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  1. His brother was my roomate in college...Ever since this kid was about 11 he has been an absolute manchild. Has all the physical skills in the world and an extremely smart kid...Would be a great addition, could see him becoming a big time player under Rexy. Only problem is he that he will move into first-round territory by draft day and I don't see us using a 1st rounder on a safety this year.
  2. Like where your head is at with those picks.
  3. I think at this point we have to hope McFadden falls to 6 and that we can trade our pick to the Cowboys. Would like to see us go after Hardy of Ind. and a CB. What about Flacco with the 2nd rounder?
  4. 3rd rounder was early, but i do think that he will be a good change of pace from the bruising Benson.
  5. Ramirez off the board...lions just traded up to grab him
  6. Yeah but that was a private run and you cant compare it to times from the combine. Combine times are always slower than any other 40 times.
  7. Pats essentially turned Deion Branch into Randy Moss and a 2008 1st round pick.
  8. Probably just one of those mini sample bottles at that
  9. So Randy Moss is worth a 4th round pick...What in Gods name is Justin McCariens worth?
  10. Schein has Manny Ramirez on his Board for remaining players.
  11. We need to trade for picks to get an solid OL. We can then look for project DL and WR with our later picks
  12. Steelers were taking Revis at 15 if he was there, that is why Jets were attempting to trade with teams in front of them. That being said, Hall would have still went to Cincy and Ross to NYG.

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