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  1. I think the good news is, is that the Jets D was ranked number 1 with Jenkins missing half the year, and they may realize that they can give him more rest when he's back. Make no mistake, they are much better with him on the field, but the coaches will have more confidence in making sure he's rested, and hopefully keeping him healthy for the year and down the stretch.
  2. Not an entirely unfair assessment, but I will contend the bolded point...teams simply could not rush the ball thru the first 10 games or so. Jenkins was simply a beast (almost to a point where the Jets D depended on his performance). When teams realized your point, that the path to least resistance was thru the air, the Jets D suffered on all accounts. Spreading the O with multiple receiver sets took Jenkins off the field, and with no fear of the Pass Rush (or coaches inability to dial up pressure in their schemes), enabled teams to pass (pressure free) or run because Jenkins was off the field. That, coupled with lack of quality depth on the DLine (to keep Jenkins fresh, he was admittedly worn down towards the season's end) were the main reasons teams could run at the end. JMO. Wait, what's this post about? Ryan and Mangini?
  3. How'bout Dbust straight up? C'mon...Give D'Brick a chance with Faneca next to him
  4. I thought they drafted Ainge to be the 3rd guy, and Ratliff has impressed in mini camp (I know). I think he should be considered, he has experience, and at this point, who knows with Chad and Kellen. I doubt Tangini wants to go into the season without an experienced backup (Simms fits the bill as a former starter, he's tough (see spleen) and smart (has the pedigree). If healthy, there's no reason he couldn't compete for the starting job. Who knows.
  5. Well said, I agree, but no one played well. It's still a team game, and the team did not perform well. I'm glad everyone is accountable now, but yesterday was pathetic. They have a lot of work to do. It would be especially nice if the D could win a game (the O has carried the team for the most part).
  6. Actually, when he didnt whiff, he was getting run over. Not a good game to judge anyone on the team though.
  7. Good to see Vanderjagt i n Post Season form already. I'm sure Parcells is thrilled.
  8. Could not have said it any better, and I'll always appreciate CP for that.
  9. Leinart, although not happy that he dropped, with Arizona's Wr's, Edgerrin James, Warm climate, and Kurt Warner ahead of him (albeit temporarily), he couldn't have ended up in a better scenario for him to succeed, which may drive us Jets fans crazy for years. I believe the Jets were right in drafting D'Brickashaw, although I remember seeing it mentioned that the Jets were talking about packaging their 1st & 2nd for Leinart at 10
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