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  1. docdhc

    Darnold Interview (8/6)

    This has been an entertaining back and forth and I can't disagree, especially about the let's see him play a real game point. But my god, after Petty and Hackenberg, it's such a thrill to see a kid who doesn't seem overwhelmed and is actually making plays in practice. Without anyone thinking we overreached we got a top prospect in the first round of the draft for the first time since, I dunno, Joe Namath? How many people were hoping to Suck for Sam last year only to be bitterly disappointed that we won some meaningless games and had no chance to get him? Now he's here and I am gonna damn well enjoy every minute of it until and unless he proves he's not we hope he is.
  2. I don't post much but I spend a lot of time on this site because it is the best place to follow the team I love all year long with people who can really understand what it means to be a Jet fan. I also enjoy the community nature and the fact that we can discuss football without the bitterness and rancor that seems to divide our country along so many fronts. This is a great place because of the people here and your leadership Max. I want you to know that I appreciate it.
  3. docdhc

    33 Years Ago Today

    Namath also called his own plays, and controlled the game unlike players of later eras. He belongs in the hall because at his peak he was the best QB in the league, an elite player who took his team to a championship. If you want to make the argument his career was too short because of injuries I could buy that, but when he was healthy he was hall of fame great compared to his contemporaries.
  4. docdhc

    Protecting Darnold

    I certainly understand your point but I'm not sure he is at any greater risk whichever string he plays on. The first string OL plays against the other team's first string defense where there is likely to be a skilled pass rusher while the 2nd string OL and 3rd string OL plays against their scrub counterparts who are at the same level. Unless you are gonna put our first team up against 2nd and 3rd string players in the pre season I think the risk is the same whenever he plays.
  5. I was at the scrimmage last night and was impressed with Darnold for many reasons. On his roll outs and his one scramble for a first down he didn't just seem mobile, he seemed fast. I wasn't expecting that. On his throws, except for a couple of long side line throw aways he always put the ball in good position, even in tight windows. Several of his incompletions went off receivers hands or fingers. He seemed very poised. No jumping around with happy feet. After watching Petty in pre and regular season, and Hackenburg in the pre season, this was a real breath of fresh air. Obviously he has to do it in a real game, but he seems miles ahead of any young qb we have had here since Pennington. I was very encouraged. Bridgewater seemed mediocre, even though his stats were good. He didn't seem to move the ball very much. McCown in his limited action still seems like the best QB but hopefully not for long. BTW Cannon was extremely impressive, and he didn't seem as small as he as been described. Hopefully he will be our surprise rookie like Kareem Hunt was for KC last year. Anyway, it was a fun night, a great crowd, and I think things are finally looking up around here.
  6. Thanks for the information!
  7. I’m going. Do they run it like a regular game with 4 quarters? How long does it take ? I know doors open at 545 but it doesn’t start til 730.
  8. docdhc

    Off Day Thoughts

    Let’s see how the preseason games go. If he looks like he’s not ready he’s not gonna start. No matter how you do the math
  9. docdhc

    Off Day Thoughts

    Great recap. Does Darnold ‘s delivery look significantly different from minicamp?
  10. Should we wait to see him in an actual game before we all go crazy? It’s a little too early to tell if he’s better than Mayfield but I do like the first impression
  11. docdhc

    Joe Namath turning 75 on Thursday

    I love the guy. He had some flaws but overcame them. He really is a decent good man. Stats be damned he was the best Quarterback I ever saw.
  12. docdhc

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I believe Zach Truly was assigned to scout Mayfield. He didn’t scout or rate Darnold. That was Shields. It didn’t mean the Jets ranked Mayfield higher than Darnold. He just got better scores on those 3 categories mentioned. Overall darnold had higher ranking.
  13. docdhc

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Interesting article by Mehta but there might be some drama in the qb room if Bridgewater looks healthy or Hack miraculously shows some improvement.
  14. docdhc

    Donahue Instagram post

    Guy was drunk and made bad mistakes but is being positive on instagram. Not so terrible. I hope he is in a better place now.
  15. docdhc

    The JetNation Book Club

    From the Titans to the beginning of Parcells. A great book