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  1. That isn't the reason the investigation was opened. Or why Homeland Security was involved. So I don't think the cops were looking into it because of lack of anything else to do
  2. IDK human trafficking seems like a real enough crime.
  3. flgreen

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    Wow, what a bizzare thread. And yet I posted in it.
  4. flgreen

    Brown or Bell

    None of the above
  5. if I have a hard time sleeping tonight, guess I'll just watch this video. Be asleep in minutes
  6. Actually after the National Championship game, I'm off of both Jonah Williams, who struggled against Ferrell , and Q Williams who was OK but nothing impressive. So yeah I'm good with either Allen, or Ferrell. This is if Bosa is off the board of course
  7. flgreen

    Happy 14th Birthday JetNation.com

    I can pretty well assure you that your remaining sober had nothing to do with your coming here. Good job
  8. flgreen


    Thing is, if the Jets feel the same way, they could offer him a futures contract today. Yeah, today's game convinced me. If Orlando's home next week, I'm going to go
  9. flgreen


    I don't even think Peake is that good of a gunner. Cannon, at the end of the year was much better IMO
  10. flgreen


    Some of these guys are going to play themselves back into the NFL
  11. flgreen


    What a Fun game this is. I'm glad I watched it.
  12. Where were the high lights from the National Championship game?
  13. flgreen


    Agree. Totally understand that the level of play isn't as high as the NFL, but in all honesty I really enjoy watching it more then NFL games that don't involve the Jets. The pace of the game is great. Agree with posters above who didn't like the camera angles of the second game yesterday. Hope they lose that quick. IMO after the new CBA,, when teams come up with a new roster designation for players they control, this league might really take off as a supplement to the NFL. It would make watching it more exciting if there were players on every team who were under contract to the Jets.
  14. flgreen


    I agree. The early game was better. Probably experimenting. That experiment was Frankenstein

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