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  1. Does Chris still go to games? I thought he went back to playing tennis on Sundays like he did before he became CEO of the Jets.
  2. The real question is, will there be anyone in the stadium? I can't imagine anyone giving up a Sunday to watch this.
  3. This could turn out to be a very important point in how things turn out. When this butt kicking took place Woody was at an owners meeting. Make no mistake about it the NFL is a billionaires "Good ole boys club". These guys all have monster egos, and the owners meeting is when they get to show off prizes . Robert Kraft, happy endings or not, gets treated like a Duke. Woody gets asked to stay around and help clean the tables off. I'm sure Woody didn't enjoy this owners meeting. Johnson has done a few impulsive things in the past dealing with ego. A few more games like the P
  4. I'll pass. Been a fan of the Jets for a very long time, signing this POS would do it for me.
  5. Not in a civil case. Most states It's preponderance of evidence. 20 woman who don't know one another, all telling a very similar story, and all pointing at the same perve should do the trick.
  6. I'm still on the Joe Douglas band wagon, but I must say the events surrounding the back up QB spot since camp have been most peculiar.
  7. That's exactly the thing. he can't step up. Van Roten is holding his blocks for about 1.1 seconds, when he actually gets to touch the guy at all. If the QB steps up, he steps right in a DT, or LB'er. That's what happend in the 8 sack game or whatever it was. He's running left or right out of self preservation.
  8. Check your eys sight. I highlighted "in almost 40 years. Your Maths not so good
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