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  1. I think from a football standpoint Zach will be fine. I hope that the Jets will honor Coach Knapp’s memory by using his teachings and doing everything they can to be successful this year. His loss from a human standpoint, however, will take time to get over. He was by all accounts, a great man.
  2. I hate Belichick way more than Brady. He screwed the Jets by going behind their back for the Patriot job and he has been open with his disdain for us. He’s also a cheating scumbag. Brady didn’t choose the Pats and all he did was play great for many years. The deflated balls was annoying but I can’t believe it was that big an advantage. I would have rather they both dropped dead but Belichick is way worse and the hit to his genius rep with Brady winning without him was of some consolation.
  3. This will be a non story by 1 st week of camp. He’s gonna sign. They all do.
  4. Game manager as a rookie would be fine and let him grow into the job. Brady and Roethlisberger were game managers for their first super bowl.
  5. Over under lock by 7am? I say under. Btw - get a vaccine and no assault weapons. That should do it.
  6. As much as I want to whine about how snake bit this franchise is to lose a promising coach and mentor to our rookie QB I have to focus on what is really important. A family has lost a good man, a father and husband, and my heart breaks for them. RIP coach.
  7. It’s easy to get in an uproar but the qbs always sign. Darnold was the longest holdout I can remember and it was only a few days.
  8. Watching her son play against the Eagles made me want to disappear for awhile too!
  9. It took Joe 14 games and Zach has 17 so I think that’s the only possible one of the 4 questions.
  10. Richard Sherman. He’s proving to be all gas and no brakes!
  11. So sorry to hear this. You have my prayers and a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Treatment continues to get better every day so keep the faith.
  12. I think if you were on the Jags, Bears, or 49ers sites you’d hear plenty of superlatives about the other guys. You’re just tuned in to the Jets hype machine.
  13. CJ Moseley and a much improved pass rush makes this a top 10 defense.
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