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  1. The NY Jets’ might be having their worst defensive stretch in team history The New York Jets have never played worse defensive football than they have from mid-October to mid-November 2021. By Ryan Cole - 11/15/2021 Jeff Ulbrich, New York Jets, Getty Images The New York Jets’ defense is setting records with its ineptitude The New York Jets’ defense continues to make the wrong kind of history. On Sunday, New York got bullied at home by the Buffalo Bills by a score of 45-17. For the first time in 25 years, the Jets have allowed 31 or more points in four straight games. The last time the team had done it was in 1996, when the Jets finished the season 1-15 and head coach Rich Kotite was fired at the end of the season. Like this season’s Jets team, the 1996 squad had some talent. Up front, the defense featured defensive end Hugh Douglas and aging defensive tackle Marvin Washington. On the back end were linebacker Marvin Jones, linebacker Mo Lewis, cornerback Aaron Glenn and stud safety Victor Green (who led the NFL in combined and solo tackles in ’96). With a young secondary and a shallow linebacking core, the 2021 season was always going to be an uphill battle for head coach Robert Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. But surprisingly, to start the season, the defense actually looked decent. Despite losing defensive end Carl Lawson, defensive end Vinny Curry, safety Lamarcus Joyner, and linebacker Jarrad Davis, the Jets allowed no more than 27 points in a game through the first five weeks. The defensive line was getting to the quarterback, C.J. Mosley looked like his old self, and the inexperienced secondary was playing lights out. The Jets were allowing 24.2 points per game entering the bye week. That isn’t great, but it was an acceptable result considering the injury circumstances. Since the Week 6 bye, everything has come crumbling down. New York rounded out October by allowing 54 points to New England and 31 to Cincinnati, needing Mike White’s heroics to bail them out against the Bengals. Following the big win over Cincy, the Jets went on to allow 45 points to Indianapolis and 45 to Buffalo. As bad as that last record sounds (31 points in 4 straight games), this next one is far worse. For the first time in franchise history, the Jets have allowed 45 or more points in three out of four games. We are only nine games into the 2021 season, but the Jets’ total of three contests in which they allowed 45 or more points already ties them for the second-worst single-season mark in franchise history behind only the 1986 and 1963 Jets, who each had four in full seasons. Injuries have hurt the 2021 Jets, but even so, the defense has simply not been playing as well as it should be. With recently extended defensive end John Franklin-Myers alongside Quinnen Williams, Foley Fatukasi, and Sheldon Rankins, the front end has been unexpectedly poor. On top of that, C.J. Mosley has regressed and the safeties have been atrocious. Over the past four games, the Jets have allowed 588 rushing yards. They are dead last in the NFL in points allowed per game (32.9) as well as in yards allowed per game (417.1). Both marks are on pace to be the worst in Jets history. The coaching staff cannot go without blame, as Saleh and Ulbrich have not made enough adjustments. Despite the unit’s lack of experienced talent, they refuse to make the necessary changes. For opposing offenses, the Jets’ defense has become predictable. As things stand after Week 10, the offense is not the Jets’ preeminent problem anymore – the defense is.
  2. Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich have run out of excuses There are no more excuses for Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich when it comes to their roles in the NY Jets defense's historic struggles. By Andrew Golden - 11/15/2021 Robert Saleh, New York Jets, Getty Images, Jet X Graphic The honeymoon is over for Robert Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich The 2021 New York Jets defense is currently on pace to finish as the worst unit the team has ever seen. Its per-game averages for points allowed (32.9) and yards allowed (417.1) would be franchise records. Since Week 4, the Jets defense has let up an average of 461.7 yards per game. Their defense sits in the bottom five across the league in both passing and rushing yards allowed while ranking last in both points and total yards allowed. The Jets are also the first team to allow 45 or more points three times in four weeks since the 1966 New York Giants. Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills are the latest team to enjoy dismantling the Jets, dropping 45 points and 489 yards at MetLife Stadium in Week 10. Buffalo receiver Stefon Diggs was the driving force behind the Bills’ successful day. Diggs finished with eight receptions, one touchdown, and 162 receiving yards, which is his season-high by nearly 50 yards. On two of Diggs’ biggest plays of the day – a 57-yard bomb near the end of the first half and a subsequent touchdown grab four plays later – Diggs wasn’t covered by the Jets’ top corner, Bryce Hall. Instead, rookie Brandin Echols was in single-coverage on Diggs’ 57-yarder, and backup Javelin Guidry was left alone on the touchdown after Echols left with an injury. Head coach Robert Saleh and defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich have preached patience all year, fairly expecting plenty of ups and downs with such a young team. However, after another blowout loss at the hands of a division rival, patience has started to run thin. When asked in his post-game press conference why Hall didn’t shadow Diggs, Saleh went back to the same old well he’s been getting water from to douse the now-weekly fires: youth and inexperience. As Saleh explained, if Hall shadowed Diggs, he would have had to know the responsibilities for each corner position. Considering the Jets’ zone-heavy scheme, Hall would be required to know the various pass-off rules for each coverage in each spot, which is too much information for Hall to handle, according to Saleh. While avoiding overloading Hall during his second season is sound reasoning, leaving everyone else out to dry is not. The Jets’ rigid defensive structure, a trademark of coaches descendant from the Seattle “Legion Of Boom” tree-like Saleh and Ulbrich, has been their Achilles’ heel in 2021. The scheme predicates itself on simplicity. In theory, it allows its players to focus on the offense and less about their responsibilities on defense. In practice, it leads to a defense that is maddeningly predictable, and easily exploitable if the talent can’t compensate. The Jets do not have the talent to compensate, and now that teams have them figured out, the defense is being taken behind the woodshed with seemingly little effort. Gang Green has been victimized by the same concepts over and over all season long, with each coming team seemingly copying the game-plan of the team before. Screens, trap and counter runs, and trick plays – all designed to take advantage of the defensive line’s aggression – have killed the Jets all year. On the back end, New York has become as predictable as the sun rising every morning; Cover-3 and Cover-6 on early downs, and man coverage on third down. At this point, opposing offenses know how to beat the Jets’ defense before they even get to the stadium. If the defensive staff refuses to adjust, why should they try anything other than what’s been proven to work? As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  3. IMO it depends on Wilson's knee. If it's good he plays. If it's still sore, I'd play Flacco. He gives the Jets the best chance to win, or at least compete. White was better then I though he'd be, but at best he's a decent back up. Don't feel to bad for White, he was probably out of the NFL next year if Wilson didn't get hurt. He'll probably make a few million more because of his play as a back up.
  4. It sure looks like it. Even Kotite, who Jets fans love to laugh at, only gave up 40+ points twice in 2 years. Jets have given up 175 points in 4 games. That's much more then just a young team and a rookie QB. When a HC starts making Kotite look good, it's time to go.
  5. Bingo! That's what Rex's tirades against Saleh are all about. As pointed out above, Rex has been a Jets' fan since he was a kid. This was his dream job. He got close to the SB twice, and his team got old. I'm usually the last guy off the HC train. Just don't think it's productive with one and done HC's, but this team is really badly coached. Rex is right on this, so far Saleh looks like all slogan, "all gas, no guts", and no meat. Rex is also right that Woody loved him, "I'm not here to kiss Belichek's rings". When Gase was fired, someone suggested they bring Rex back. I laughed at the time. Never thought it would happen in a million years. Right now, think it's still very unlikely, but won't be stunned if Johnson does something dramatic Like re-hire Rex. This is embarrassing. 175 points in 4 games? C'mon. Team seems to be playing with no pride. I can't remember even the Jets being this bad before. We'll see what happens here, but a few more 40+ point beat downs, something strange could happen.
  6. Well, in fairness to Lincoln the reason he didn't promote Hiram Ulysses Grant General of the Army of the Potomac until 1864 was because Grant was drunk, and couldn't figure out who Ulysses S. Grant was.
  7. The way the D's been playing lately, he should have rented.
  8. Can't help but wonder what the board is going to look like on Monday. No matter what happens it's going to be bedlam. CAN'T WAIT!!!
  9. The Jets OL, right now, is meh-OKish. The first 2-3 games of the year they had no idea what was going on in the new blocking scheme. Free rushers were coming from all angles. This was the worst OL in the league. Yes they have gotten better, but GVR is still one of the worst G's in the league. Hopefully the French Doc can upgrade the position.
  10. Don't know. If you told me yesteday they were going to blame the fireman I would have laughed at you.
  11. This is total BS. It might have been 20 mins from the time of the crash, until the firefighters were able to attack the fire. Remember firefighters aren't on patrol the way the police are, who might get there in a few mins. Firefighters are at the firehouse, have to get the call , then head to the fire. The cops might have been around the corner on patrol and get there in 5 mins, but are unequipped to fight a raging fire. The video I saw, there were cops there, but no fire trucks. The car was already engulfed in flame. Cops couldn't get near it with their small extinguishers. I'm sure the race card will be played next as to why the cops didn't leap into the flames. I'd bet my life the firemen didn't stand there for 20 mins while the women burnt to death. This crap about blaming first responders for every BS thing idiots do is getting infuriating.
  12. Think I might just take the Jets at +$460. Seldom play the Jets, but if the Bills sell out to take away the underneath, and White shows he can make the 15-20 yard throws, this could be a very interesting day. That is if the D decides to play at all.
  13. Yeah, a few weeks ago I posted a similar report on White's arm strength saying he could make all the NFL throws. They were a bit more harsh on other elements of White's game. Saying although he had a strong arm, like Sam, as he went up field a ways the throws lost accuracy, but had a lot of pop on intermediate throws. White also ran a 5.1 40. DT territory, and isn't very effective outside the pocket. This report seems to say he's OK outside the pocket. At 5.1 IMO that's a reach. I've been a Wilson fan since before last Thanksgiving, and still think he's goiung to be an elite QB in the NFL, but if White can maintain his preformance on the underneath throws, and streach the field a bit with strong throws in the 15-20 range the Jets will have a sensational QB room. If White's going to do it, this is the game to showcase it. White beats the Bills with a strong preformance the Jets will be in great shape. JMO
  14. Agree I read he wanted a multi year deal, the Panthers offered him 2 years. Cam decided on a $10m prove it deal. This whole thing doesn't seem to bode well for Darnold. Seems like both Newton and the Panthers would like him back next year. Their fan base is thrilled he's back and Sam is on the bench
  15. Yeah, JD's first draft, in a very weird year, looks like a wash. This past one, at this point, looks like a good one. Another good draft, and the Jets are in great position for a good one, could be a game changer.
  16. IMO this is actually good news. Some of these kids are playing pretty well. With 9 picks in the first 5 rounds next year, team probably won't get much older on paper. Question is will the team be a lot better with another infusion of young players,
  17. IMO that nonsensical trade was made because after seeing White in camp the CS had little faith in him. This Bills game is the Super Bowl for White. The teams he's faced so far had 0 film on him. At the same time LaFleur moved up stairs, and changed, not the system, but the type of plays he was calling. No more bunch WR sets, dramatic reduction in 2 TE sets, and cut way back on play action. Cinci just wasn't prepared. Even the Colts didn't have much time to prepare with the Thursday game. To his credit White stepped up, and made some nice plays, and put up great numbers. Sunday will be a diferent story. Bills have a good D, and have had time to look at the "new look" Jets O, and White's tendencies. If White can pull this off, and get a W, I'll be 100% on the bandwagon. Until then, I'll wait and see.
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