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  1. Pneumothorax is a known risk of an intercostal nerve block for rib pain. The nerve runs between the ribs just above the pleural space. It’s not necessarily malpractice.
  2. I’m disgusted with them but doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Same as my kids sometimes.
  3. I wonder if Peyton Manning was allowed to audible?
  4. Everyone is forgetting that the Jets always win a few meaningless games at the end of the season to torpedo our draft position. That’s as certain as death and taxes. 6 wins, 3 of which occur after we’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs!
  5. No argument with this either. That field goal decision in the second half was as chicken s*** as any call that Bowles made. Also the 3rd and then 4th and 1 calls were terrible with handing the ball to the back 3 yds behind the line. There was no nose tackle in front of Darnold and he could have easily sneaked for a first down. Or how about play action on 3rd down if you knew you were going for It on 4th? Even Gase doesn’t like his own play calling when you listen to him after the games. He has no confidence or imagination.
  6. I was a holdout believer in the weapons and coaching argument but I’m beginning to come around to your point of view. I’m just looking for progression and not seeing it. He looked better in his rookie year than he does now and so many young QBs look better than him, aside from the obvious like Mahomes and Jackson , but also Murrey, Allen, Burrow and even Herbert yesterday. It’s very frustrating.
  7. I agree with everything you say and have faith in Joe Douglas but would really like to see some positives this year instead of complete regression. Douglas can be judged by his draft and free agency moves this year. So far Becton and Mann seem like immediate contributors but Mims, Zuniga, Clark, and Hall are all injured and Davis is anything but a sure thing. No undrafted free agent even looks promising and Perriman seems like a disaster in the making, with the WR group looking worse than last year. Van Roten and McGovern haven't looked great either. I know it's early but my God what an epic horrible start with these first two games. I wasn't necessarily looking for playoffs this year, but we are pretty clearly the worst team in the league and I wasn't expecting that.
  8. I’m worried the turf might make the Jets a bad football team.
  9. Well I’ll just watch the Mets in the World Series. .... oh wait
  10. Kotite makes Gase look like Vince Lombardi
  11. I agree Gase is part of the rebuild but if they keep showing no fight and Sam keeps regressing I think he still gets canned.

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