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  1. Devil Dog Tighty whities or boxers
  2. God I hope so! Such a disappointing end. Went to a playoff game at Bentley with my niece and nephew and then boom. It's over. I would have loved to see how my Minutemen would have done against northeastern and if BC would have just run everyone over to a championship. UMass had a talented team. Such a shame
  3. Cant be that blatantly obvious. First he needs to start liking twitter posts. Then instagram. Then retweeting them. Then texting Manish that he doesnt like Gase although they both see ghosts. Then tweet about ghosts right up until Halloween when Sam doesnt show up for the flight to KC and his account is "taken over" by the ghosts. Since the trading deadline is Nov 3rd, the Jets will trade Sam on Monday Nov 2nd for a 3rd and a 5th in 2022
  4. Dog drops less deuces than the Jets on a Sunday afternoon
  5. At least Herm sweeps the corners, and holds signs up for his team when they show up to Camp Herm.
  6. Joe is one of the brightest minds in all of football fandom
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