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  1. Wow Sam is the best of that bunch! That’s quite an endorsement! He played with real lousy young qb’s.
  2. I agree with this 100%. It would have been hard to replace both gm and coach at the same time. Mac signed some key free agents that improved the roster and there was no way of knowing he wouldn’t mesh with Gase. Johnson recognized it and took some heat but Now we have a much more highly regarded gm who can work with the coaching staff and improve the organization moving forward. Looking back on this in a few years will vindicate Johnson entirely.
  3. Does it bother anyone that he seemed to need convincing to take the job? It was reported he didn’t want the job but was finally won over after several offers by an overwhelming financial sum and six year length of contract. Taking a job just for the money can lead to trouble later on. I hope he really wants it.
  4. You'll have to show me where in that article it says 99% of achilles tendon ruptures occur in patients who didn't stretch properly. Yes, not stretching can be a factor with "weekend warriors" but there are many elite athletes who tear their achilles during sporting events after warming up properly. There are also many medical reasons that can contribute like chronic tendonitis, renal disease, or diabetes to name a few. Here is a link to an article that gives a more in depth explanation than web MD. BTW I didn't mean to insult you, only disagree with the 99% claim. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK430844/
  5. This statement is not even close to being true but may sound plausible to someone with no medical background.
  6. I remember last year when Chad Hansen was killing it in OTAs
  7. I would hope that the new gm would pick his own staff not have it hired for him by the Jets. That would be a** backwards and you know the Johnsons would never do something like that, right?
  8. The careers were killed by their own incompetence, not for having worked for the Jets. Herm and Rex weren’t good coaches in their next jobs either, despite being hired right away. Idzik and Mac probably should never have been gms and won’t be again. They were bad hires and that’s on the Jets but doing lousy jobs was on them.
  9. So it’s Douglass then and it’s all good. If these guys have to be afraid of just taking an interview then who wants them anyway.
  10. Are you counting Starr twice? If not what is the answer since Dawson is the third qb to win a SB?
  11. Westhoff should talk. He didn’t always get along with everyone. Gase recognized that Mac was a lousy gm. It’s to his credit if the owner came around to agree with him. It all comes down to results anyway. If Gase doesn’t win it’s is job that goes next.
  12. Someone will want a job in New York with a young franchise qb, that I can tell you!
  13. Many wanted the gm gone and now he’s gone. Why isn’t that a good thing?
  14. They may not meddle but they’ve picked bad people ever since Parcells left and he was hired by Hess. The last 2 gm’s had their coach picked by someone else with Idzilk getting Rex and Mac getting Bowles which is a** backwards. They seem to react too much to media and fan criticism and they have no track record of running a successful business. Other than that they’re great.
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