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  1. I'll have it on. How much I actually watch remains to be seen.
  2. To answer your first question, Yes, and I still think Wilson will be back when he's healthy. To your second question about White. White isn't the future of the franchise. In spite of all the one game hype, he never was. Before the injury to Wilson odds are White would have been out of the NFL next year. If Selah/Douglas had done the smart thing, and brought in a vet back up to start the season with if Wilson wasn't ready (he wasn't) White would probably be out of the NFL right now. His one game of fame might make him a million or so over the next few years because of the one game. Maybe not. His one chance to cash more NFL paychecks was to have a good showing in his limited opportunity. Which is the same story for any late round back up QB. He did............Well, at least once. White would probably want to play against the Fish if his arm were falling off. It's his best chance to get a 1st round tender and make some real money. BIG difference between Wilson not being 100% , and White not being 100%
  3. My biggest confusion in this is, What's the fan furor all about? Last week I wanted to see White. I saw him, turn the page. This week I wanted to see Wilson against a decent Fish D. From the beginning developing Wilson is all this season was really about. If he's not 100% He needs to be on the bench. Obviously the Jets' CS thinks White doesn't have much upside. First with trading for Flacco, now benching White. If that's the truth, even though I wanted to see Wilson this week, and the rest of the year, Flacco is the way to go for Sunday. WE'll see Wilson next week, and maybe White next summer if they give him the 2nd round tag.
  4. Rich Cimini, ESPN Staff Writer24m New York Jets' decision to start Joe Flacco is puzzling but offers a silver lining FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The New York Jets don't have a quarterback controversy. They have quarterback confusion. Coach Robert Saleh's stunning decision to start Joe Flacco on Sunday, only two days after insisting he hasn't lost faith in Mike White, is puzzling on a few levels. White played a bad game against the best defensive team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills, and now Saleh is doing what he accused the media of doing. "This market fascinates me in the sense that [White] was anointed The Next Coming after one game, and now everyone wants to throw him away," Saleh said Monday. "He deserves better than that." Two weeks ago, they were ready to write songs about White. Now, with QB1 Zach Wilson (knee) still not 100%, he has been replaced by a 36-year-old statue who hasn't started a game since Nov. 22, 2021. Talk about a quick fall. There's a lot to unpack here. Let's start with something positive. The Jets are being ultra-cautious with Wilson, recognizing his long-term importance to the franchise. Good for them. Saleh & Co. are trying their best not to sabotage their quarterback of the future, something the previous regime failed to do with Sam Darnold. This will get lost in the hysteria fueled by the Flacco-over-White decision, but Wilson's well-being and development are the top priorities in 2021. It's important not to lose sight of the macro view. They're protecting their No. 1 asset. As for the micro view, yes, Saleh looks indecisive. There's also the whole rebuilding piece to the matter. As everybody knows, the Jets are in the midst of a youth movement, experiencing painful growing pains, and the idea is to play the kids and give them a chance to develop. Flacco is no kid. Half the players on the Jets' roster were preteens when he won the Super Bowl MVP for the Baltimore Ravens after the 2012 season. Basically, Flacco is a one-game punching bag, a placeholder until Wilson returns. It also looks weird because, for several months, the Jets stubbornly refused to sign a veteran backup, insisting they were fine with Wilson and White. Suddenly, they traded a 2022 conditional sixth-round pick for Flacco three weeks ago, after Wilson's injury, and now he's starting against the Miami Dolphins. Saleh made it sound like this was an opponent-specific decision, saying Flacco's experience makes him better equipped to handle Miami's blitz-heavy defense. In last week's game, the Dolphins blitzed a defensive back on 24 dropbacks, confusing and frustrating the Ravens' Lamar Jackson. They sacked him four times. If the league's most mobile quarterback couldn't escape, what will happen to Flacco? The Jets' belief is Flacco's veteran presence will have a calming effect on the rest of the offense, even though he has barely practiced with the team. Saleh's football reasons might be sound, but when viewed through the prism of the entire quarterback picture, the change comes across as a head-scratcher. What the Jets need now is a healthy Wilson in the lineup, showing improvement and making the rest of this quarterback nonsense fade away.
  5. What would make you think Woody had anything to say in this except the color uniform Flacco would be wearing. That's all he has commented on since his return.
  6. LOL This is kind of silly. IF Wilson is a bust, (I don't think he is) JD's only hope to keep his job is for White to be a FQB. Wilson would be an after thought if White kept on throwing for 350-425 yards a game. Sadly, White is what we thought he was.
  7. I would think what the QB room looked like was more on Saleh then on Douglas. Douglas has control over the roster, but unless he's following the Mac mold his HC would have a lot to say with the final QB room.
  8. Not only film, remember the CS has seen White in practice every day. IMO that is why they brought Flacco in as soon as Wilson went down. The Bills game only confirmed what they were seeing in practice. This still begs the question, why wasn't a vet brought in at cut downs? IMO the CS has really screwed up with the QB room.
  9. If I'm Flacco, first time somene bumps me I throw myself on the ground and start screaming, IR! IR! IR! Guy had a good gig sitting on the bench in Philly.
  10. IMO Wilson would have played if he was 100%. He' not The reason Flacco is starting before White, is the same reason Flacco was brought in in the first place. White is , and has been showing in practice the same thing he showed in the Bills game. The CS is sure the Cinci game was a freak.
  11. Real question Does anyone think Becton deserves to just step on the field and take Fant's job with out proving he is a better LT then Fant? Fant isn't a particularly good run blocker, but he's been one of the best pass blockers on the Jets this year. For a LT pass blocking is everything. I really don't think Becton deserves to play until he proves he's better then Fant. That won't happen until camp next season...............If ever. Right now, if Becon is able to come back this year, RT might be where he should get his shot. Moses has been hot and cold. Mostly cold.
  12. Jets' historically bad defense knows something needs to change Sheldon Rankins: 'Every man should be embarrassed, every man should be angry' Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports The Jets always knew they’d struggle on offense this season, but back in the summer, they didn’t seem to have many doubts about their defense. Even with all the injuries, even with their dangerously young secondary, they were sure they were good enough to at least keep most games close. And for a few weeks they did. For a few weeks, they were competent. Right now, they’re just historically bad. “Our system prides itself on being able to get better as the year goes on,” Robert Saleh said on Sunday after yet another defensive disaster. “Clearly, it’s not happening.” No, it’s not. That was clear with the way they were shredded by the Buffalo Bills in a 45-17 loss. The Bills had 489 total yards, marking the fourth time in five games the Jets have given up at least 450. It was also the third time in four games they’ve given up at least 45 points – something no team has done, according to ESPN Stats & Info, since the Giants way back in 1966. The 175 points they’ve surrendered in the past four games is the second-most allowed by any team since the AFL and NFL merged back in 1970. The 1,890 yards they’ve given up during this stretch is the most in franchise history. The 417.1 yards per game they’re giving up is the worst in the NFL by more than 30 yards. And the 32.8 points per game they’re surrendering is more than a field goal worse than anyone else, too. But what’s really stunning has been the turnaround, which occurred at the bye week. In the first five games of the season, the Jets were giving up 24.2 points and 372.8 yards per game. In the four games since their week-long break, they’ve surrendered an average of 43.75 points and 472.5 yards. How in the world does a defense suddenly start giving up 20 more points and 100 more yards per game? The truth is, the Jets don’t seem to know 0 seconds of 2 minutes, 47 secondsVolum “Our job is to go out there and stop people and we haven’t done it over the last few outings,” said defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins. “So, for us, yeah we’re embarrassed because it’s not our standard. Every man should be embarrassed, every man should be angry.” They are, but the problem is they have been for a month – ever since they came out of the bye week and gave up 551 yards to the Patriots in New England for their worst defensive effort since 1986. They felt “embarrassment” and “anger” that day, according to defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, who was one of several who vowed “it won’t happen again.” Then two weeks later, they gave up 532 yards and 45 points in Indianapolis. And 10 days after that, they were barely a speed bump for the Bills. Against the Bills, Saleh actually said they had coverages designed to help take receiver Stefon Diggs out of the game. Diggs finished with eight catches for 162 yards and a touchdown, taking advantage of what too often looked like single coverage. Bills quarterback Josh Allen was rarely pressured and threw for 366 yards. After the game, Jets defensive lineman Foley Fatukasi apparently delivered a fiery speech to his teammates. That’s great. Except he did something similar the day after the Patriots game, too. At this point, everyone’s words are meaningless because no matter what they say, the Jets' defense just looks lost. “Clearly, it’s not good enough,” Saleh said. “Ever since that bye week, we haven’t been nearly as good as we have wanted to be.” “I can’t really tell you what is really going on,” added linebacker C.J. Mosley. “It could be scheme. It could be mistakes here and there. That’s all of our job to figure out.” 0 seconds of 3 minu That won’t be easy since it seems to be a total disaster. The defensive line has all but disappeared in recent weeks, rarely generating any kind of pass rush. The linebackers are putting on a clinic on how to miss tackles. And a young secondary that once showed some promise is beginning to regress, too. And it’s not all about the injuries, either. The Jets did lose a couple of big pieces before the season started in defensive end Carl Lawson and safety Lamarcus Joyner, while safety Marcus Maye is out for the season now. Those are big hits, to be sure, but the Jets have been dealing with that since the start of the season. As Saleh said, by now they should be getting better, not worse. Maybe it’ll take Saleh stepping in and taking a more active role in the defense, since that’s where he built most of his resume. It was just two years ago that he coached a defense in San Francisco that carried the 49ers all the way to the Super Bowl. Maybe Saleh calling some of the defensive plays would help Ulbrich, who is essentially running Saleh’s defensive scheme. But at this point, who knows if even that would be enough? Maybe this Jets defense is just this bad. “There isn’t a magic formula or a secret sauce or anything like that,” Rankins said. “We all just have to get better.” “Obviously, it’s not good enough,” Saleh said. “It always starts with me. We have eight games left and we have to figure it out.” And quickly, because if not, this defense could really do damage in an already lost season. The last thing the Jets need is to be constantly playing catch up while they’re trying to groom a rookie quarterback, whenever Zach Wilson returns. There’s also always the danger of Saleh losing some of the room if he doesn’t start coming up with some answers soon. At least there’s one bright spot, though, to this defensive disaster – and it’s the only thing they can cling to with more than two months still to go. “I think we’ve played overall about as bad as we could possibly play at times,” Rankins said of the Jets' defense. “So, it can only go up from here.” Or so they hope.
  13. I don't know about the best coach, but he was certainly the most entertaining, and exciting for a few years.
  14. Saleh had his standard excuse for that. Quotes from article by Andrew Golden ................"On two of Diggs’ biggest plays of the day – a 57-yard bomb near the end of the first half and a subsequent touchdown grab four plays later – Diggs wasn’t covered by the Jets’ top corner, Bryce Hall. Instead, rookie Brandin Echols was in single-coverage on Diggs’ 57-yarder, and backup Javelin Guidry was left alone on the touchdown after Echols left with an injury." ......."When asked in his post-game press conference why Hall didn’t shadow Diggs, Saleh went back to the same old well he’s been getting water from to douse the now-weekly fires: youth and inexperience. As Saleh explained, if Hall shadowed Diggs, he would have had to know the responsibilities for each corner position. Considering the Jets’ zone-heavy scheme, Hall would be required to know the various pass-off rules for each coverage in each spot, which is too much information for Hall to handle, according to Saleh."
  15. HUH? Rex's D's gave up 40+ points 4 times in 6 years. Saleh D has given up 175 points in 4 games.
  16. That's a major insult to Kotite. Kotite's D only gave up +40 points in 2 years. Saleh's D has given up 175 points in 4 games, and counting.
  17. This wa another mistake on Saleh's part. He should have just left it alone. The "You know where to find me" is right down Rex's alley. I can see rex coming on his show with boxing gloves, and a whole skit. Saleh wants Rex to stop going after him , and his job, get you D to make a stop now and then. Getting in a word war with rex is a major mistake in the NY market.
  18. Andy Vasquez @andy_vasquez 5h Saleh repeatedly referred to the Jets' last three losses as "stinkers." Hard to argue with that assessment. Beat Writer / Columnist
  19. Ralph Vacchiano @RVacchianoSNY 5h LT Mekhi Becton hasn't suffered a setback, Robert Saleh said. "He’s a very, very large man on a knee (injury). Just a bigger body, bigger human" and it's taking him a little longer than hoped to recover.
  20. Rich Cimini @RichCimini 5h Saleh non-committal on QB decision. Says he’s been consumed with so much other stuff that he hasn’t gotten around to the QBs. Kind of an odd thing to say. #Jets Beat Writer / Columnist
  21. Brian Costello @BrianCoz 5h Saleh said he will have a better idea by the end of today of where Zach Wilson is in terms of his health. Beat Writer / Columnist
  22. Ralph Vacchiano @RVacchianoSNY 5h Jets rookie CB Brandon Echols will be out 3-5 weeks with a quad injury, Robert Saleh said. Beat Writer / Columnist Reply Retweet Like Al Iannazzone @Al_Iannazzone 5h Robert Saleh said Brandin Echols will miss 3-5 weeks with a quad injury. Beat Writer / Columnist Brian Costello @BrianCoz 5h CB Brandin Echols is out 3-5 weeks with a quad injury, per Robert Saleh. Beat Writer / Columnist
  23. Wife has banned him from the board.
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