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  1. Incorrect. Keep waiting for Skynet to go online. My people will never let it happen.
  2. I do not see what is so wrong with one man showing his appreciation for another man on his day of birth. One would think that here at JetNation this sort of thing would be understood.
  3. And I've noticed on www.nyjetsfan.com there's a picture with Jetsinsider.com watermarked onto it. I wonder if Sooth allowed that. Or is he going to get litigious?
  4. I am always here, stupid American who lets me take your job. I did have to go into hiding from another stupid American who was threatening the lives of my family. Unless you need to figure out how to Add/Delete programs, do not bother me. Stupid Americans.
  5. Pungky is my cousin. He is not a thief. Nightstalker, expect a suit for slander.
  6. I and all of my Dell minions will beat you all to a pulp.
  7. You are a stupid American. We are on the phones 24 hours a day.
  8. My friends from the call center did help. I never once received a 'thank you'. Ungrateful, stupid Americans. I am glad to take your jobs.
  9. And I will have everyone at call center send spam to fakes. It is a shame that $100 won't feed one gelatinous glob for breakfast. In my village, $100 will feed 137 people for 8 weeks.
  10. I am standing beside myself wondering what you mean. I am Akhi. Who else can I be? Stupid American. I am happy to take your jobs.
  11. You want an answer? Here is your answer. Overclocking is truly a thing of the past. Once clock speed reached a certain point it became the law of diminishing returns with overclocking. BUS speeds have improved to such levels that throughput is steady and each cycle is processed more efficiently. Therefore eliminating the need for overclocking. This is true on any Pentium IV or higher central processing unit.
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