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  1. Many of those yards were to the TE and RB. Our LB's have problems covering in space ... REC YDS AVG TD LG A. Fasano 8 84 10.5 1 17 D. Martin 4 53 13.3 1 24 G. Camarillo 3 37 12.3 0 17 R. Brown 3 28 9.3 0 13 T. Ginn Jr. 2 17 8.5 0 14 R. Williams 4 15 3.8 0 15
  2. Jets 24/7 in CT!!

    what day?
  3. Congrats Folks

    Good way to stand up - give credit TX!
  4. I am not defending Chad in any way. He stunk today, but lets not forget the Romeo is no stranger to Chad and has been able to stifle him for all the years he was with the Pats. He is in Chads head and knows how to gameplan against him.
  5. wow we got scumbagged thx a lot NFL

    I agree with all of what you wrote. Personally, I think they should get rid of instant replay and get full time refs. Replayable calls come down to whether they are judgement calls or what I call factual calls. Just like PI, this call is a judgement call - ask 10 refs and get 5 say yes, 5 say no. Not sure how you can review those type plays. I think the call was a bad one on the field. Jets played lousy, no doubt, but calls on critical plays like that are being blown week in and week out. PS - the other thing that will suck is that the Jets will probably get a nice appology letter from the NFL saying the wrong call was made ....
  6. wow we got scumbagged thx a lot NFL

    The call is not reviewable is what they said. The initial call was wrong in the first place.