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  1. chinese food other than an egg roll is disgusting trash Indian food? Yuck. Thai food? Nah. Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Kaiser roll... the food of God. I want to move back to LI just so i can have a delicious BEC every day again
  2. I've had some really bad of both, and they were far from ok. Terrible isnt even a kind word. And when you have bad pizza and then a bad blowjob, oh my God i wanted my life to be over that night
  3. Being a fan of this franchise already proves we're dumb
  4. No. Plenty of excuses why they suck. Injuries, illness, sh*tty gm fired, need some time, etc. Gase isn't going anywhere.
  5. Sad thing is I'm down 35lbs in the past year and my overall health is still dogsh*t. I find out end of next week how things are 2 months since my last Dr visit
  6. Rivers is a FA after this season... Rivers to Jets. Brady to Chargers
  7. He's going back to Cali... Cali... Cali.. He's going back to Cali...
  8. I stopped believing that when I turned 40. And with my diabetes, high cholesterol, and crippling depression, my days are numbered!

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