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  1. flgreen


    Probably. Pity the NFL will be on strike
  2. WOW I played DE/LB at a very low level, HS,Juco. how do you rush the passer if you can't hit his arm? Pitiful
  3. your correct, but keep in mind Long has an injured hand
  4. we'll have one more 1st round pick on D. This year it will be a pass rusher. I'm good with that. Rest of draft can be O
  5. flgreen

    Baldys NY Jets Film Breakdowns

    I'm not particularly a Robby fan as a person. But..................... If he and Sam can hook up for 35+ yarders 2 or 3 times a game, I'll happily suffer through it.
  6. flgreen

    Baldys NY Jets Film Breakdowns

    The 76 yd TD was 44 yards in the air
  7. flgreen

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    Hmmm Seems as though T0m's Coup d'état has been uncovered...………………………...again
  8. flgreen

    Lets play a game.

    Get a job
  9. flgreen

    JetNation Site Rules

    LOL Pretty funny stuff. People get all butt hurt because they can't express themselves with out being vulgar. Cool
  10. Enunwa, who I love, had a really bad game
  11. If you like Kool Aid you'll fit right in
  12. What's the problem? It's kind of like the Mod's lounge with free food and health care.
  13. Are references to the Mod's lounge still permitted?
  14. Yeah, those were back in the days when D's were actually allowed to play defense

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