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  1. Not busting on ya too much... just didnt want people to think the state just sat back and did nothing... sure, ALL big business gets huge breaks from state/city/town, and most people have no clue. Pats are no exception. Jets/Giants/Yankees/Mets are no exception. Plus, $70 mil is a drop in the bucket compared to the price of a stadium
  2. Nope. It doesnt matter where they play their games. Why does it matter that we share a stadium??? The only reason anyone ever gives is : because its the Giants... SO???? Yeah, in our own stadium we would be making all of the revenue... but we would be facing a higher cost per ticket, a huge PSL, higher parking (unless its manhattan, then forget about tailgating! You'll have to do that at the train station...) higher concessions, A shared stadium (1 billion dollars for a shared stadium!!!!!!!) cuts costs and maybe shields me from $10,000 per seat PSL's and $300 tickets, plus we sha
  3. http://www.leg.state.mn.us/docs/2004/other/040634/Stadium/www.stadium.state.mn.us/meetings/031209/031209_agenda.pdf I guess that 70 million from the state for "infrastructure" doesnt count.... I give Kraft kudos for doing what he did, even if he is a mush mouth Check out the link... great info on stadium financing and public vs private funding. And yes, many Jet fans (including myself) will be in for a HUGE shock... http://www.baltimoreravens.com/tickets/seasonTickets.jsp According to the Ravens, if I had comparable seats in Baltimore, the price is the sam
  4. Jets fans NEVER stay until the end of the game... whether we are good or bad. At least 10 seats around me were occupied by non-regulars, and what a surprise... they left early. At least the 2 Texans fans sitting in front of me were cool and enjoyed the experience and stayed until the end. I am sick and tired of Jets fans leaving early, selling their tickets, bitching about where/name/color. etc. of the stadium. I live in Massachusetts and I make every game, including preseason. I stay until the game is over because I paid a lot of money to be there and I love my team. In my section
  5. A Lot of work ??? Huh? You need a good young defense and a good QB, good RB, good WR, and a line to hold up fat guys... Jets have a decent Defense and improving... Jets have a good QB Jets dont have a good rb... area to improve- 1 player Jets have a good wr- Coles/McCairnes/Jerricho Tpke.- they arent T.O. but do a good job. Jets line- Young but have 2 rookies who will be better through the course of the year and in the future. The Jets will compete for the division next year as the Pats look up and wonder wha' happen??? Sure there are ????? Can Chad stay health
  6. I like being on the bottom... less effort. Anyway... How are you better this year????? 1 game does not make a season. You barely beat a mediocre team... We barely beat a mediocre team. Only difference? We are expected to be mediocre! You are expected to be in the playoffs... Best of luck Sunday. I want to win just to see your reaction... but I'm sure it will just be excuses (referees.. penalties..no wr's.. kraft is a drunk idiot...) You win and a tip of the hat to ya and we fall to 1-1...
  7. Yep... the PATS won 3 in 5 years... No denying it... no excuses... but that is in the past... it has no bearing on this season or this game. New season, new players... I feel sorry for ya... really do... you dont see the writing on the wall that its over... Good luck sunday. You win... you gloat... we win... we gloat (and Pats fans make excuses)
  8. I'll be there... section 131... row: better you dont know... Live in Mass and make the drive for every home game (as long as there is no blizzard) Already told work dont expect me until noon on monday...
  9. Thank God I was at that game and didnt get to see Joe make an @ss of himself live on TV... What about when Bob Kraft made an @ss of himself when they were unfurling one of their banners and he was slurring his speech... Much larger audience than Namath... People in the stadium had no idea what Joe did, but everyone in the country saw Kraft at his worst...Was as wasted as Joe was... I thought he was doing a bad impression of Mayor Menino..... Does everyone in New England have a fat tounge in their mouth?? Bunch of mush-mouthed idiots... BTW, how many bozo Pats fans are going t
  10. Since you are such a true Patriots fan... what will you do if the Pats lose Sunday??? Make excuses ??? Blame the refs???? Or actually come back and give the Jets credit??? Since most fans in New England (Patriots and Red Sox) jump off the bandwagon as soon as trouble hits (see Sox fans the past few weeks...) I expect you will just fade away and start cheering on those Celts and Bruins.... I feel sorry for you.... you're like the Roman Empire... you don't even notice that your reign is over and others are rising up right in front of you... Good Luck Bro!
  11. Who the hell is Herbie the Dentist??? Is he a love bug who does dentistry on the side??? Too bad the real name is Hermey the Dentist.... but maybe Herbie would be better since I hate our old Hermie........ Oh well......
  12. NY Titans 6 Houston Oilers 0 Jets make goal line stand late in 4th Q to seal victory. Jets dont make it into the red zone. Nuge kicks 2 from beyond 40 to propel us to victory. Defense is great. Collins looks confused all day. Mangini runs onto field to throw red flag and falls flat on his face. Special teams does well... In the end... offense sputters... defense shines (against a crappy qb) and jets fans get to be happy and mad at the same time.
  13. Section 131 Row 36 I drive from Lowell, Mass for every game, including preseason.... Its rough sometimes, but I love it.
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