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  1. I think everyone is different with how they recover. I had mono when I was 21 and felt normal within a couple of weeks. I do agree with you in this sense, though. Darnold came out of the off season and training camp in peak shape and ready to go. Then he is forced to do nothing for over a month and gets deconditioned. Even if the illness is completely gone, it's not possible to get in the same shape and catch up at the same rate during the regular season routine like you can during training camp, especially in those first few games back. I think by now though it shouldn't be an excuse. I also think the risk of splenic rupture is back to what it is for the normal population or they wouldn't let him play.
  2. Every thing in this post makes perfect sense but I long for the days when we are secure enough with the Jets that we’re not worried about 0-11 teams causing ulcers.
  3. Not buying in is one thing. Saying David Blough plays the position better is trolling.
  4. Obviously the OP is trolling but including David Blough in his argument definitely cracked me up.
  5. He didn’t get a HC job even after turning around the Browns. I think he’s not considered head coaching material anymore.
  6. I see a lot of threads locked for very little. I can’t understand why this one goes on. This is like the comment section after an article on a political site.
  7. I hope we don't have to depend on him running the ball for first downs very often!
  8. He whiffed on that one int chance but all in all a good start for never having played in league before and injured for the last year.
  9. The trouble is Gase lobbied for Douglas and they have a relationship. I can’t imagine him firing gase if it’s his decision
  10. By the way as bad as gase is Williams is a fraud. He gets out coached every week. There’s a reason he never stays too long in one place.
  11. I love Darnold but the op’s point was that he’s regressing and it’s on the coaching staff. This is like Kotite reincarnated.
  12. Baylor is undefeated. Let’s get Matt Rhule and let him pick his assistants!
  13. It’s a little like how Sam looked great in the opener in Detroit and then took his lumps for awhile. I do think Jones will be good but I think Sam will be great.

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