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    I like sports. I like Jets. I like Taco Bell. I like Rum and Coke before a Jets game
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    Sports... stupid messageboards
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    Not anymore. F#ck You Woody!
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    Woody announcing PSL's
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Thank god the draft isn't in NYC anymore

    I give no sh*ts what other fans think of the Jets around the NFL. Neither should you.
  2. What will the attendance be for Sunday's Jet game?

    20,000 fans in attendance. Including the Flight Crew, the players, and the game officials. It will be very grey that day.
  3. Fire Bowles

    thats just the years Im alive.
  4. Fire Bowles

    patience? 42 years isnt patient enough? LOL. This team is terrible, the coaching is terrible. You dont stick with a terrible coach no matter what. Bowles is terrible. Clueless.
  5. Who else is going to the game tonight?

    Nah. Just believers who havent seen the light yet. They'll get there some day
  6. Who else is going to the game tonight?

    well you were right... a little. it wasnt fun. we cant score. But the Colts sure did!
  7. Where is Fitz in 2017?

    Graduate School
  8. Tells ya something about this team
  9. another case of fans know best

    I've yet to meet one. Then again I live in New England.
  10. another case of fans know best

    Fans are morons.
  11. another case of fans know best

    except he didnt use one at the end of the thought
  12. GDT: Colts vs Jets MNF

    Dont blame yourself. Blame the assholes in green who are playing like dogsh*t