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  1. docdhc

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I believe Zach Truly was assigned to scout Mayfield. He didn’t scout or rate Darnold. That was Shields. It didn’t mean the Jets ranked Mayfield higher than Darnold. He just got better scores on those 3 categories mentioned. Overall darnold had higher ranking.
  2. docdhc

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Interesting article by Mehta but there might be some drama in the qb room if Bridgewater looks healthy or Hack miraculously shows some improvement.
  3. docdhc

    Donahue Instagram post

    Guy was drunk and made bad mistakes but is being positive on instagram. Not so terrible. I hope he is in a better place now.
  4. docdhc

    The JetNation Book Club

    From the Titans to the beginning of Parcells. A great book
  5. docdhc

    No More Disrespect!

    I like the attitude. Should stick up for the team. He just said he wants to go to work and prove critics wrong. Nothing wrong with that.
  6. Bridgewater may be a long shot to be successful but I’m glad we didn’t spend 90 million on Cousins. I want to draft a long term answer at qb like most good franchises do. I still think Lamar Jackson has the most upside.
  7. Exactly. They don’t even let you see the front page without signing up for a payment plan. This is destined to fail.
  8. docdhc


    Morton was better than Gailey. Only thing that makes sense is they want a QB guru when they draft a QB.
  9. I think this is pure BS that the Jets would trade Hack for next to nothing. It costs nothing to bring him to training camp and see if there is any improvement. Why give up now for a conditional meaningless pick? Worse case scenario is that at least he is another arm for training camp. Besides, who from the organization would tell Pauline that? It's just pure speculation.
  10. I would say we underachieved. We had a good enough defense and scored enough with McCown to have contended for the playoffs. We blew several winnable games with 2nd half leads including against Atlanta and Miami. With better coaching which includes better in game management we could have been above 500 until Petty had to play. That’s why the narrative that we overachieved to win 5 games as a credit to this coaching staff is particularly galling.
  11. 50 years isn't that long.
  12. docdhc

    Lamar Jackson declared...

    This is the most exciting guy in the draft. I can't see him being a bust with all the talent he has. I don't know if Morton is the right guy to groom him because he seems more spread than west coast type but i would love to see him on the Jets. We wanted Wilson, Watson, this is the next guy like that.
  13. docdhc

    A weird trend with Bowles

    That is true, but the odds are much better at finding a super bowl winning QB at #1 than at other spots in the draft. Getting the #1 is not meaningless.
  14. docdhc

    A weird trend with Bowles

    In last 30 Years 9 Super Bowls by #1 overall pick. Elway 2, Manning 2, Eli Mannng 2, Aikman 3. Almost 1 out of 3. Lol.