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  1. Yeah, time for me to take a vacation from the board. This is just getting goofy, and boring
  2. As I mentioned above, the only evidence we have of Thomas' condition since his injury is the Giants game. 7 catches in 8 targets 2 TD's. Yeah it was against back ups, but he did what he was supposed to do. I can see him having a Brandon Marshall kind of year.
  3. Just watched the Pats, Giants pre-season game. Thomas certainly isn't the All Pro WR of a few years ago, but he's certainly the best WR on the Jets right now.
  4. Bit I honestly have to strongly disagree with you. If you just want to be a jerk and say "no one really believes that ...but you maybe and mrs harrison" and play Mr cool. OK, I misjudged who you are. I thought you were worth while talking to. I was wrong
  5. That's just not fair. Gase's O is a 3 step drop, and bang, get the ball short in the middle of the field, and get some after catch yardage. That's the O he runs. Today DL were beating Darnold to the 3 step mark. Both Kalil , and Winters were very bad. The #1 O didn't have that problem in pre-season. They looked good. Give the jobs to the kids who won them
  6. Actually he didn't. he got tired as the game went on, had a bad snap in the 4th quarter, and just looked like a confused old man. We have a player sitting on the bench who played great last 4 games last year, and IMO won the starting job this pre season. Either they give the better player the start, and it's not even close Harrison was better all pre season, or Gase, like the bum before him, is a BS artist
  7. BTW, IMO @crusher is much more into steak then pudding.....................................Pudding is good though, particularly banana
  8. Yes, Marino's last game was brutal. I joyfully remember it. This was a lil different. The players were literally walking around. Avoiding contact. The Fish lost this team when they traded Tunsil. Long term it was probably a good trade for them. The HC won't be here to see the fruits of it. This team has quit before the first game of the season. Sad
  9. I live in Dolphins country. The Fish game was right on beside the Jets game. There were quite a few Fish fans. It was like a morgue. That was truly the worst game of football I have ever seen played by a team. The Fish fans were so disheartened, they didn't even taunt us at the end. lol The NFL has to get control of this "tank for a QB" thing real soon, or they are going to lose a lot of fans BTW: Fitz today became the first QB to throw a TD for 8 different teams. I actually applauded for him. Go Fitz.......................Don't want the Fish to get the first pick in the draft next year.
  10. You are definitely an OR person, and not just in this thread.
  11. LOl, yes, this is a fact "Oh, unfortunate that Gase didn't know the o-line was bad. Someone should have told him." Sounds a hell of a lot more like stupid, uninformed speculation, but like I said, your seem to be an OR option kind of person.
  12. So I guess your going with the OR option.
  13. LOL OK, I'll just have to assume you didn't watch the game...................Or
  14. LOL No, it's because the OL was very bad and allowing perpetration, and no time for the QB

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