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  1. McNabb is running away with it 63% 22%. I think we might have another dangling Chad situation here. McNabb"s button is right above Cad's head. I'm willing to bet that 10's of thousands of votes that were intended for Chad showed up in the hands of McNabb. I'll bet if an investigation was to follow it would be found that most of these "McNabb votes" were actually cast by retired New Yorkers now living in Palm Beach County Florida
  2. Jim Brown couldn't run behind that OL. The Raiders are on the clock
  3. Moore had a real nice game spelling Pobinson of the Nose. BIG DUDE
  4. They won't have to think about that because it won't be Clemens throwing the ball
  5. I don't get how a guy under contract can file a grievance for not being traded. Honestly I don't really want the guy
  6. This is a nice move. I remember this kid from last years draft. I thought he was going to go in the 3rd or 4th. I liked the kid. What I like about these moves they are making is they are getting a look at some players, not stars, but fairly solid players, for players they would normally just release. Mosley is being carried at 320 now, and had 3 sacks as a part time NT. Not bad. He is going to be at worst a serviceable relief guy. At best, he has a lot of talent, good speed, and good size. He is actually really a NT.
  7. Prospect Profiles Calvin Michael "C.J." Mosley, Jr.Position: Defensive TackleCollege: MissouriHeight: 6-2
  8. Strait will stay, the guy does everything except take out the garbage
  9. ya got to put Baker on top of Jolley right now.
  10. I think he is just going to be an all around backup. Clement seems to be doing a decent job at RT With him an AJ the OL should have some decent depth
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