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    I like sports. I like Jets. I like Taco Bell. I like Rum and Coke before a Jets game
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    Not anymore. F#ck You Woody!
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    Woody announcing PSL's
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  1. My seats were under the overhang on field level, so we had TV's above our seats since we couldnt see the whole scoreboard/videoboard. They were showing the tv feed and we saw the replays on how he didnt make it... almost everyone in our section saw it and let out a groan as we were just waiting for the refs to change their mind on the spot of the ball...
  2. Week 14, 1998... Against Seattle. Vinny Testaverde's QB sneak up the middle for the winning td. Down 28-13 and we came back for the win. It was a great game and really gave me the hope that this team was for real and wasn't going to be Same Old Jets
  3. Monday night miracle was great to be at... Never left a game on such a high
  4. For the most part yes, because the jets are normally on at 1pm and the pats (her team) play primetime games. She was shocked though when I told her we were gonna lose when buffalo was driving for their first td
  5. I'm a fan. I may be a negative ****, but I'm still a fan.
  6. Yep. Early enough in the season to catch them off guard
  7. We're going 4-2 in those games. Got to build that false hope before collapsing in the 2nd half.
  8. They're too stupid to realize that they're the reason they got their asses handed to them today. Don't want to tank? Play better.

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