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  1. LOL right now nothing is unfortunate for White. Think about it. A week or so ago White was a guy hanging upto the NFL by his nails. He'd been in the league 3 years, and never played. Been cut 5 times. The 6the time would probably be his last If Capt Morgan was any good he'd probably be out of the league right now. After one full game his game worn jersey is hanging in the HOF. The freaking HOF after one game. lol Not only that White has shown that he can lead a team without making a total ass of himself. Actually looked good doing it. With that skill alone he can probably hang around the league for 10+ years at $3-5M a year. I'd say White had a pretty good week. Good for him. I still think that if White is 100% he's earned the Bills game. JMO
  2. While they are at it, why not replace the players? Concussion? No problem. Just screw a new head on at half time.
  3. Only two ways this can be happening IMO. 1) He's on Zach's dime, and a guest of the the NYJ's. Much in the way Brady's TB-12 trainer was 2) Perhaps he is carried as, not a coach, but a consultant of the Jets. Not sure how that would work under the CBA. If he is a coach ,under the CBA, he can't work with Zach in the off season. As an employee of Zach's he can. Either way expect the Pats to file a CBA violation.
  4. Your not wrong, but the interesting thing is, the reason White has been in the league as long as he has, with out ever playing, is that he does have a "very lively arm". He can make the deep throws. The knock on him was/is he has OG like speed, think he ran a 5.1, and 0 pocket awareness. He was still playing like that in the pre-season. Perhaps the lights have gone on for him, I hope so. We'll get a better idea Thurday.
  5. Beck never really had the natural talent. It's pretty impressive he even made it to the NFL. He did it all with smarts. Those guys usually make the best coaches.
  6. LOL Could be. I just rewatched the game on NFL Gamepass. This was a completly different O then all the other games. Not one bunch formation that 3 WR's ended up within 2 yards of one another. Maybe after watchin NE it dawned on him he's allowed to call more then one pass play.
  7. C'mon, he was having some fun with the media. He also said "I could be the next Vince Lombardi" LOL Guys in a good mood having some fun for the next 3 days. He hasn't had much to joke about this season except for the Titan's game.
  8. With the amount of $ the Jets have to spend in FA , good chance 0
  9. One reason it wouldn't be a good idea to hire him is, if they did Wilson couldn't work with Beck in the off season.
  10. How about when Hess was alive? He'd show up once a year. They still sucked. It's all on Joe Willie I tell ya.
  11. As I recall, at the time of their hires, both Joe Douglas, and Saleh were considered top candidates by almost everyone. The Johnson's haven't interfered in anything since Douglas has been here to my knowledge. I really can't blame the current mess on Woody. Maybe Joe did put a 100 year curse on the team for SB III.
  12. Does Chris still go to games? I thought he went back to playing tennis on Sundays like he did before he became CEO of the Jets.
  13. The real question is, will there be anyone in the stadium? I can't imagine anyone giving up a Sunday to watch this.
  14. This could turn out to be a very important point in how things turn out. When this butt kicking took place Woody was at an owners meeting. Make no mistake about it the NFL is a billionaires "Good ole boys club". These guys all have monster egos, and the owners meeting is when they get to show off prizes . Robert Kraft, happy endings or not, gets treated like a Duke. Woody gets asked to stay around and help clean the tables off. I'm sure Woody didn't enjoy this owners meeting. Johnson has done a few impulsive things in the past dealing with ego. A few more games like the Pats, I kind of expect to see it again.
  15. I'll pass. Been a fan of the Jets for a very long time, signing this POS would do it for me.
  16. Not in a civil case. Most states It's preponderance of evidence. 20 woman who don't know one another, all telling a very similar story, and all pointing at the same perve should do the trick.
  17. I'm still on the Joe Douglas band wagon, but I must say the events surrounding the back up QB spot since camp have been most peculiar.
  18. That only happens if Kenny Yeboah has 8 or more catches.
  19. That's exactly the thing. he can't step up. Van Roten is holding his blocks for about 1.1 seconds, when he actually gets to touch the guy at all. If the QB steps up, he steps right in a DT, or LB'er. That's what happend in the 8 sack game or whatever it was. He's running left or right out of self preservation.
  20. Thankfully it's not true. From the comments with the tweet James Kaminsky @jameskam17 · Oct 24 Replying to @NYJ_Matt is that 100% true? NYJ Matt @NYJ_Matt · Oct 24 Nope
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