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  1. Didn't want this high value thread to lose relevance so Maleficent
  2. LOL Have to agree with your daughter. I love Italian food. Went to Rome some years ago, for the express purpose of getting "Great" food. In all honesty was extremely disappointed.
  3. Pretty easy really. If it has to do with personnel, side with Douglas. if it has to deal with the team on the field, or discipline of players , Gase. Only gray area is if Gase doesn't want to coach a guy at all, guys gone. As far as CJ evolving in a football genius goes,
  4. It appears that is ultimately what got him fired. Not allowing Gase to talk to the scouts about his opinions on the draft picks is really one of the stupidest things I have heard of. Even CJ, who acknowledged he had no real involvement in the team, realized that Gase's non-involvement in the draft was a formula for disaster.
  5. What? you think this isn't important. You know how bad an over flowing toilet affects team morale? You think it helps the team walking from the shower to the locker room through that stuff when somebody has hidden your flip flops. Geez
  6. Sounds like Joe is getting the band back together.
  7. Gase pushed Douglas very hard on CJ. Who admitted that he didn't have any clue how to go about hiring a GM, and that's why he kept Mac in the first place. Kudos to CJ for signing the substantial check. If you think Douglas was CJ's guy........OK I guess
  8. Not really. This is pretty much the way he was in Miami. As we may, or hopefully not see, If players don't buy into his system he has no time for them, and moves them. As we've seen he's uncomfortable with the scribes, and really doesn't like them. As far as the general team goes he was pretty good.
  9. Yep, bet there is more money involved at each job change.
  10. lol Well I guess CJ will sign the check, so I guess he gets a golf clap. Douglas will do the hire
  11. My expectations for this year are 10-6 In the near future I expect the Jets to win a Super Bowl during Darnold's rookie contract. What are the consequences if they don't? As usual a lot of whining.
  12. All they would have to do is stay in top shape, them come back 3 weeks before the playoffs. Play lightly in those three games. For older guys their body wouldn't be battered from the season, and they would be in good football shape like they just came out of camp. Actually a great idea
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