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  1. LOL Who's goo goo ga ga? Merely stated a fact. And no, the Jets didn't win " 2 of the 5 outright" They won 5 of 16 outright. Yep, sucky season, but it's still 500% more wins then the scribes were giving the Jets. Vegas was right, scribes were wrong. If you had played the under, I can guarantee you they wouldn't cash your ticket because "Jets won 2 of the 5 outright"
  2. You'd be protesting the wrong people. It's not the NFL, it's the union
  3. Denver must be some jersey buying fools. Two in the top 7
  4. By: Spencer Aber | 2 hours ago Sam Darnold has already defeated Tom Brady — just not on the field. According to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Football Jersey Report, the Jets rookie quarterback’s jersey is awfully popular. In fact, it’s more popular than Brady’s. As you can see, Darnold is eighth in jersey sales, while the New England legend ranks ninth. Darnold could not, however, top fellow New York rookie Saquon Barkley. The Giants running back placed first overall. Denver’s Bradley Chubb was the only other rookie to finish ahead of Darnold, as the defensive end ranked seventh. SIGN UP Like this article? Sign up for the Jets Wire email newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning Darnold, just 21, is already viewed as the face of the Jets franchise. He’s the big, new name in the AFC East, so it’s no surprise that he’s outselling Brady. However, Darnold has higher aspirations than beating Brady in jersey sales. He wants to beat him on the field and in the standings. For now, No. 12 still holds the thrown that really matters.
  5. V SHARE TWEET EMAIL By: Sam Neumann | 2 hours ago There’s nothing Las Vegas won’t bet on, including the likelihood of NFL coaches being fired. OddsShark released its opening odds for the first head coach to be canned entering the 2018 season. Hue Jackson of the Cleveland Browns and Adam Gase of the Miami Dolphins led the pack, but there are plenty of other candidates. Twitter Ads info and privacy Jets head coach Todd Bowles found himself to be in the middle of the pack at +1600. In years past, Bowles found his name right at the top, but now his job appears safe, at least for the moment. New York has yet to receive a playoff mandate from acting CEO Christopher Johnson, meaning it’s not required Bowles ends Gang Green’s postseason drought in 2018. SIGN UP Like this article? Sign up for the Jets Wire email newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning The Jets, were however, asked to show improvement and development last year, boxes they checked off under Bowles. Now the team has a potential franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold. That’s great news long-term, but could require some patience in the immediate future. It seems that Bowles is tied at the hip to his young defensive players and the rookie quarterback. If the recent success of teams like Jacksonville and Los Angeles is any indication, Bowles does not have much to worry about. For him, it is a breath of fresh air to not have to worry about his job security in the tabloids. With no noise to worry about, we may see a different and more confident Bowles. It will be interesting to see how the head coaching carousel plays out in the 2018 season, but don’t expect the Jets to go for a ride.
  6. To tell you the truth I thought the Jets were going to get Mayfield, and I was good with it. Two reasons...... I was sure Darnold was not going to make it to 3, so didn't really consider him that much. The turnover ratio worried me. Still does. Since Darnold has been here he seems to have won everyone who has seen him over, including the NYC hack scribes. That's amazing. I'm very happy the Jets got Darnold at this point. Think between his demeanor, and physical talent, if he gets the turnovers under control has a chance to be elite. Only downside is he'll probably save Bowles job also.
  7. Well your right about that. Still I happened to go into the Cleveland papers out of curiosity, and unlike Darnold , Mayfield didn't get a single rep with the one's during mini camp. The Brown's are still going with the "It's Taylor's team" line. Seems like most of the fans, and the scribes are sitting good with it.
  8. Read a while back that Darnold was going to spend a few weeks working out with Jordan Palmer.
  9. I think some of McCown's kids are older then Darnold. He'd have to be the monkey
  10. Agree. .... Here's the problem. The vets won't approve it in the next CBA, it makes it a lot easier for rookies to take their jobs. it was the vets who had it put in the CBA to begin with
  11. Rich Cimini‏Verified account @RichCimini 22m22 minutes ago More Jets sent two reps, including director of college scouting Jon Carr, to Adonis Alexander’s pro day yesterday. The former Virginia Tech CB is arguably the top prospect in next month’s supplemental draft. #Jets
  12. I agree with you. The Jets may surrender to NFL pressure, but I don't think the Browns will. The night of the draft the Browns said there was no QB competition, and Mayfield will not be a starter this year. We'll see
  13. Your criticizing that catch? He's pinned between 2 DB's, and the sideline. One of the DB's is hanging on him as he makes the catch. Rice couldn't stay on his feet there.
  14. They'll more then likely both be holding the clip board