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  1. The Sony Vaio S series is the t!ts. Great battery life, thin, sexy, matte display, good keyboard and trackpad. Switchable graphics. ~$900 I think.
  2. Yo...anybody got a stream for a poor college kid? Any websites I should know of?
  3. Isn't that like the sign of a genius? Sounds like a compliment to me!
  4. $149 to NYC from LGB or LAX...might have to book my flight home for winter break a bit early. EDIT: Finals end the day after this promo ends. Yay me.
  5. He wrote that we have our starters. You are contending that we need a starter. Where? We have a RT in Hunter.
  6. We've got $6,686,806.00 in cap space, for anyone not wanting to go through the link. Other teams with fairly massive amounts of cap space: Buffalo Bills $96,114,524.00 $26,260,476.00 Chicago Bears $101,032,032.00 $19,342,968.00 Cincinnati Bengals $93,268,320.00 $27,766,680.00 Cleveland Browns $96,659,589.00 $23,951,161.00 Denver Broncos $102,627,531.00 $24,302,469.00 Jacksonville Jaguars $92,768,120.00 $28,113,480.00 Kansas City Chiefs $93,446,708.00 $32,984,542.00 Seattle Seahawks $104,887,632.00 $15,487,368.00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $92,988,777.00 $29,955,557.00 The bolded is each of those respective teams' cap spaces.
  7. We could kinda use some good backups.
  8. Josh Mauga should be listed somewhere as a winner, in my opinion.
  9. What does this even mean? Sure, he wasn't AI. But he's a quality backup on an O-Line with very little depth.
  10. White guys with no arm strength tend to be deceptively quick.
  11. McElroy's sick...when he's throwing under 7 yards.
  12. I think he was afraid someone would create the unofficial visajets halftime report. Everybody's trying to jack his swag.
  13. I'm trying to decide whether I should read this as "looks like god" or "looks good". I prefer the former.
  14. I'm pretty sure I have more arm strength than McElroy.
  15. That play is like the bane of Schotty's existence...
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