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  1. Glad to see Berrios getting some props. Kid took a lot of heat from the board all year for some reason. He's another one of those role players, will never be a star, but steady play, and a big play here and there when ya don't expect it, win footbll games.
  2. 5"8 202# Kid had a nice game yesterday. If he can keep his rushing average around 4.0+ he might be a good role player 8-10 carries. These kind of role players can win ya games. Fluff Article Rich Cimini, ESPN Staff Writer1h Austin Walter (who?) sparks Jets in emotional homecoming game HOUSTON -- Austin Walter stepped to the podium after the game, still wearing his stained football pants and sweaty undershirt. Eye-black was smeared all over his face and emotion filled his voice. It almost cracked a couple of times as he talked about his late father, how this day wouldn't have been possible without him. What a day. What a story. Walter, an anonymous member of the New York Jets' practice squad until Saturday, was activated for Sunday's game and played a key role in the 21-14 victory over the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. He scored his first NFL touchdown to help spark the Jets' comeback, which probably had casual Jets fans wondering, Who? Is it Austin Walter? Or Walter Austin? (Not to be confused with Walter Alston, the late Los Angeles Dodgers manager.) On this day, he was Austin Power. Yeah, baby. "There are a lot of emotions that I'm feeling," the diminutive running back said. "This is a homecoming for me." Walter was born in nearby Crosby, Texas, where he played high school ball. He attended Rice University, only a few blocks from the stadium. When he looked into the crowd Sunday, he saw friends, family members and stadium workers that he knew from his past. It was all so perfect. And unexpected. If he were a character in the movie "Rudy," they'd say he was 5-foot-nothing. (Truth be told, he's 5-foot-8.) On the Jets' running back depth chart, he'd be listed as fifth-string. Starter Michael Carter (ankle) was placed on injured reserve, so they needed a body to join Ty Johnson and Tevin Coleman in the three-man rotation. Coach Robert Saleh played a hunch, bypassing 2020 draft pick La'Mical Perine (stuck in mothballs) and elevating Walter from the practice squad. No one outside the organization actually thought he'd play, but Walter finished with 38 yards on nine carries. And, of course, he scored the Jets' first touchdown, a 2-yard run late in the second quarter. "I wasn't going to be denied," he said. "It was going to be my first touchdown. My mother said yesterday she could feel that I was going to score -- you know, mother's intuition. Mother always knows best." Walter, cut by the Jets in the preseason, knows that opportunities like this are precious. Guys like him don't get many of them. He was undrafted out of college and played only briefly with the San Francisco 49ers (one rushing attempt), but he caught the eye of Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, both former 49ers assistants. So they brought him to New York. On the 12th week of the season, he got the ball at the goal line. "Coach kept calling my number," Walter said. "I said, 'You know what? If I want to stay up here, stay in the big dance, I have to make the most of my opportunity. I hope I did that." Sometimes rotten seasons produce good stories. A few weeks ago, quarterback Mike White came out of nowhere to deliver an electrifying win. People love the underdog, and they don't get much bigger than Walter, who also had a cup of coffee in the XFL. "He’s a fireplug, spark plug, whatever you want to call it," Saleh said. "He’s got great initial quickness and burst, similar to Michael in his running style. ... He can create explosive plays. Just having that burst, that juice, that energy that comes from him, [I] thought it would be a good addition.” Walter's cheering section included his mother, his stepfather, his grandparents and friends. After the game, he took a moment to acknowledge the person who wasn't there to witness his best day -- his father, Tony, who died in 2017. "I know he had the best seat in the house," Walter said. "I know if he was right here, he'd be smiling ear-to-ear. He'd be so proud. He'd be bragging to all his friends. At the end of the day, he's the one who allowed me to get in this position, so I know he's in heaven, looking down and saying to himself, 'Hey, you know what? My hard work paid off.'"
  3. Special Teams Review: Jets-Texans 29 NOVEMBER 2021 We've been breaking down this week's game against the Texans. We wrap up today's analysis with a look at the special teams. Let's review the key contributions... Kicking game - Ammendola and Out Kicker Matt Ammendola had a rough week as he missed a 42-yard field goal, making him 2-for-8 from 40+ on the season. This led to Robert Saleh apparently losing faith in him as the Jets went for it on 4th-and-5 rather than attempting a 55-yarder and on 4th-and-1 rather than attempting a 40-yarder. Saleh did say that the second decision had more to do with the fact that offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur was adamant that they would convert the 4th-and-1, but it seems his faith in Ammendola is waning. He was pleased, though, with Ammendola's late make - his fourth successful kick of the game (although one didn't count). He made that last one despite heavy pressure which was allowed by Greg Van Roten letting a man sneak past his outside shoulder and he did at least have three touchbacks on five kickoffs. Punter Braden Mann had a disappointing game that included a 29-yard shank from his own end zone. One of his other punts was a 43-yarder that went out of bounds and then he had a 44-yarder on which there was a short return. His last punt was good, as he bounced it down inside the five yard line, but the result wasn't, as the Jets failed to down it so it ended up as a touchback and a 20-yard net. Mann's numbers are now looking much worse than Thomas Morstead's did. Finally, Kenny Yeboah almost came up big as he deflected a punt on a good rush just before halftime. However, it rolled downfield to the Jets' 30-yard line so the Jets couldn't do anything with it. Kick coverage - Jeff Whiffed The Texans only returned one punt and two kickoffs in this game and the Jets did a decent job of limiting the damage. This was the first time all season that the Jets failed to force a fair catch. Jeff Smith got downfield well on one punt, but missed his tackle and Justin Hardee was in position to down Mann's punt at the goal line, but ended up kicking it into the end zone. After Smith's missed tackle, Ryan Griffin was credited with the stop. Trevon Wesco was also in on the tackle. On the first kickoff, Hardee missed the tackle but slowed up the return man and Jarrad Davis cleaned up near the 20-yard line. On the second one, he was arguably held and Del'Shawn Phillips and Nick Bawden each overpursued as the return man got out past the 30. Ammendola tried to make the tackle, but the return man got away from him and Javelin Guidry finished him off. Phillips also hustled back into the play to get credit for an assist. Phillips and Hardee are now tied for the team lead with seven special teams tackles each. Return game - I ad-vice! Although Austin Walter was activated for this game, Braxton Berrios handled all of the return duties. Tevin Coleman had been the kickoff returner but with him starting at running back, the Jets instead put Keelan Cole back with Berrios on kickoffs. Berrios' only kickoff return, fielded in the end zone, went out to the 27 as Phillips made a good block. On his only punt return, the Jets set their vices up to double team on each gunner with Hardee and Jason Pinnock getting involved. That gave Berrios room to make a nice return from about the 10 to about the 30. Two other punts had to be fair caught after Deuce Carter and Isaiah Dunn got beaten by the gunners. Berrios is quietly putting together a pro bowl resume in this dual return role. On punts, only Devin Duvernay has a better average with more than three returns. As a sign of his consistency, Berrios has averaged 13.6 yards per return without a single 20-yarder. Even on kickoffs, Berrios' numbers stack up. For NFL kick returners with double-figures in attempts, he's fourth in the league with an average over 25. That's despite the fact Coleman's numbers are even better (but he only has eight return attempts). That wraps up today's analysis from the game, but we'll be back with more over the next few days... Site Admin
  4. Exactly About 80% of the board is either Happy about the win, Or at least OK, and want to dicuss what actually happened in the game. Good and bad. Including Wilson's flaws, and the positive points you have pointed out. About 20% of the board just want to beat the rest of the board over the head repeatly with the same ole crap, thread after thread, and make the board unreadable and miserable as they are, after a win. Hope ya can get it under control Boss.
  5. Yep, IMO for 2 full years it's his team. If after 2 years he is still struggling you startl looking for his replacement. He gets to compete in the 3rd year, but can be replaced as "the future".
  6. Yeah, according to the poll we had on here yesterday about 20% of the the site has made the board un-readable. Guess it's just a sign of the times. Just keep whiniing over, and over, and over until no-one is interested , then declare "I've owned ya"
  7. Funny thing in the poll is, 74% of the board either thinks the win was good, or OK, a win is a win. If you read the thread titles on the main board, and a lot of the posts in this thread by the same folks, You would think the whole fan base was standing on the ledge and screaming for Wilson's head.
  8. Zach Wilson reflects on workmanlike performance in return, Jets' win over Texans Zach Wilson was a little rusty after a month off, and that’s a direct quote from Jets head coach Robert Saleh, but he was able to get the job done despite a less-than-stellar line in the Jets’ win over Houston on Sunday. "I feel really good, especially just because I wasn't happy with how I performed, just the ups-and-downs of it all. I got to just keep going,” Wilson said after the game. “This is all part of the process, and we're going to keep getting better. It feels really good to go home having a win. Ultimately that's the goal, is to win the game. I'm really happy we were able to pull it out, and it's awesome to be able to learn from a win." Live On-Air W F A N WFAN Sports Radio 101.9 FM/66AM New York Listen Now “He was fine, a little rusty but I thought he managed the game well,” Saleh added. “The offense was running the heck out of the ball and he was good on third down. A good day of managing the game. That drive before the half was huge, and in the second half, he made the plays he needed to make.” Wilson didn’t have to post gaudy numbers, and nothing about his day – 14 of 24, 145 yards and an interception – screamed franchise quarterback. But, it was clear that as Saleh hoped, he learned a lot from watching the Jets’ offense run from the outside for the last month. “There's no excuses, you have to be able to come out and play well," Wilson said. "I've had this whole time to watch and learn from everybody else, and I thought I had my best week of practice. Now I just gotta put it to the field and just get better and understand it's a part of the process. Just have that chip on my shoulder." “We said the objective was to get him as comfortable in the game as early as we could. When he comes out in the second half he’s usually comfortable with what he’s seen, and we were finally able to get him comfortable on our first TD drive,” Saleh added. “That’s going to be his growing pains, learning to trust his preparation, but as he sees the game, he gets more comfortable and becomes more decisive. As he gets older and gets more reps, he’ll get it. He was seeing the field well in the second half, and that’s definitely something to build off of.” Listen to New York sports talk now on Audacy and shop the latest Jets team gear Of course, there were times Wilson felt he was playing a little too fast, zipping balls into receivers in situations where a little more finesse may have been the right play. “My mentality on those is to rip the ball and not play timid, which is why some of those are coming in fast. I have to adjust and I’ll work on that, but I’m trying to play fast,” Wilson said. Added Saleh: “He throws those little rockets. He’ll figure it all out.” That fast mentality, though, is what leads Wilson to be able to hit on what Saleh calls “explosives,” big plays like his 46-yard pass to Braxton Berrios and the 22-yard pass to Elijah Moore, arguably the team’s most explosive playmaker right now. RELATED Elijah Moore on expanded role in Jets offense: 'I feel like I'm back in college' “Those big plays, I told the coaches on the sideline, even though things are rough to keep calling it, we're gonna be good, I'm gonna get into that rhythm, into that flow," Wilson said. "You gotta be able to just hit that reset button, and just say on to the next play. That was the challenge for tonight, how can I keep going and keep pushing through. We got some good plays there, and Elijah made some great catches. We just gotta get that going from the beginning. These guys have shown they can do it. So it's me, I gotta hold myself accountable for the way I start and get those guys going from the beginning." But as for his one interception, a pass straight into the back of running back Ty Johnson that was picked out of the air? “I knew it was third and long, and we had slant at the top, but the corner did a good job on Keelan Cole,” Wilson said. “The seas parted, so I figured rather than run it and get blasted or try to slide, I’d just flip it to my check down. I should’ve gotten it out sooner, because Ty was turned around trying to block for me – it’s just one of those unfortunate things where you’re unlucky sometimes.” The run game helped Wilson a lot more than it hurt him today, and he was happy to have that balanced attack, but he’s also still frustrated with his own performance even in the win. RELATED Watch: Zach Wilson throws possibly worst INT of his young career vs. Texans “I think it’s trusting what I’m seeing, and it’s part of the process. I’m going to keep getting better every week,” Wilson said. “I’m just as frustrated as to why I’m not playing as efficiently as I have played my whole career, but I understand there’s a lot to do. The coaches are seeing that I’m learning and I’m going to hit the reset button every play, and they have trust in me to make the right decisions.” Eventually, the consistency will come, and as Saleh says, it will come as long as they trust the process. “Consistency is the truest measure of performance, and there’s a standard that we have to be able to achieve day in and day out, especially being a young team,” Saleh said. “It’s about understanding how to be professional and show up to work and block out the noise, try to find a way to get better every day – and when game day comes, you play your absolute best and trust the result will be in your favor.” Follow Lou DiPietro on Twitter: @LouDiPietroWFAN
  9. PRETTY GOOD GAME BREAKDOWN FROM PFF. NFL News & Analysis NFL Week 12 Game Recap: New York Jets 21, Houston Texans 14 Houston, Texas, USA; New York Jets running back Josh Adams (36) scores a touchdown during the second quarter against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports By Jacob Rosenfarb Nov 28, 2021 Houston Texans • New York Jets The New York Jets picked up their third victory of the season in a nail-biting 21-14 win over the Houston Texans in Week 12. Rookie quarterback Zach Wilson returned from injury to lead New York to its second victory in the past five weeks, aided by a successful run-heavy approach. Houston continued to struggle offensively, accruingjust 45 total yards in the second half. Click here for more PFF tools: Rankings & Projections | WR/CB Matchup Chart | NFL & NCAA Betting Dashboards | NFL Player Props tool | NFL & NCAA Power Rankings NEW YORK JETS Quarterback Zach Wilson appeared skittish in his return from a knee injury that forced him out of the Jets' past four contests. He threw for 145 yards on 14-of-24 passing and one interception. The rookie signal-caller rarely looked to push the ball downfield, averaging just 4.7 yards of depth per target. A mere 20.8% of Wilson’s attempts traveled past the first-down marker. Target Depth Comps/Atts Yds Adj. Comp. % TDs Behind L.O.S 5/6 12 83.3% 0 Short (1-9) 6/12 82 58.3% 0 Medium (10-19) 2/3 29 66.7% 0 Long (20+) 1/2 22 50% 0 Wilson was pressured on nine of his 28 dropbacks while averaging just 2.68 seconds to throw. The rookie was particularly adept at finding his pass-catchers in space, as a season-high 65.5% of his yards came after the catch. The former second overall pick also collected the first rushing touchdown of his career on a well-executed read option from the four-yard line midway through the third quarter. Running Back Tevin Coleman handled lead-back duties for New York in Michael Carter‘s absence, collecting 70 yards on 18 total touches in the victory. He led all players with five forced missed tackles. Former practice squad member Austin Walter scored the Jets' lone rushing touchdown of the day (aside from Wilson's score). Walter came into Sunday’s contest with just three rushing yards to his name, yet he operated as the team’s backup running back and finished with 38 yards on nine carries. Wide Receivers/Tight Ends Wide receiver Braxton Berrios led all pass-catchers with 47 yards through the air, 46 of which came on an impressive catch-and-run late in the third quarter. He outgained wide receiver Elijah Moore by just one yard despite the fact that Moore drew a game-high eight targets, catching four of them for 46 yards. Tight end Ryan Griffin was second on the team with four targets, reeling in three of them for 20 yards. Griffin's average of 8.3 yards per target was second-highest among Jets pass-catchers. Offensive Line New York’s offensive line was up and down in its performance Sunday, powering a Jets rushing attack that averaged 4.6 yards per carry yet conceding 14 pressures and four sacks in pass protection. Starting center Connor McGovern was the unit’s highest performing member. He finished as the only starter who didn't allow pressure. Defensive Line Edge defender John Franklin-Myers’ first-quarter pass deflection and interception was New York’s defensive highlight of the day. And the third-year pro led all defenders with two sacks to cap off an all-around dominant performance. The defensive line combined to finish with nine pressures and four sacks in the victory. Player Pass-Rushing Snaps Pressures Sacks Quinnen Williams 24 1 1 John Franklin-Myers 23 2 2 Sheldon Rankins 18 1 0 Shaq Lawson 17 1 0 Folorunso Fatukasi 11 2 0 Linebacker The Jets' linebackers combined for 18 tackles Sunday, led by starter C.J. Mosley who paced all New York defenders with eight tackles in the win. The unit performed admirably in coverage, conceding four receptions on seven targets for 18 yards. Secondary Cornerback Michael Carter II drew a team-high six targets, allowing five receptions for 47 yards and two first downs. He was one of three New York defensive backs to draw over four targets. The unit allowed 13 receptions on 19 targets for 140 yards and seven first downs to finish with a combined 124.9 passer rating allowed. Player Cov. Snaps Rec./Tgts Yds Passer Rating Allowed Javelin Guidry 32 1/4 7 39.6 Michael Carter II 31 5/6 47 99.3 Ashtyn Davis 31 0/1 0 39.6 Bryce Hall 31 5/6 68 153.5 HOUSTON TEXANS Quarterback Tyrod Taylor performed competently in Sunday’s defeat, throwing for 158 yards on 17-of-26 passing to go along with two touchdowns and one interception. The 11-year pro held up well against seemingly constant pressure, finishing with three completions on five attempts for 38 yards — including both his touchdown and an interception — on 10 pressured dropbacks. Target Depth Comps/Atts Yds Adj. Comp. % TDs Behind L.O.S 5/7 18 85.7% 0 Short (1-9) 10/13 89 76.9% 1 Medium (10-19) 1/2 11 50% 0 Long (20+) 1/4 40 25% 1 Taylor connected with wide receiver Brandin Cooks for a 40-yard touchdown pass on his lone completion on a pass targeted 20-plus yards downfield. Running Back Rex Burkhead handled a team-high 12 carries yet managed just 27 yards on the ground. He was only slightly more effective as a receiver, hauling in each of his three targets for 27 yards. David Johnson was Houston’s leading rusher Sunday, totaling 55 total yards on 12 touches. He was responsible for the unit’s lone forced missed tackle in the defeat. Wide Receivers/Tight Ends Wide receiver Brandin Cooks led all Houston pass-catchers with 45 yards through the air, the vast majority of which came on a touchdown reception midway through the second quarter. He was the only Texans wide receiver to log more than 28 yards through the air, as the unit reeled in nine of its 16 targets for 92 yards and five first downs. Tight end Brevin Jordan tied Cooks for the team lead in receptions (three), collecting 23 yards and a touchdown catch early in the second quarter. Jordan displayed some impressive shiftiness with the ball in his hands, finishing second on the team with 17 yards after the catch. Offensive Line Houston’s offensive line struggled throughout Sunday’s defeat, surrendering 13 pressures and five sacks while facilitating a Texans rushing attack that averaged just 1.3 yards before contact. Starting center Jimmy Morrissey was particularly faulty in pass protection, conceding a team-high three pressures and two sacks in the loss. Defensive Line Edge defender Jonathan Greenard led the way for the Texans up front, pacing the unit with four pressures and one sack in Sunday’s defeat. He was one of three Houston defensive linemen to finish with two or more pressures, as the group accrued 12 pressures and three sacks. Player Pass-Rushing Snaps Pressures Sacks Jacob Martin 21 3 1 Maliek Collins 20 2 0 Jonathan Greenard 19 4 1 Ross Blacklock 12 1 0 Jaleel Johnson 11 0 0 DeMarcus Walker 11 1 1 Linebacker Houston linebackers combined for 19 tackles with an average depth of tackle of 2.6 yards, led by Zach Cunningham’s team-high eight tackles. The group held up well in coverage, allowing receptions on each of their four unit-wide targets for just 19 yards and one first down. Secondary Cornerback Tavierre Thomas captained an overall impressive performance from Houston’s secondary. The fourth-year defensive back registered the Texans’ lone interception while conceding receptions on just three of his team-high seven targets. Thomas was far from the only Houston defensive back to thrive in Sunday’s defeat, as the unit allowed just 126 yards on 10 receptions while finishing with a group-wide 51.6 passer rating allowed. Player Cov. Snaps Rec./Tgts Yds Passer Rating Allowed Desmond King II 28 6/6 95 118.8 Eric Murray 27 0/1 0 39.6 Terrence Brooks 26 0/1 18 39.6 Terrance Mitchel 21 1/3 10 43.8 Tavierre Thomas 20 3/7 21 10.7 Read More PFF NFL News & Analysis
  10. NFL teams scoresNewsStandings Rich Cimini, ESPN Staff Writer12m New York Jets QB Zach Wilson returns but admits knee still not 100% NFL, New York Jets HOUSTON -- After a sloppy return to the starting lineup, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson said Sunday his right knee -- sprained five weeks ago -- still isn't 100%. "It's not fully healed and we understand that, but I feel good to play -- and that's why I'm playing," the rookie said after a 21-14 victory over the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium. "I understand that. Sometimes it's going to shift and stretch a little bit, but there's no damage that can come from that. You just have to walk it off and move on." Wilson, the No. 2 overall pick, suffered a second-degree PCL sprain on Oct. 24. It was termed a two- to four-week injury, with coach Robert Saleh saying the Jets wouldn't put him back on the field until he was "fully healthy" and mentally ready. Wilson said Wednesday he was "100% confident" in his ability to perform, but he opened up after the game, admitting the knee is "not fully stable" and that it got into his head on a fourth-quarter sack. He aggravated the knee while trying to escape the pass rush, eventually running out of bounds on a third-down play. He limped to the sideline, where the Jets' team doctor talked to him. Backup Josh Johnson started warming up, but Wilson returned for the next series and the remainder of the game, later saying there was never a doubt that he'd be back. Wilson said he should've thrown the ball away before taking the sack, but admitted his knee was on his mind and "let it affect me" on that play. "I had tweaked it (while scrambling) and my body just kind of shut down and I just kind of forgot about everything that was going out there because of it," he said. "I knew that happens sometimes, so I just have to throw the ball away." Saleh didn't seem concerned by Wilson's knee, saying it "checked out fine." Wilson, who wore a brace, said there were a couple of times in the game when he tweaked it. The Jets (3-9), who rallied from an 11-point deficit to snap a three-game losing streak, won because of their defense, which recorded five sacks. Wilson was frustrated with his performance -- 14-for-24, 145 yards and one interception. The interception was a blooper play in which he scrambled and, just as he approached the line of scrimmage, flipped a forward pass to running back Ty Johnson, who wasn't expecting it. The ball hit him in the back and landed in the hands of linebacker Tavierre Thomas. It was Wilson's 10th interception in seven games. That, too, might have been a play in which he was mindful of his knee. Wilson said "the seas parted and I stepped up. Rather than me running and getting blasted by somebody or trying to slide, I flipped it to my checkdown in front of me. ... It was one of those unfortunate things - unlucky sometimes." Later, in a goal-line situation, Wilson was aggressive on a zone read, keeping the ball and scoring from 4 yards to give the Jets an 18-14 lead with 7:51 left in the third quarter - his first career rushing touchdown. "He started off a little slow, but I'm not worried about him," rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore said of Wilson. "He's one of those players, his mentality is crazy, so I got all the trust that he's going to get it right." Wilson misfired on six of his first seven passes, sometimes using too much velocity on short passes. It continued a season-long trend of struggling in the first half of games -- zero touchdown passes and seven interceptions. In four games without Wilson, the Jets averaged a league-high 436 total yards per game. That came to a quick halt, as they managed only 266 yards and two touchdown drives against the Texans (2-9). "Obviously, there was a little rust there after a month, but I thought he managed the game well," Saleh said of Wilson. Wilson was hard on himself. He was happy about the win, but seemed almost exasperated by his "ups and downs," as he called them. He refused to use the five-week layoff as an excuse. "I'm going to keep getting better at it every week," he said, "but I'm just frustrated with myself as to why I'm just not letting it rip and playing efficiently like I have my whole entire life."
  11. Lets not forget about the good play Bryce Hall made on the final 4th and 2. That's a play Jets usually give up just to make us suffer. Hall looks like a player
  12. My problem wasn't so much with Wilson's MEH game, it was the bothched clock management again with 5mins. left in the game. That's two weeks in a row they blew back to back time out when what they should do is obious. They had an 8 min review, on a call they were 90% sure was going to be overturned , then looked confused. They got to get that down better. Is Dick Curl still alive?
  13. Mike White has a fair chance on being out of the NFL next year. At best a back up one more time Zach wilson will be th starting QB of the NY Jets
  14. I undertand the point you are making, and it's a valid one, but I have to disagree to a point. The Refs in the NFL are, for the most part, very successful men who have made an excellent living in other fields. Even though they are well paid. They're not doing it for the money, they're doing it for love and passion of the game. They already have some wealth. I agree with @SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN the biggest long term threat to NFL right now is gambling. A guy whos doing this as his full livelyhood is much more likely to get in some financial difficulties , and make a deal with the devil. We may get some blown calls right now, and maybe even a touch of favoritism, but I honestly don't think any one is throwing a game for money, and destorying the integrity of the game. Nothing is going to be perfect when there is humam discerment involved. As a fan I'd much rather deal with a blown call here and there then be wondering if a close call was made on the basis of a $10,000 bonus. JMO
  15. Even at Pop Warner level reffing is tough. I can't imagine what it must be like at the high speed, uber violent, NFL level. lot of times you just have to make a call right now you didn't really see clearly. Ya do. Might a ref favor and protect a star player in close calls. You bet. They're money makers. The red 2 flag flag system seems OK, but probably needs some tweeking. Fans of losing teams have always been at odds with the results of close calls that cost them football games. Always will no matter what system is emplaced. It's a part of the game. In a few years when Wilson is hoisting a Cup he becomes one of the elit, and will get the "money maker" ref preference. CAN'T WAIT
  16. I don't get all the laughter. It makes sense. They have QB's with virus restrictions. Guy knows the system , they thought he was good enough to be on the PS at cut down time. Why wouldn't they bring him back as an emergency QB?
  17. The real question is, how many ex-Jets do the fan's take pride in? Probably the same guys listed on here, and that's it
  18. I wish Saleh would learn something from coach Lou Holtz.
  19. I understand all that. I'd usually be defending Saleh with that, I'm always the last one on the "fire the HC bus" A Lot of Jets teams over the years have been destroyed by injury. THE WORST D IN THE NFL EVER. Saleh is a defensive coach. This guy makes Kotite, and Gase look like HOF'ers. And yes, I understand he is charming, and runs the stadium steps every day. SALEH IS EMBARRASSING. Then to have his DC come out and tell us things are going as planned, they just have to get the fundamentals down. It's week 10, every other team in the league had the basics down week 1. LOL
  20. Keep in mind for a moment this isn't the worst defense in the NFL, THIS IS THE 2ND WORST DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY. WOW
  21. Serious question. What made you think Lawson would be a monster pass rusher. Guys had 11 sacks last 3 years. That's OK, but i never saw him as a game changer. I know he was beating Becton every play in camp, but...................
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