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  1. Don't sell #91 JFM short. If I'm reading the tweets right he's giving Moses fits over on the other side too.
  2. Great job @KRL much better job then we'll get out of any of the scribes.
  3. None of my business, but you should do a camp report thread. I'd sure be interested in reading your views. Suspect others would too.
  4. From @KRL camp reports. - The defense unveiled their blitz packages which stifled the offense and allowed them to win the day. Let's see if the offense can recover when I go back on Wednesday Could explain a lot of why it was an uneven day for the QB's. and this QB Notes - A tough sledding day for Zach Wilson with no "sexy plays". As the defense clamped down completions were hard to come by. But I will give him credit for not forcing things, taking checkdowns and even throwing balls away when no one was open. He didn't compound a tough day
  5. Jets Practice Recap - 8/2/21 02 AUGUST 2021 The Jets were on the field for another training camp practice on Monday with media and fans on hand. Here's what went down during practice, based on media reports and tweets from those in attendance: Injured defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, who should be back next week, was running over on the side and did position drills for the first time; Cameron Clark, who was playing right guard with the second unit, and Tanzel Smart traded punches during the team session; Zach Wilson made a slow start as h
  6. Rich Cimini @RichCimini 3h #Jets practice 5 (no pads): DL: Sacks for John Franklin-Myers, Ronnie Blair. TFL for Carl Lawson. Pass pro ️Chris Herndon (2 TDs in 7-on-7 red zone), Elijah Moore, Jamien Sherwood (sack). Cam Clark, Tanzel Smart Jamison Crowder, 60+ yds on quick screen. Beat Writer / Columnist
  7. Dennis Waszak Jr. @DWAZ73 3h Oh, and this one, too: On the #Jets’ D-line: “Whoever we roll out there, teams better buckle their .” Also with the obligatory pardoning of French. Dennis Waszak Jr. @DWAZ73 Sheldon Rankins had an entertaining chat with reporters - asking us to “pardon my French” a few times. On Becton: “I’ve seen some big people. He’s ing big.” On Fatukasi: I tell him all the time, I literally walk up to him and tell him, “You a big motha” #Jets https://t.co/co1rO6T612
  8. Rich Cimini @RichCimini 2h John Franklin-Myers, who had a career-high 3 sacks last year, says there’s a “night and day” difference b/w this scheme + previous scheme. Says the Saleh scheme is “way more simple … no reading, no false steps,” just attacking upfield. #Jets
  9. Kim Jones @KimJonesSports 2h RT @DWAZ73: #Jets Camp Scorecard ️ Practice No. : Elijah Moore ️Chris Herndon Zach Wilson Bless Austin C.J. Mosley Carl Lawson John Franklin-Myers Denzel Mims 📽🎞Jamison Crowder 👁Jamien Sherwood Tanzel Smart/Cam Clark Sheldon Rankins TV / Radio Personality
  10. Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL 50m Training Camp Buzz: Morgan Moses (6-foot-6) on fellow Jets tackle Mekhi Becton (6-foot-7): "Dang, he's blocking the sun from me" https://t.co/OsqxlsQhoh
  11. Rich Cimini @RichCimini 46m DT Sheldon Rankins came from a Saints scheme that allowed DLM to penetrate but required gap control. With the Jets, “it’s get 3 yards in the backfield and, excuse my French, however the f—— it happens.” Rankins spoke “French” a few times in today’s candid/fun presser. #Jets
  12. Just from the tweets, it seems like the Jets are generating a good bit of pressure on Wilson. is that what you were seeing?
  13. He hooked me. Just called the kid to get his kayak ready, we're going out at 5am.
  14. He's new. Mehta wasn't "Metha" at first. When he worked for the Jersey paper. DJ works for the NYDN, he's a Dolphin fan, he'll be just as much an A Hole shortly.
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