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  1. Fools - does not understand the role of a running game in modern football. And he’s not alone.
  2. Dear Jerry; I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing the opportunity to trade Jamal Adams to the Seahawks for the pics we've used this past week to finally lift our franchise out of its own private hell. Had you not leaked to the press that Joe Douglas had taken your call Jamal may havre never reached the agitated state that had him make the demand he could not back down from. I will forever hold your gesture close to my heart knowing just how fortunate we are because of it. Cordially WestSideJohnny Fan since Sonny bought the team.
  3. No, just the moment it has begun to mean something else entirely. You blinked and you missed it.
  4. Within the game like a vet. I don't know how or why this is so but he does. He is a very natural pass rusher and he has technique he must have taken from his own observation because he didn't get on the field much in Georgia. If you watch the highlights you can see examples of his understanding and how his feet and hands are in sync with the technique and how he mixes it up. Watch game tape and you can see him stringing plays together - and if that weren't enough, he's got the presence of mind to diagnose the run game and disrupt gaps and regularly shedding the block to go after the ball. I wasn't really watching this guy before the draft but a day or so after the draft I saw Shaun O'Hara talking about him and Shaun has never been a Jet fan but he went nuts! Breaking down his play and getting visibly engrossed. Same thing with Marcus Spears. These guys get loud and are insistent all the time but they seldom get animated and start talking with their hands and stop looking in the camera.
  5. When I’m usually starting to process the draft and begin resigning myself to the realities of the one professional (ahem) sports team who I truly root for. The timing and process are largely the same but the results are surreal and unfamiliar as we’ve transformed our defense (well the car now has 4 wheels) and added three top ten play makers (watch Ruckerts film- he is clutch) to an offense that added two starting tight ends where there were previously place holders. The talking heads are as usual repeating each other about what needs to happen now: Zach has to blah blah blah and these picks have to pan out (really ? You get paid 6 figures for your insights ? ) but what is becoming the nod and a wink insider understanding is not if Zach is going to take a leap but how surprisingly high it’s going to be. The real concern for many is more about our HC and if he can make one as well.
  6. #10 The last time I posted here #9 The last time we scared anybody #8 The last time we had GM, HC and Scouting department on the same page....Wait wait it's coming to me...WOW was a while ago Chuck Knoll was our O line coach #7 The last time we had a starting quality TE #6 The last time we had two starting tight ends #5 The last time we had two starting tight ends and a promising rookie #4 The last time we had a running game #3 The last time we had three actual NFL caliber starting receivers #2 The last time I had any hope for this team And the number one thing I can't remember... Why I'm a ******* Jet Fan....Oh yeah, ******* Namath
  7. How about Motörhead’s cover of Hero’s (Bowie)
  8. Heimerdingsh*te had more to do with than MM is free to say...cause he’s a literal dummy. Give CJ credit for acknowledging his own error and biting down on the 50 cal round clenched in his teeth. He now knows this. The HC & GM must partner.
  9. See Scheme, Keleme, Wesco, Crowder, Bell. 2.8 seconds and twice as many legit targets
  10. Darnold will improve exponentially (he would have under any circumstances) but will benefit from scheme (see Robby Sabo breakdown of Gase) and as a result will fully exploit a full compliment of receivers (especially Crowder). Herndon and Wesco will become broadcaster favorites. Wesco will have a IHOP sponsorship by week 10. Le veon has everything to prove, is in shape and is the first offensive player that scares people since I don’t know when. Q , who has filthy sick upside, will be the center of our Defense universe. I’ve always said if Jenkins doesn’t go down Rex would have made the finals. Maybe twice.
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