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  1. You guys see that downfield blocking on the unnecessary roughness penalty? Shades of Braylon Edwards.
  2. Yeah, I'm on the opposite end. I don't like worrying about the hardware! Arduino is really cool though. So much you can do with it for really cheap. Wish I had more time to tinker away on side projects.
  3. That's awesome! Honestly, the major going in isn't too big of a deal, depending on the school you go to. I thought I wanted to do electrical/computer engineering. Turns out I hate E&M and dealing with circuits. I changed major before finishing the common core requirements, so I switched no problem to CS. If I went somewhere else, I could've had difficulty having to switch into a different college or whatever, so I'm happy where I ended up. His options aren't limited at all really if it turns out he doesn't like the Criminal Justice classes.
  4. Haha, the whole college applications thing was great. I love writing essays about myself and my goals in life. But dealing with the acceptances is fun! Congrats to both of you! Any idea on major?
  5. The worst are logic problems, because there's a fair chance you simply won't get the clever trick of looking at it, regardless of your intelligence. If you get it quickly, you look smart; if not, you might have just lost your chance at that job. At least with most technical questions they might ask there is some sort of thought process that you follow which shows your relative aptitude. Most logical puzzles you either get very quickly or are never going to get...gah.
  6. Interviews are mentally draining. Never sure how long to think of a solution before just talking out loud about whatever (probably incorrect) thing has entered my head. It's annoying because I can do harder problems much quicker when I don't have the stress of someone waiting for me to respond. Just let me listen to music and do things in my own time! And hire me. I'd like to be hired.
  7. Good! I'm trying to figure out my plans for the summer, hopefully I can get something out of the career fair. There's a crazy amount of software companies there, which is nice. In the meantime I'm cranking out work left and right, but it's for the most part stuff I enjoy doing so it's cool.
  8. Geez, what is late for you geezers? By the way, after finishing at 4, I had to be up for 8 AM class. Vive le caffeine!
  9. Would 4 AM qualify as late? That was last night. Tonight could be worse. Woot!
  10. Unless you've had the same exact type of shoe in the past, I think you'd want to try on high tops before buying, because different pairs can have real different types of cushioning/support. Maybe I'm just picky though.
  11. My previous pair of sneaks were Starburys I think, so coming from that...they were like the most comfortable thing ever. But I've realized running shoes are the greatest since then. In my basketball-playing days, I had bad plantar fasciitis. I run now and don't have any foot issues. Could be the different sports, maybe the sneakers, maybe I just grew out of the plantar fasciitis or something. Maybe Camby should play basketball with my running shoes...
  12. I spent a good five years where I rocked the Air Force ones--originally all white, then black/white swoosh/green heel, then white/black swoosh. The black pair was awesome...never looked dirty.They also had a bit of red on them: The Hornets Air Force III's are kind of cool.
  13. Real men wear green!! But, more seriously, the color is nice because I run a fair amount on roads, and sometimes at night. The shoes are picked up by headlights...I don't have or wear anything else reflective, so I guess I'm being safer.
  14. Nah, they're Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 (or so google tells me). I got mine for $40 from the Nike outlet store, but apparently they generally cost way more. I went for a run in them earlier, and I defo prefer them over my old pair; a lot more support and the midsole is narrower, which I like. I suppose she'll now be getting all the chicks?
  15. Just got myself a dope pair of trainers for way cheaper than they should be. I like! They're neon green...swaggerlicious!
  16. Nah, his superpower is ironing. Common mistake.
  17. I thought that was hilarious just because he went to the wrong window. Don't ask why.
  18. Well this thread took a few interesting turns over the last few pages...
  19. Who? lol. Caffeine's the only drug I've taken a liking to. And that's coming from someone going to college near LA...
  20. I've never really liked any non-Irish teas. Probably because that's what I've grown up drinking. Sometimes I go for English breakfast tea, but that just tastes like weaker Irish tea. Earl grey, chamomile, etc. all taste weird to me. I don't know the last day that I've not had caffeine. I went the first two weeks of the semester without caffeine, getting 8 hours sleep a night, working out, etc. Soon after, sh*t hit the fan and I rewelcomed caffeine into my life... Not sure what brown sugar's put in, but I take my tea and coffee without sugar. And I hate most American-made pastries for being covered in sugar. So maybe I'm worse than you've feared...
  21. College has defeated me. I now would like to spend the rest of my life reading and sleeping, lol.
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