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  1. I think it’s Brandon Jordan saying he rarely speaks he lets his players work speak for him. I think this is the trainer self promoting not JFM.
  2. He went to Marlboro high school in Monmouth county apparently.
  3. He was very good against Green Bay and the Giants. People were very excited but then he looked completely different when the season started.
  4. I agree the guy is sick but I’m not sure 2 new accusers alleging the same things as the first 22 accusers changes very much. There aren’t criminal charges so he won’t go to jail and he won’t be suspended for life so eventually he will play for Cleveland because the money is all guaranteed and they don’t seem to care how bad it looks.
  5. Meanwhile it’s the beginning of June with absolutely no new football news on a Monday morning and there’s at least 10 threads on the front page with responses all less than an hour old. If that’s being on life support then I’d hate to see the traffic if the board was thriving. For all the complaints there is plenty of good content and the only reliable place for Jets news 24/7 and 365 days of the year despite you being hindered by the so called thought police.
  6. Mike Lafleur was in the seats behind the glass!
  7. This the guy in the other thread that’s supposedly a former scout that hates the Jermaine Johnson pick. Sounds like a reliable source.
  8. You’re not wrong but for a kid from Utah to embrace all the local teams and be seen with fans is smart and he looked like he was having fun. I doubt any Islanders/Jets fans would hold it against him. At least he’s not showing up to watch a game in Philly or Boston.
  9. You should probably know how to spell them before becoming an authority on rating them.
  10. Hopefully we’ll have a successful super bowl run before our super bowl run begins.
  11. Wow, I didn’t mean to strike a nerve. How do you feel about Belichick? If Shula is the King of cheaters then Belly is the master of the universe.
  12. I don’t know. The guy is 97. Shot down over Germany in WWII. Married to Weeb’s daughter for 70 years. Seems like a good man, might be time to get over it.
  13. We will be replacing us with a 9-8 team this year if my expectations come true.
  14. Loved that game as well. From Kotite to Parcels was like the outhouse to the penthouse. It was like watching a different franchise!
  15. I’d take the Jags. I want to be 1-0
  16. They won 4 games last year with almost no talent why can’t they win 8 or 9 with what they have now?
  17. Newer techniques have made surgery more successful and faster recovery. Many players in basketball and football in recent years have made full returns without losing ability. The following article says 80% fully recover. Advancements in Achilles tear surgery and recovery process bode well for Colts By Brett Mock@bamock May 21, 2021, 12:34pm EDT 22 Comments If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. Share this story Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) SHAREAll sharing options Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports Indianapolis Colts fans are becoming uncomfortably familiar with Achilles' tears and recovery timelines. In 2020, both running back Marlon Mack and safety Malik Hooker suffered season-ending Achilles injuries. Chris Ballard added two other players with Achilles injuries suffered in January when he drafted Dayo Odeyingbo in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft and signed former Pro Bowler Eric Fisher to fill the void created by Anthony Castonzo’s retirement. Queue the Trojan Horse memes. Three of those four players could play a big role in how the Colts fair in 2021 and history tells us that returning from Achilles injuries isn’t particularly promising. It’s the kind of injury that has ended careers for professional athletes in multiple sports. So, why would the Colts appear so haphazard in their approach to the injury with so much at stake? The Athletic’s Stephen Holder penned an incredibly insightful story discussing advancements in Achilles surgery and recovery processes that can help to provide the answer (subscription only). In the story, Holder interviewed a variety of orthopedic surgeons to get their professional perspectives. Key Takeaways The surgical and recovery process for an Achilles injury has advanced considerably over the last decade. This is in no small part due to contributions from former Colts’ medical staff member Dr. Donald Shelbourne. A key to this advancement is a more aggressive rehabilitation process that starts within 72 hours after surgery. This reduces the atrophy of the muscles impacted by the injury. The three-month mark is an important milestone for athletes in recovery. Dr. David Geier, a south Carolina orthopedic surgeon, explains: “By three months, you want to have full range of motion back. You want to be able to walk without any change in your gait pattern and in normal shoes.” Additionally, Dr. Tim Kremchek, orthopedic surgeon and medical director for the Cincinnati Reds, explains there are other observations to make during a medical examination at the three-month mark. “The biggest problem you have with fixing an Achilles is that you have to fix it at the right length. If you fix it and it heals and it’s too long, you might never have the power and the push-off strength... But by three months, you can tell whether they’ve got the proper length and the proper healing process to give you a better prognosis.” Despite the advancements, there’s no way to provide an accurate timeline for recovery. The projections for a full recovery and timeline differ by sport and position. Running back and linebacker are particularly challenging due to how often players at each position have to make hard cuts. The successful recovery rate for NFL players is encouraging, over 80 percent. Dr. Geier adds: “My experience is that once people do get back and they get through that first season, there’s no reason to think that it’s going to be a problem down the road,” Geier said. “My experience is that they do really well.” The Colts have a lot of medical science providing reasons for their optimism that Mack, Odeyingbo, and Fisher can make a full recovery and return to the field. What they can’t know, is each player’s timeline. Chris Ballard has said as much in recent interviews, preaching patience. Colts fans should feel a little better about the long-term outlook for each of the impacted players but will have plenty of reason to wonder how things will play out this season. Where’s that Trojan Horse?
  18. I almost fell asleep when Dabol was talking. I’m sure players will run through a wall for him.
  19. Lol that’s a great summary of the entire Mac era and a perfect three letter word conclusion.
  20. No. Jets aren’t winning super bowl this year. Let the kids play and develop before adding a win now piece.
  21. They just need arms to throw the ball in rookie minicamp. Then these guys are back to serving fries.
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