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  1. Prosecution has already said no human trafficking. Haven't heard anything about underage until this thread. These were just regular ole ho's.
  2. Agree If the Jets can come up with an effective ER at 3, and a CB in the 3rd this could be a very surprising team IMO
  3. The key is, that "serviceable" player cost $14,000,000. His replacement is about 10% of that
  4. Guess it doesn't matter. I'll only be watching for about a half hour around the Jets pick. I'll be watching that on the NFL network. The old draft out of Radio City was a fun deal.
  5. flgreen

    Frank Clark

    If they signed Crowell, they'll sign anyone
  6. I'm sure Williams will have some 4-3 looks in the D, but in all honesty once they re-signed Henry Anderson, you can pretty well bet the vast majority on the snaps will be out of a 3-4. Either that or they just threw $17,000,000 in the trash. Anderson is not good in the 4-3. That's why the Jets traded with the Colts for him.
  7. A good part of the "secret formula" the NFL uses to award comp picks is the size contract the FA player signs. 3rd round picks are given for players who sign BIG contracts. With the kind of money the Jets are paying the 2 guys in front of Lee he is going to be sitting on the bench most of this year. He'll have 3 very meh years, and a season benched. Don't see any purpose on passing on any return this year, for MAYBE a 7th in 2 years. Plus the Jets are projected to have money again next year. If somebody is willing to give up compensation now, take it
  8. When you have a lot of FA money, your probably not getting a comp pick. Judging by Lee's tweets, he's gone. Might as well get something
  9. flgreen

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    LOL Ya know that's silly...………….Right?
  10. flgreen

    Might the Raiders trade down?

    This is going to be a draft that everyone is trying to trade down, and nobody wants to come up. Just not a QB worth selling the farm for
  11. flgreen

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    Good signing. Guys young, been productive as both a receiver, and RB. Plays ST's. Vet Min, $90,000 guaranteed. The roles will be determined where they should be. IN camp LOL, what's all the whining about?
  12. flgreen

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    LOL Yeah, that and the fact that sitting in a traffic jam at 2am isn't really my idea of a party.
  13. flgreen

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    LOL What the hell does a party have to do with playing football in the dark? NFL is for 1pm Sunday, NCAA, 2PM Saturday, then the party.
  14. flgreen

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    Hate night games

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