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  1. Cleveland will kill these Jets. Josh Gordon will carve up the secondary and the offense won't be able to do sh*t against Cleveland's defense.
  2. No the fact that we can't stop sh*t and our offense can't move the ball. Them scoring again was going to happen, whether it was a run back or not.
  3. So hopefully the Jets draft Ifo Ekpre-Olumu from Oregon. Great to be spending another high pick on CB.
  4. That was typed after Milliner gave up the massive play and before Walls came in
  5. Oh really Rex after essentially giving up 21 points NOW is the time to bench Milliner? A little late you ******* idiot.
  6. yeah a FG is really going to help us in this game
  7. Not his fault the coaching staff is idiotic and refuses to play him in man coverage.
  8. So I guess there is no way the Jets can play well two weeks in a row this season.
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