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  1. J Ville is undersized for this position. He latches onto RBs and is carried for another five yards afterwards. I think they should move him intot he Free Safety position to see what happens. He IS quick. As for his replacement... he never fit in this scheme anyway. it really COULD get better.
  2. NEXT year will be the "same old Jets" mode? Come on. We have drafted undersized players for a "future". A future of losing. We are CURRENTLY so deep into the "same old Jets" mode it's not funny. and there's no sign of that letting up for YEARS to come.
  3. Eagles fans... I have never in all my life seen a larger group of white trash assembled in one place than i did yesterday!
  4. Boozer, I am SO sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. You mentioned that you wished your father was around to help you become as good a father as he was. Rest assured knowing that everything he could have taught you about fatherhood he had already taught you all of these years. You were learning every day of your life without your knowing it. Take what you've learned and apply it. Carry his legacy and pass it along so that someone ELSE may also become a good father. Peace, man.
  5. That attitude is exactly WHY the current Pats can NEVER be considered the greatest. it's amazing how accepting patsies have become of cheating.
  6. is anyone else laughing as hard as I am every time i read the word "TAINT"?! bwahahahahahaha
  7. Come on... Buffalo? Even if Buffalo cheated they couldn't beat the pats.
  8. minority? It has been covered not only by ESPN, but by every major news network in this country. It has not been treated as a second rate story. It's been big news. And trust me... networks don't spend time on news items unless they know there's interest or else their ratings go down. This IS a big deal to more then just us obsessed fans.
  9. Keep telling yourself that. I know it's tough to get over... all of the money you spend... all of the time you spent... routing for a team that has now turned out to be a sham. You'll come around and, if you won't admit it to us jets fans, at least you will admit it to yourself in the privacy of your own trailer.
  10. I wonder how the players truly feel on this... not their media quotes, but how they REALLY feel about playing for a "leader" that lacks confidence in them to the point where he feels the need to cheat in order to win. I'd be pissed if I were a Patriot on that team right now. i'd have NO respect for him because clearly he has no respect for his players.
  11. Come on now. FRAUD?! JOKE?! AVG?! Those are three things no one can say about Brady. I used to be on the whole"Brady's a system QB" bandwagon, but that's simply not true... half true, but not entirely. This guy is an absolute stud! You can't tell me for a minute you wouldn't LOVE to have him in a green and white uniform!
  12. Did I miss something? I thought the cheers were cheers of encouragement for Clemens rather than cheers for Chad's injury...
  13. AMEN! Dyson wouldn't have changed anything at all. Brady could have worn his uniform out to dinner last night it was so clean. We were all sweating more in our seats then the pats were on the field. Please. It was AWFUL and the worst thin g about it is that it's not like our DL is going to grow in the next week. We still have to deal with an undersized line for the rest of the season. I just didn't know how blatantly obvious the problem is until yesterday.
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