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  1. Saying Dortch is better then anybody is a reach at this point. Not even sure he is in the league right now. Think he was cut by the Panthers last week
  2. I don't think they're playing behind this OL with Anderson as the #1 WR.
  3. This fanbase is tough. LOL This is a 22 YO kid out there. He's behind a horrible OL. When the season opened this was a VERY weak roster. The Jets lead the league in players on IR. More importantly they also lead the league, by a big margin, in cap space used by players on IR. Arguably, the Jets two best players , didn't play today. Darnold didn't have a great day today, but he got the job done. He has almost no talent in skill position players, and a horrible OL. Under the conditions I thought he had a pretty good day. Rest of the schedule looks pretty grim, but in all honesty I'm not unhappy with Darnold.
  4. Or, the moment Bowles was kicked out the door, and replaced with Greg Williams The D dramatically improved.
  5. Yeah, as far as the FA thing goes, i suspect they are going to spend some FA money on OL early in the FA period. Seems to be some WR's in the up coming draft. Maybe another OL early in the draft, and an edge rusher.
  6. Good list. Yeah I really don't know what to make of Anderson. One week he looks like he's a game breaker, next week he looks like he's only half interested. Going to be interesting to see what the Jets do with him in the off-season
  7. Thanks for posting this. Love the movie. Haven't seen it in a few years, going to go watch it now.
  8. This post strangely reminded me of DWC
  9. Good job. Agree 100% on Harrison. BTW, we all didn't agree that getting Kalil out of retirement was a good idea. Any time you force a guy back, who doesn't want to play by pouring money on him, it's going south. Hated the signing
  10. Break ups are always tough, but in the long run it will be best for the childern

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