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  1. Unfortunately Your correct. Qvale played pretty well against the Falcons, but your right he just isn't athletic enough to play LT. He's also a guy, like Carpenter, who might be negatively affected by the switch to a zone blocking scheme. He's more of a mauler. The O L is becoming very concerning. IMO the original starters were good enough to be an average group. With the injuries it's getting scary.
  2. flgreen

    More Darnold Magic!!!

    Some players just don't grasp what they are being taught. They call em busts
  3. flgreen

    More Darnold Magic!!!

    One of the problems I had with Darnold in the draft was the fumbles. He did two things. 1) carried the ball like a loaf of bread in one hand. 2) When he delivered the ball he would drop it below his hip as he went thru the throw. Both resulted in several fumbles. I've noticed since he has been with the Jets he is no longer doing either. And he really hasn't changed his mechanics That's a good job by Jordan Palmer, and by Darnold in applying what he has learned. Had some reservations about him, but the way he appears to be learning, I'm sold. Jets got a good one, whose going to get a lot better
  4. I don't think there was any particular incident, he's just a self centered guy like Geno that the team wasn't real crazy about
  5. flgreen

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    IJ is in the same catagory. Only real reason he's on the team is he plays both RT, and LT. Not at a starter level at either. Qvale seems just as good, if not better. They'll pick up another JAG
  6. flgreen

    Hard Knocks episode 2.

    Meh Enjoyed the one on the Jets. Other then that not so much. Different taste in entertainment I guess. I like watching NFL games, really don't care about the personal drama of their lives any more then they care about mine
  7. flgreen

    Hard Knocks episode 2.

    Before I waste an hour of my life, why would we want to watch this?
  8. flgreen

    OL Ben Ijalana Out for Season

    Actually, to my surprise, Qvale has been playing pretty well at LT. For what it's worth Eric Allen had him as the stand out player (behind Darnold) in the Skins practices. For now I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hate to see any player get hurt, but in all honesty IJ wasn't very good
  9. until he winds up on IR again
  10. flgreen

    Is Terrele Pryor a little beotch?

    Pretty much true. Doesn't seem like Bowles is to thrilled with him either right now Don't think it's that he's a wuss, just that he's a me first guy. Lot of them in pro sports right now
  11. flgreen

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Really difficult to put a value on a player who another team thinks is their missing link to the Super bowl. Parcels, who wasn't the best FO guy, got what, two 1's for Johnson? Now we're talking about a QB who's been to the play offs, and the Pro Bowl
  12. Keep in mind that at the time the Cousins mania was going on the Jets were picking 6th, and in my mind there were really only 2 QB's. Actually 3, but I suspect the 3rd one will be on concussion protocol more then he's active.
  13. flgreen

    One Jets Drive episode just dropped

    Yeah but then they got into his jacket, and how another player didn't wear cool stuff like him, etc, etc
  14. flgreen

    One Jets Drive episode just dropped

    First 8 mins was a Jamal Adams fashion show. Last 5 are pretty good