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  1. I watched a bit of it without the audio so I could get the game highlights--couldn't find a stream so I was stuck listening to 1050 online.
  2. The bolded isn't true at all. If you install/use the added features jailbreaking provides, then maybe (Winterboard, for example). Cydia is a package installer, it in and of itself will not slow down an iphone. I'm pretty sure it's not always running. From personal experience, I have a jailbroken OG iPod that runs just fine jailbroken, with added features that they stopped giving my iPod (app switching, for example).
  3. Burress's downfield blocking is SO GOOD.
  4. Snow? It's mid-80 degree weather.
  5. I love how he goes on about how he was ready to move on...and then continues about how he thinks it was a penalty. lol
  6. I need a smartphone to check emails. Profs expect you to respond instantaneously to emails and they have all the leeway to take their time responding. Granted, some are really good at responding instantly at random times (like 2 am Saturday) so I can't really complain.
  7. Methinks I'll have to jump on that Galaxy Nexus right thurr. 1280x720 on a 4.65-inch display? That's insane. The average 13.3-inch laptop has a 1366x768 resolution, lol.
  8. The sad thing is that's pretty much my height and weight, if you were to add an inch and five pounds.
  9. I didn't read any posts in this thread, but I neg repped EY because he told me to.
  10. Congrats to him! That road test was so stressful for me--such a long wait everywhere, if you fail you have to wait months to try again, intimidating people hating on my driving, etc. Driving a car by yourself for the first time is such a nice feeling--you're free to go and do whatever you want. Theoretically at least.
  11. Alice in Chains>the rest of the grunge bands>Nirvana. QED.
  12. Good stuff, man. Your kid's massive...he's literally twice my weight. (Speaking of which, I can't put on weight for sh*t. I've been working out and swimming pretty much daily since college started--I weighed myself yesterday and I had lost ten pounds--pushing me down to 153. What the ****!! I want my freshman fifteen lol)
  13. (Or like an hour's drive from there...lol).
  14. Bring back the comments, you bitch. (That's directed to no one in particular, but I can't neg rep anyone that so I figured I'd post it here.)
  15. I just use the free coffee machine on campus, haha. Their latte is the sh*t, lol. I have tea in my room when I'm not digging free caffeine.
  16. I guess I'll enter--if I win, my bro will actually get a birthday present!
  17. Downfield blocking...that's the reason we brought Plax back over Braylon!
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