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  1. docdhc

    Patrick Mahomes is your NFL MVP

    I get criticizing Macc for the pick but it wasn’t Jamal’s fault. Every team has safeties and he’s a great player at his position so I don’t get the the 2 year long continuous hate.
  2. Having Sam Darnold would have been worth trading the whole draft for. You can't over value a franchise QB.
  3. docdhc

    Chris Herndon ~ ~ ~

    I like it but that was a short highlight film!
  4. He does have a self serving interest. He put his reputation on the line by calling and recommending Gase. It makes him look good being able to evaluate coaching talent and he may want to be a gm or head of football operations for a team some day. It helps him if Gase succeeds so he may try to help him succeed.
  5. I'm sure as Jet fans we would of taken losing out on the super bowl with dignity and grace!
  6. He played 42 of 44 snaps. It's a good thing he didn't get hurt in such a meaningless game.
  7. docdhc

    Jimmy Haslam

    Dorsey knows personnel though, he has had good drafts. Mahomes and Hunt in KC, Mayfield in Cleveland.
  8. docdhc

    The Bright Side

    This is So true! Imagine the press today Brady 3 interceptions! Father Time is undefeated! The dynasty is over! Instead now he gets the GOAT treatment at another super bowl. Ugh, wake me up for the combine!
  9. docdhc

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    The refs will be fine. Payton will get fined!
  10. docdhc

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    I would much rather the calls be correct
  11. docdhc

    The Bright Side

    I don’t like Suh but it’s nothing compared to the deep within my soul loathing of bellichick, Brady , Kraft, Edelman and all things Patriots. From their smug disrespected underdog routine to them getting all the calls and their cheating ways I think there is clearly someone to root for in the super bowl. Let’s go Rams!
  12. docdhc

    Trumaine Johnson

    25th in a league with 32 #1 corners isn’t very good
  13. Interesting watching 2nd year QB Pennington come in during garbage time. He really had a bad arm, he threw it like a shot put and dinked and dunked down the field, and this was pre shoulder injury. I don't miss those days.
  14. Mangini would really get the board going! This place would be even more fun than usual.
  15. I agree with you. Diversity may be uncomfortable to talk about, and yes merit should be the only thing that matters but this is real life we are talking about. When you are in the majority it is easy to discount it but when you are in the minority you want to feel represented.

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