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  1. Yes it's only a league conspiracy that could make the Jets lose.
  2. The Jets bailed on their coach after 2 years and their 1st round qb after 3. It’s not that different. We’ll see if Wilson and Saleh work but you can’t accuse the Jets of not trying. Btw 6-0 doesn’t guarantee the playoffs, I wouldn’t crown the Cardinals just yet.
  3. I miss I missed the part where he told LaFleur to go F*** Off!
  4. Gruden may or may not have become more enlightened in the last 10 years and no one is suggesting he be criminally charged. Practically speaking, though, how can he continue to lead an organization with mostly black players, and an openly gay player after they see what he wrote, and how can the team not be distracted by the ensuing media frenzy and public relations nightmare? That's why I think he can no longer be the head coach.
  5. It's because he can no longer be effective at his job. He has majority black players and he's on record making fun of the "big lips" of the black players association president. He has an openly gay player and he's on record using homophobic slurs. Doesn't that undermine his authority with those men? Every press conference will be inundated with questions regarding this, all his players and staff will be hounded. Won't this be a distraction to the team? Your focusing on should the act of saying inappropriate things in private get you fired but I'm saying that he can no longer perform his
  6. There is a lot of injustice in the world that never gets addressed and the NFL has certainly been inconsistent and hypocritical in the way it handles punishment. That being said, in this case, Gruden deserves to be fired.
  7. With all due respect, this isn't about whether you care about this or are offended by it. He has majority black players and he is on written record making fun of the black players association president's big lips. He has an openly gay player and he is on record calling the commissioner a homophobic slur. He sent topless pics of NFL cheerleaders and the Raiders have cheerleaders working for them. He derided women officials and has to deal with women officials during games. All this undermines his position with his players and the league and makes him have to go. I understand he is collate
  8. If he is thinking too much accuracy is affected and should improve when the game slows down for him. No reason he can’t hit short passes when he can drop 30 and 40 yard dimes. Josh Allen has certainly improved his accuracy from year 1.
  9. Did Pete make any dumb decisions? Then we got the coaching staff covered too!
  10. I like that the 2 defensive players got more votes than Mac Jones.
  11. Now if we can only get to the 3rd string QB's!
  12. Because that requires being reasonable and patient. That’s not exactly Jet fan strong suits!
  13. This is one of many reasons to love this coach. He doesn’t let his ego get in the way of what’s good for the team and make it about himself. Mosley made a good call and he was secure enough to give him credit for it.
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