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  1. flgreen

    Notes and an article

    Where have you heard rumors out of 1 Jets drive that Heimerdinger has made any moves? Just wondering because I haven't seen them anywhere, except here. What I have read is that after Cousins signed, Mac was on a scouting tour, and didn't want to tip his hand that he was going to make the trade for #3, and because of his connections with the Colts had Herimerdinger contact his in people. If you've read something else I'd really like to read it. Thanks
  2. Suspect Darnold would love to have Josh back next year. Doubt the new HC will agree
  3. Yeah I agree. Lil Bill is going to be angry, and vengeful week 17. LOL He's going to approach this as a play off game
  4. If Enunwa is back, and Qvale doesn't embarrass himself think the Jets win
  5. IMO 3 is a good spot in this draft. They'll get a player who can help the team. Either/or Josh Allen, or OL Williams will be there. Thing is if Darnold plays the way he's played the last two weeks, I think they can beat the Pack
  6. This Pats loss I can feel good about, last week not so much
  7. Great post. The only thing I'll minor disagree with is Long. I'm putting all that on Bowles. He actually blocked pretty well at C. Thing was from what I have read, he smashed and dislocated two fingers on his snapping hand early in the season. Could still block, but couldn't snap. Bowles left him at C for 5 games throwing the ball all over the field. The kid who's playing C now is doing an adequate job, and Long is doing fine at G. That's just stupidity on Bowles part. The change should have been made after Long's second bad snap. I really think it had a major impact on Darnold not knowing where the snap was going, and was a major factor in Darnold's mid season slump. I might have a party the day Bowles is fired.
  8. flgreen

    They're killing my QB!

    NFLPA protecting rookies? LOL, that really is funny. The NFLPA is all about protecting the older vets, That all it's about. Why do you think that players can't even sit down and talk football with a position coach in the off season? It's because the vets don't want an aggressive young guy hanging around the complex in the off season, working with the coaches 10 months a year, and coming back in the Spring and taking their jobs. One of the major problems with developing a young QB. They can't talk to their position coach, and have to hire a really expensive private coach out of their own pocket who may have a dozen clients all over the country.
  9. flgreen

    They're killing my QB!

    Don't usually agree with the squawking about the refs, real tough job, but that shot Darnold took to the head yesterday was across the line rookie or not
  10. flgreen

    Belichick to the Jets?

    I think he'll be coming to NY, but it won't be the Jets for sure
  11. I agree with that, but what, IMO, is actually going to happen, and make the board crazy, is Mac is going to select the next HC. What should have happened in the first place. If you want to narrow down HC candidates, look for people who might have some prior connection to Mac. JMO of course, but I really think that's the way it's going to go.
  12. LOL I was going to mention this, but then I saw your post, and that about covers it. I didn't want to gang up on @T0mShane, he's just spent a rough 3 months in @Maxman trunk
  13. Yeah, I vaguely remember him. Got expelled from Auburn for being involved in several bar brawls. Worth talking to I guess.
  14. Don't know if he's crazy or not, but in these high lights at least he's showing some quality hands, and very aggressive to the ball.
  15. flgreen

    Enunwa and Crowell OUT vs Texans

    Agree. Jets are probably his best option. He seems to have a connection with Darnold, Jets have money, and need WR's.

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