offed itself somewhere around page 9... Reading through this was like watching the Matrix trilogy... at first I thought I knew where it was going, then I was frightened and confused, then I had a couple of laughs, and now I don't know who the hell I even am anymore... At least there's always TomShane and JiF to stir things up with their homoerotic banter...
  15. I second the android app. I don't know if the site works with tapatalk, but that would be cool. Rep comments PoTW and a better tie in with the facebook api. I haven't checked it lately, but a few months ago it seemed kind of buggy. FWIW....
  16. Wow! Another Cimini article, another doom and gloom article. Coincidence? Regardless of the argument he's posing, it has become quite amusing to wonder what negative spin will Cimini find to present to us each day.
  17. Great articles. Losing a mom is not easy, but there is good that comes out of it. I can't believe its been 5 years since I saw mine. Everytime I start to feel sad for the loss of my Mom, I just look at my children, and get right back to be Dad. I hope these guys make the team. It would certainly be good to have such mature young players on the squad...
  18. In 2010, the 49ers were 24th is points scored per game. In 2011, they moved up to 11th. I'll take that sort of improvement anyday.
  19. This thread should be renamed "in honor of National Puppies month"
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