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  1. "You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Subterranean Homesick Blues
  2. It's good you have the ability to forget pain quickly.
  3. WOW, really sorry to hear that Brother. Your on my prayer list
  4. This has got to replace the "butt fumble" Neg rep. This guys a worm
  5. And that's why I didn't want to post a link with the stats. Every article I read had an agenda. What you posted is a very strong indication of the proplem. A lot of Black communites are terrorized by street gangs, and there is a lot of violent confrontations with the police. The police react, which causes fear and hatred. innocent people get caught up in it.
  6. This is probably a VERY bad topic for a football board, but it's here, so .......... We certainly have a BIG problem with violence in this country. I personally don't know the solution to it, but I know what isn't the solution. Turing it into a political football, or reacting with wanton violence, destruction of innocent peoples property, or random beatings and murder. Here's some numbers from the FBI just to keep things in prespective. They can be confirmed with Google. I didn't want to attach a link because they are usually attached to an article with an agenda from either side. 1,004 people were shot and killed by the police in 2019. WAY to many, but most of them wer armed. 9 unarmed Black people were killed by the police 18 unarmed white people were killed 229 Black people were murdered by white people 504 white people were killed by black people Over 7,000 murders were black on black. Like I said I don't know the solution, but it's clear, at least to me, that the problem isn't necessarily all racism, but the fact that we are a violent people. Turning a back on violent behavior, is only going to make the situation much more severe.
  7. Yeah, it's amazing how the game has changed. I remember the ole ESPN segment, "The hit of the week". It was almost always a WR being creamed by a S. I remember my old HS coach screaming at me "PUT YOUR HAT ON HIM!"..Today he goes to jail for coaching a kid that way.LOL
  8. Like Q as a player a lot. . Think he's just trying to get as much money out of his contract as he can. Guy got hurt playing hard, hope he gets a lot of it. As much as I'd like to see him come back and contribute, if he's smart he'll take the millions he's made, and go out and enjoy life with out a wheel chair.
  9. I haven't been able to uncover any info on what the actual sizes of the 414 larger dimples are. You might want to get on that. Heck it might be relevant to deflategate
  10. The ball features 414 larger dimples (in four different sizes) and 656 smaller (about pinhead-sized) dimples
  11. I tried to save all of Jamal's tweets, and the tweets about him, but my computer only has 512GB storage. Even with out that Adams has compared himself in value to Tom Brady, and Aaron Donald. Donald has $ 87,000,000 gtn on his contract. I'm sure Jamal would be very insulted with much less. With Adams ego I think $100M $65 gtn is conserative in what he's demanding at the moment. I don't think Douglas is stupid enough to give it to him when he can have him for the next 3 years for under $30M
  12. I honestly don't see what all the debate is about. Looking at it from Douglas standpoint: Is Adams a good SS?........Yes Is he the best SS in the NFL?.......Under Williams system, More then likely Would I like him to remain a Jet thru his prime years?.....Absolutely What is he asking?.........At this point I'm not sure, but I saw a tweet from a Jets fan that said "just give Adams $100M 5 years, $65M gnt" Adams tweeted back, "Your getting warm" Am I going to pay him that?...No way What should he do? Answer is pretty clear. 2020 Under contract $7.2M 2021 5th year extension $9.9M 2022 Franchise tag. $11.6M. Maybe a 2nd tag in 2023 for around $14M If some team steps up and offers a boat load of picks for him......trade him. I don't see that happening. Just can't see ANY GM giving up a boat load of picks, then having to pay him a kings ransom. What makes Adams appealing for a potential trade this year is that he's fairly cheap. If you have to pay him silly money, a GM would be very stupid to do that deal. IMO Douglas doesn't have to do anything. Why should he? The new CBA makes it almost impossible for camp hold outs. Think it's now $40,000 a day league fine. Unlike under the former CBA the player, not the team, must pay it. Put on top of all this, potentially a drop in cap, and possibility of a drop in Franchise tag. Not good for Adams Adams will be very unhappy, will not attend voluntary meetings, and tweet his ass off. Oh well

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