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  1. We are missing a link, look what you just wrote. Ducasse better grow up real quick, We need a RT that can play in the NFL day in and out, all year.

    He wrote that we have our starters. You are contending that we need a starter. Where? We have a RT in Hunter.

  2. We've got $6,686,806.00 in cap space, for anyone not wanting to go through the link.

    Other teams with fairly massive amounts of cap space:

    Buffalo Bills $96,114,524.00 $26,260,476.00

    Chicago Bears $101,032,032.00 $19,342,968.00

    Cincinnati Bengals $93,268,320.00 $27,766,680.00

    Cleveland Browns $96,659,589.00 $23,951,161.00

    Denver Broncos $102,627,531.00 $24,302,469.00

    Jacksonville Jaguars $92,768,120.00 $28,113,480.00

    Kansas City Chiefs $93,446,708.00 $32,984,542.00

    Seattle Seahawks $104,887,632.00 $15,487,368.00

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers $92,988,777.00 $29,955,557.00

    The bolded is each of those respective teams' cap spaces.

  3. So Kenrick Ellis who looks like good and is a monster of a human being means nothing? Wilson is playing better and looks good so far, Kerley looks good and has done nothing to refute all the praise he's gotten so far in TC. The only real issue is Vlad unless you magically have some others?

    I'm trying to decide whether I should read this as "looks like god" or "looks good". I prefer the former.

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