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  1. The board is looking for a bush wacker to go out to the Texans complex to get the inside scoop on Watson. i just told them, your the man for the job. Round trip tickets, and three Big Brother CD's.
  2. Those guys are minor league compared to @jetsrule128 Lets take up a collection for a plane ticket, he'll have the whole poop by monday
  3. Say they go 8-8, very possible with an improved team. Darnold looks improved but meh. (most likely) Do you give him a $100,000,000 contract (the Sanchez route, but more expensive), go looking for a young QB drafting at 16, or bring in a washed out vet. I just don't see the point of brinning Darnold back this year. He's not going to look like a 27 YO Brady.
  4. According to Nielsen, excluding rescheduled games because of the pandemic, the 2020 regular season averaged 15.4 million viewers (live + same day), a 7% decline from the previous regular season. It was the lowest average audience since 2017
  5. That probably depends on what Miami does. Not really a huge Watson mania down here like with the Jets. Miami has announced that Tua will be start next year, they seem happy with him. (of course that could change) Out of curiosity i went to Fin Haven this morning to see what they were talking about. There was only 1 thread, and it was a poll. 67% of the fans wanted to keep Tua, and let Watson go. I was really surprised. Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. if I'm Douglas I contact the Texans and ask permission to talk to Watson for starters, and see what happens next
  6. Yeah, he turned his 6 kids computers off. lol
  7. I'm not convinced that Adams will be in that building, Hawks don't have a lot of cap space if the cap drops as predicted. Think I read $19M. Have a hard time seeing them giving it all to a box safety. Be a riot if he winds up back on the Jets for around $12M.
  8. IF Watson ever comes available, and that's a big if, I don't see it happening myself But............. It will be interesting to see how much the Fish are interested. They have announced that Tua will be their starting QB in 2021. Of course that could change quickly. They have the draft capital to compete with the Jets, but they only have $32M in cap space. They would have to do a lot of wheeling and dealing with contracts. If Miami declines getting in a bidding war with the Jets, Watson's trade value could drop somewhat. Like I said, I really doubt The Texans let him go, he hasn't asked for a trade yet, and I think things will get resolved, but if for some reason they don't, I'm not 100% sure the Fish will be going after him.
  9. LOL Watson hasn't asked for a trade yet. hire Bieniemy and this probalby goes away.
  10. And actually playing pretty well......................................................So far
  11. I hope not. They have the draft picks, and Tua, but they only have $32M in cap. Really tight squeeze
  12. Here's the bottom line on what Jason had to say Will Watson be traded? Well if you made it this far I think you would already know my answer on this being no. It just doesn’t make sense for Houston to trade away a top QB like Watson who is in his prime. It is Houston so you can never say never, but it just would make such little sense. My guess is this is a situation with some hurt feelings on Watson’s side for feeling as if the Texans didn’t look to him for advice and its something that will go away after everyone talks things out and gets on the same page for 2021.

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