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  1. Yep! I'm going to Harvey Mudd out in Cali. Now I gotta find a place in Claremont to watch my Jets games...

  2. Lowery finally made a play...for Alabama.

  3. Crist >>> dreads. Realtalk.

  4. QBs aren't allowed to have dreads...unfair.

  5. Technically I got 800s on Math and reading SAT 1, and Math 2 Sat 2. But damn you for surmising the first of those based off my comment, haha.

  6. like omg manny get off my hotel floor...

  7. Yay Max with the quick reply!

  8. Yay Max with the bolded titles!

    1. Irish Jet

      Irish Jet

      it looks better, still can't quick reply

    2. war ensemble

      war ensemble

      That defo will change--he already has it running in the Feedbacks & Suggestions forum. It's only a matter of time...

  9. Revis can't feed his family, yet he says "i can buy any car i want, i aint hurtin for money".

    1. rillo


      When did he say he can't feed his family? Where did you get the car quote from?

    2. GodWearsAGrayHoodie


      a little google search shows he tweeted the car comment --@RichGlassen brother i can buy any car i want, i aint hurtin for money.

      2:03 PM Jul 26th via web in reply to RichGlassen

      I don't think it has anything to do with him needing money. I think his ego says he has to be the highest paid, to affirm his self worth

    3. rillo


      Thanks, secret Jets fan is on it!

  10. If they made that news public, they'd have no problem selling PSLs...

  11. Haha, we all already know that you like the sausage.

  12. Haha, probably. Their menu looks yummy, I can't resist it. I'll walk back for like 12 or 12:15 or something probably.

  13. You better not sell the ****ing ticket! LOL My brother's coming too but he'll get a ticket off Ticketmaster or something. Should be good. I'll also be at the Carolina and Atlanta games later this year.

  14. Ill Bill is a better rapper voice-wise or technique or whatever, but I prefer Necro. Not sure why, to be honest. Maybe just because he's so different. Either way that's a sick family of rappers.

  15. That sounded mad gay, but I guess we will be matching. I got a large which is probably big on me but I had a brain fart and forgot to get medium lol. I'll wear it like a gangsta.

  16. Haha, check that thread again.

  17. Haha, I know that from my brother. He's been posting on these Jets boards for a few more years than me...he showed me that thread. Funny stuff.

  18. You listen to any Turbonegro? If not, here's some good stuff:

  19. Correctomundo. That's what I get for typing in a hurry. ;)

  20. I really like that Suidacra song. I haven't been on the computer much at all. I like the first song in the second post I just forgot the band name. Tyr maybe is the name of it, or Mors Principium Est. Not a fan of the second one. I like the guitar and everything in most of the songs, but those death metal vocals turn me off big time. Suidacra's got awesome bagpipes though. I'll post a more in-depth one when I have time--this weekend probably.

  21. Thanks dude, I'll check em out over the week. Time to start studying Physics for me now...yay.

  22. Obviously what you consider the best. Dick. lol.

  23. Well I only wanted to post that once but the JN server crapped out on me so I had to double click it. Oopsies.

  24. Yo...help me out with my musical tastes here. I know you know a ton of those lesser known metal bands. I'm getting bored listening to the big four plus Testament and Exodus as my main sources of metal. What would you call good "melodic metal" (or whatever is similar to Megadeth's Dialectic Chaos)...also just tell me the names of good bands and songs by those bands that you wouldn't expect me to have heard of. Also any semi-underground rap that you think I should take a look at works too. All I know in that category is Immortal Technique (Dance With The Devil) and Jedi Mind Tricks (Violent by Design album). Thanks a ton. I have a lot of stuff on my iPod but it's starting to bore me listening to the same stuff all the time. Your favorite lesser-known bands, etc. Help me Arsis, you are my last hope. (Star Wars reference btw there, lol). Muchos gracias.

  25. Haha, it was kind of awkward. We were on a retreat that was supposed to bring us closer to God and what not...in a small group (he was our leader fella) he asked us all what obstacles are in the way from us going to Church or something like that...I just flat out told him I don't believe in God when it was my turn...he said something along the lines of "I appreciate your honesty and courage in admitting that"...I was surprised how well he took it, actually. He rose a bit in my estimation because he took it in stride.

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