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  1. First ice cream socials and now couple's getaways. Can our offense get any gayer?
  2. I watched this today and I recommend that everyone on the board with HBO checks it out this weekend. Watching old footage of Joe and our lone Super Bowl win really made me feel better during a week of nonstop hype for what could be the most depressing championship game for a Jets fan of all time. This coupled with the possibility of my planning a trip to Canton this August to see Curtis Martin get inducted into the Hall of Fame is a much needed and positive distraction from a very negative Super Bowl matchup.
  3. Does everyone forget that Bradway still works for the team and has a huge influence in what draft picks we make? Tannenbaum's best non 1 or 2 pick, as stated in this thread is Shonn Greene. Tanny didnt want to trade up for Greene, he was influenced to do so in our war room, by none other than Terry Bradway, among others. Tanny can not get credit over Bradway for anything, especially when Bradway is still making a lot of calls on who we are drafting.
  4. Does anyone know where these former NYG lineman are currently in regards to health? They are both unsigned and I imagine that we could get them on the cheap which would make them very low risk. If they are healthy, they would really help our O-line depth and I think O'Hara would be a much better option at this point than Baxter, especially since it looks like Mangold is going to be missing several weeks.
  5. I was looking at the 2012 Free Agents and I think it may be best for us to use our cap room to go after Mario Williams (depending on how he does at OLB this year). Bryan Thomas will be coming off the books and Williams may be a better option than drafting a pass rusher in the first round, which is usally a two-year project at least.
  6. Pass rusher is priority number one. Since Tanny loves to fill needs via free agency, I could see them first trying to get Mario Williams (depending on how he does at OLB this year) above anyone. Bryan Thomas will be coming off the books an a 1st round pass rusher is usually a 2-year project at least. Better off with the veteran Williams on a win now team.
  7. I'm not sure of what we have left as far as cap room (maybe someone can shed some light on this), but if we supposedly save money on this year's cap with the Holmes and Harris contracts and we're not paying Cotchery, why are we only offering veteran minimums to Ellis and Mason? They are offering one-year deals so it won't kill us to fork over a little more money if we're under the 2011-12 cap. Is Tannenbaum saving money for a big splash (i.e., a trade for Osi) or what?
  8. To spark conversation, is there a problem with the upstairs booth and challenges? Here is an article I wrote for Bleacher Report on the Jets screwing up challenges the past two games. I posted the whole thing for you guys to read but if you could, please click the link as the site keeps track of article reads affecting the popularity and prominence of an article. Rex Ryan And The New York Jets Must Address Challenging Issues Moving Forward Rex Ryan And The New York Jets Must Address Challenging Issues Moving Forward By Steve Napolitano on November 4, 2010 Going into Sunday's game against the Lions, Rex Ryan and the New York Jets need to evaluate and adjust their approach to challenging plays after back-to-back games with brutal, head-scratching decisions. In the second quarter of last Sunday's 9-0 loss to the Green Bay Packers, Rex Ryan first challenged a Brad Smith fumble which gave the Packers the ball at their own 29-yard line. Upon seeing the replay, the ball was clearly moving before Smith was down, but Ryan was advised to challenge anyway and the ruling on the field stood up. While questionable at best, the challenge of the fumble looked great when compared to Ryan's challenge later in the quarter. The next and worst challenge came after Mark Sanchez completed a third down pass to Jerricho Cotchery in which Packers' cornerback Tramon Williams intercepted the ball by ripping it out of Cotchery's hands while both players appeared to have simultaneous possession. Not an extremely terrible challenge except for one thing- the Jets were challenging to keep possession and punt the ball as Cotchery was eight yards short of the first down marker. This was a no-win scenario for the Jets because even if the call was overturned, they would be punting without any more challenges left. Needless to say, Ryan lost the second challenge as well leaving him without the ball to punt and no more challenges with 4:48 remaining in the first half. This is not a one game occurrence for Gang Green as challenges were a problem in the previous game against the Broncos as well. Video includes the Lloyd catch, the challenge and the Thomas touchdown. Back in their Week 6 match up in Denver, Rex made a questionable challenge on a 29-yard Brandon Lloyd reception and lost. With 15 yards added after the catch due to a terrible personal foul call on Jim Leonhard, the play that was challenged set up a Denver first down at the Jets 17 late in the third quarter with the game knotted up at 10. Two plays later, Kyle Orton hit Demaryius Thomas for a 17-yard touchdown pass to give Denver the lead. Rex did not use his second challenge here even though Thomas did not appear to have full possession of the ball before with both feet down in bounds. There was far more reason to challenge the momentum-shifting touchdown pass than the pass that simply put the Broncos deep in Jets' territory. Unless the officiating crew really blew the call, which was not the case at all for Lloyd's catch, Rex should have held onto the red flag considering that it was not a game-changing or scoring play. It is widely believed around the league that scoring plays and game-changing plays should be challenged if there is the slightest chance that they could be overturned because they impact the end result the most. Rex dropped the ball big time on the Thomas touchdown, even though he escaped the Mile-High city with a very fortunate win. Was Rex wary of using his second challenge on the touchdown pass to Thomas because he had just lost one and did not trust the coaches upstairs enough or did his coaches not think it was worthy of the challenge? Either way, it showed poor judgment on the guys upstairs. 103976759_crop_340x234 Ronald Martinez/Getty Images For NFL head coaches, it is near impossible to determine whether or not a play should be challenged from the sidelines so they must rely on people that they can trust to view the replay upstairs and advise them on the chances of it being overturned or not. Does Ryan really trust his coaches that are viewing the replays to correctly advise him on challenges? After these past two games, many people do not believe that he should. Ultimately the decision to challenge falls on Rex's shoulders and if he intends to coach this team deep into the playoffs then he cannot be gun shy about throwing the red flag in a key spot in a big game due to a mistrust in his coaching staff. On the other hand, Ryan cannot continuously waste his challenges as a result of poor suggestions from his staff either. Something must be changed. Starting this Sunday in Detroit, Rex and the Jets must nip the challenge problem in the bud before it ends up costing them a lot more as the season goes on.
  9. In this article (http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6315047/20461363?tag=headlines;headlines), Prisco rips Jets move for LT. He says: "That's about what the Jets are getting in Tomlinson: A back who can't get through the holes anymore. Martin retired when he knew it was over. Tomlinson plays on. But if the Jets are willing to give him a two-year deal, why shouldn't he?" "Tomlinson averaged 3.6 yards per rush last season. If you watched him play, you know it's over for him. When the skills of backs go, they go fast. There's no in-between." "But, hey, give the Jets this much: They have added a name people know. For whatever that's worth." I did some researching and also found some hypocrisy from the moronic CBS sportsline reporter, who had this to say about the Pats acquiring Fred Taylor in this article (http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/11435725): "Taylor and the Patriots are a perfect fit." "Maybe a Hall of Fame fit" "Adding Taylor is another brilliant move by the Patriots' brass, which is really coach Bill Belichick." "When Brady returns -- and reports are he's fine -- Taylor will love playing in that offense. It's Taylor-made for him" Fred Taylor rushed for a whopping 269 yards in 6 games in 2009. Pete Prisco, proves once again that he doesn't know ****.
  10. Something for ELIAS- The Jets have 14 former first round picks on their team and 5 of them were selected in the top 10. They have a first rounder at QB, RB, WR, TE and 4 O-line positions as well as one on the d-line, three at linebacker and two at corner. Has a team ever had more first rounders and top 10 picks, and if they did, did they suck balls as much as the Jets currently do? We all know that championships are built on draft day and the Jets could have assembled the largest collection of first round busts in NFL history. Bryan Thomas, Calvin Pace, Lito Sheppard, Damien Woody, Braylon Edwards are considered first round busts. Vernon Gholston is looking very much like a bust at this stage of his career. Dustin Keller is still up in the air. Thomas Jones was a bust for the team that drafted him, although he has assembled a nice career and played his way out of bust status in other cities including here. Faneca is a hall of famer but we did not draft him. Ferguson is not a bust but he has not lived up to his top-5 status and played on the same level as Walter Jones or Orlando Pace. I would say that our 3 hits in the first round are Mangold, Revis and Ellis. And then there Sanchez. Too early to tell what he is going to be, however he is the golden draft pick that this franchise will live and die off. With a team that knows how to screw up the first round, this is one guy we can not afford to be a bust. Love to hear your guys feedback.
  11. I didn't think we were that loud, I was at the Packers game when we won the division and I thought that was louder but on the ride home I heard Buttle saying this was the loudest he's ever heard the stadium. Ditto on the sunburn, I am roasted but it was all worth it. Best defense since '98! **** the Pats!
  12. 10 years ago our Super Bowl dreams were shattered by the infamous tearing of an Achilles tendon. Since that day, we have seen 9 different QBs start under center. Vinny Testaverde, Rick Mirer, Ray Lucas, Chad Pennington, Quincy Carter, Brooks Bollinger, Kellen Clemens, Brett Favre and now Mark Sanchez. Today we wait patiently (as we are so accustomed to doing) through a learning process that will hopefully make our Super Bowl dreams once again an attainable reality. Seeming like he has all the necessary tools to be a successful NFL QB, Mark Sanchez gives us a beaming ray of hope towards the Lombardi trophy. Lets face it- this is as close as we've been or as close as we're gonna get to another Namath. Here's to the second coming of Broadway Joe. Here's to hope. Here's to our 9th different starting QB in the past 10 years being our only one for the next 10. Here's to the start of the Mark Sanchez era.
  13. JetBlue Touches Down as Jets' Official Airline Partner Published: 09-08-09 By Special Contributor change font email article NewYorkJets.com special contributor from outside the club. JetBlue, New York
  14. Something also to note.... I remember seeing that Leon was supposed to be there as well and it turns out I was right. In the links below, he is on the banner and his name is first on the price listing. However, he is not on the main appearance link. Wonder if/why he backed out. Price List (with Washington): http://www.lastlicksicecream.com/Upcoming_Public_Store_Appearances_s/250.htm Banner (with Washington): http://www.lastlicksicecream.com/Upcoming_Public_Store_Appearances_s/3.htm Main Page (no Washington): http://www.steinersports.com/upcoming-signings
  15. This just in... The Jets have released punter Steve Weatherford and have signed recently unretired FA Tom Tupa to a contract. Tupa, with over 500 attempts, will also be our most experienced QB.
  16. At this point it is so overhyped that it better either be a drop in PSLs or that we've traded for Shane Lechler.
  17. Screw the naming rights, hopefully the big news is that they're dropping some PSLs because they have no more waiting list and can't sell out their last affordable season.
  18. Revis, Keller and Rhodes are all gonna be at Last Licks in Rye Ridge tomorrow night from 7:00pm-8:30pm courtesy of Steiner Sports. I'm not sure this has anything to do with his or actually is his big announcement, but if you wanna go out there I added the link. http://www.steinersports.com/upcoming-signings
  19. as per Cimini: Jets target Ivy, look to trade for Sheppard February 27, 2009 D. Rex is at it again. Now that former Ravens ILB Bart Scott is in the fold, new Jets coach Rex Ryan has turned his attention to the secondary. They have targeted free-agent CB Corey Ivy, formerly of the Ravens, and are confident they can get a deal done. But here's the big one - they're working on a trade for Eagles CB Lito Sheppard, according to league sources. In fact, Sheppard is due to visit tomorrow with the Jets. The former first-round pick has one year remaining on his contract, with a base salary of $3 million, but he has been looking to be traded ever since the Eagles signed CB Asante Samuel last offseason. Sheppard would step in as a starter, opposite Pro Bowl CB Darrelle Revis. Ivy will be a nickel back, his role with the Ravens. Terms of Ivy's deal weren't immediately available. It's unclear what the Jets would be willing to part with for Sheppard. Meanwhile, here's a breakdown of Scott's contract. The 6-year deal includes about $22 million in guarantees, with $27 million coming in the first three seasons. It's believed the Ravens offered a 6-year package for $45 million. His agent, Harold Lewis, claims that Scott never wavered in signing with the Jets, and that he never went back to the Ravens to squeeze more money out of them. http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/jets/
  20. Good Riddance... nobody should be wearing 68 anyway.
  21. There are lesser known idiots out there spewing their idiotic opinion all over yahoo, cbs sportsline. fox sports, etc. There's always money in spewing garbage out of your mouth and making wrong predictions.
  22. There's a mailbag on the right of this Monday Morning QB column. Here's the link again: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/peter_king/10/12/week6/index.html?eref=T1
  23. By the power of Grayskull... I have the power!
  24. He's also 9th in the AFC in attempts, just under Joe Flacco (a rookie) and Matt Cassel who before week 2 hasn't started a game during the whole Bush Administration. You have to take in every stat dude, especially when dealing with QB rating.
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