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  1. How about Motörhead’s cover of Hero’s (Bowie)
  2. Heimerdingsh*te had more to do with than MM is free to say...cause he’s a literal dummy. Give CJ credit for acknowledging his own error and biting down on the 50 cal round clenched in his teeth. He now knows this. The HC & GM must partner.
  3. See Scheme, Keleme, Wesco, Crowder, Bell. 2.8 seconds and twice as many legit targets
  4. Darnold will improve exponentially (he would have under any circumstances) but will benefit from scheme (see Robby Sabo breakdown of Gase) and as a result will fully exploit a full compliment of receivers (especially Crowder). Herndon and Wesco will become broadcaster favorites. Wesco will have a IHOP sponsorship by week 10. Le veon has everything to prove, is in shape and is the first offensive player that scares people since I don’t know when. Q , who has filthy sick upside, will be the center of our Defense universe. I’ve always said if Jenkins doesn’t go down Rex would have made the finals. Maybe twice.
  5. Thrilled to se both of these pineapples gone. Neither had a clue about anything. I’d like to thang the Giants .org for passing on Sam and anybody who helped us to remain at 3 and pick Q. My greatest fear this draft was Mac trading down and whiffing on most if not all of the pics. The golden opportunity before us is defined by the simple fact that nobody else is looking for a GM so the two or three candidates that actually have the chops to do the job are on a platter.
  6. Peyton Manning is about to debut a new show on ESPN called Petyton's Places. I think the first episode will be his visit with Joe Namath. There are those who know and those who think they do.

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