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  1. docdhc

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    2000 draft when they had 4 number 1’s. They had traded Keyshawn for 2 of them and got another one for Belichick. Ellis, Abraham, Pennington and Becht. It was a fun day even if none of them really panned out.
  2. docdhc


    I didn’t want to get sucked into this but I have to respond. In 67, 68,69 when in his prime Jets were 8-5-1, 11-3, 10-4. In 72 and 74 when he played a full season they were 7-7 even though he could hardly move. When he played they were very competitive. They sucked without him in 71 and 73. By 75 he was a shell of himself.
  3. docdhc


    These threads always get me depressed. I was 11 when Joe won the Super Bowl and agree that he was an all time great. When he played the Jets had a chance to beat anyone and when he started missing chunks of every season after 1970 they became a last place team. The younger guys here just look at the stats and say he was nothing special so now we can expect the usual avalanche of how overrated he was. I'll stop reading the thread here and be happy with the opinions of my generation. Thanks for posting, though Slats, and fighting the good fight. Namath, for better or worse, made me the diehard Jet fan I have been for 50 plus years, and no player was more fun to watch or root for. He also is a good man who overcame many personal struggles and he still is loyal to the Jets after all these years.
  4. This isn’t the press. Eric Allen works for the Jets. This is from their website and is basically propaganda. Still a good read though.
  5. To be fair it seems like he said this to his team, not to the public. It was Moseley who leaked to the press
  6. I sure hope he stays boring and wins games. Interesting interviews usually mean trouble.
  7. Mac drafts fantastic in comparison. Of course Rex was whispering in Idzic’s ear so he might have an excuse
  8. Very cringeworthy. Especially the Pictionary game! But all in good fun I guess. September can’t come fast enough
  9. I never wanted McCarthy but I did favor Rhule over Gase. In retrospect though I think the head coaching experience and being secure enough to let Williams coach defense makes me think the choice is right. No one on the Jets asked for my opinion though so what difference does it make? I’m not here to prove how right I am I just want to see the jets win!
  10. I don’t know if all that stuff is true in BR article but the fact that his offense had become stale seems apparent to me. Gase for whatever his failings were in Miami seems like he is still hungry with fresh ideas. A much better choice for a rebuilding team and a young QB.
  11. If that is him getting mad then big deal. He doesn't raise his voice her get crazy, he just defends his position in an annoyed kind of way. That to me isn't being able to handle the media scrutiny. I think he will be fine.
  12. Not as bad as I feared. But I loved the old unis
  13. docdhc

    Darnold Highlights 2018

    I would say no to Kearse. Crowder much better.
  14. docdhc

    Darnold Highlights 2018

    Watching those highlights makes me wonder why we got rid of Pryor. He was our best receiver.
  15. docdhc

    Tom Brady’s Legacy Poll

    I hate him but sorry his legacy is best ever.

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